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Ex-Idol Constantine Toots His Skin Flute

12/31/2007 6:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Constantine Maroulis was supposed to be the next big rock star thanks to "American Idol." Instead he's hosting a Bingo Night in Wisconsin. Take that, Carrie Underwood!

The long-haired lothario was the star attraction at Oneida Bingo in Oneida, Wisc., where he tried to answer questions about musical instruments -- only people kept walking in front of him with trays of food. Pass the tater tots!

If you lose on "Idol" ... you can still win at bingo.


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#21 --- He is no longer on the Bold & the Beautiful. His character was silly and wasn't liked by the viewers. Actually, this news item doesn't surprise me. I never liked Constantine when he was on American Idol, and personally I find him rather creepy. That supposedly sexy gaze looks more like something you'd see in the eyes of a pedophile, and rather than looking attractive I think he looks dirty. I look forward to his 15 minutes of fame coming to a quick end.

2456 days ago


Hey TMZ! Thanks for posting this! I love that guy!

2456 days ago


notamoronlikeyou You must not have read the diabtribe Constantine posted on his website. The names he called some of his fans cannot be posted here. He brags about setting up "dates" with fans and tells them to meet him on a certain street corner. He then does a slow drive-by to check her out before he decides whether she is worth his time. He brags about his drug use and drinks his way through every club that will allow him in. He is using his celebrity to screw whatever woman is dumb enough to offer herself to him. Doesn't say much for him or his fans now does it?

2456 days ago


TMZ, this guy looked down already. You guys are so mean sometimes, a guy's gotta pay the bills.

2456 days ago


Four pages in less than 24 hours.
His 15 minutes don't seem to be up yet. :)

& for those of you who don't know anything about him other than what you read here -Constantine is a multitalented, charismatic performer. He’s hard working and compassionate. I’ve seen him act, I’ve heard him sing. He’ll be around for a long time.

2456 days ago


I think most of these over the top haters have had bad encounters with him. By the tone of their posts here and elsewhere, they seem like volitile, hostile people and it makes it easy to see why he wasn't nice to them. Reports from the vast majority of people who meet him are that he is really sweet , humble, and accomodationg. It doesn't work heathers to try to convince everyone how horribly mean he is while spewing profanities in every direction yourselves.

There is no crime in calling Bingo although obviously it is not the most glamorous of gigs. So what? It was a days pay.

Happy New Year Constantine! I hope that 2008 is such a good year for you that calling Bingo will be the worst thing tmz can say about you. Be nice to everyone, even if they are not nice. Find a good project or two to work on. You're very talented so just stay away from the bad stuff and you'll be fine.

2456 days ago


He said he plays the skin flute? I didn't know he was a wee wee sucker.

2456 days ago


"HE'S NOT WORTH IGNORING YOUR CHILDREN FOR. He's not worth leaving your husband's for. And he's certainly not worth airtime on a show like TMZ "

But he's worth the time you spent to write that??
Who is the loser???

Haven't convinced me yet- keep trying....

2456 days ago


Who's the only one here who knows illegal ninja moves from the government?

2456 days ago


Connie's got a real purty skin flute. don't be hatin because you can't have any.

2456 days ago

the real Lil Novella    

I want to see it.

2456 days ago


It"s been just about 1 577 846.3 minutes since Constantine was on AI. That's 1 577 846.3 minutes that the haters have spent keeping track of the man's every move! That's 1 577 846.3 minutes that they have lost out of their lives ranting and raving about how horrible Constantine is. The man has you wrapped around his finger! He's LHAO at you!! Anyone who can hold someone's attention for that long has got to be a genius.

2456 days ago


Opposite of love is...breezy. Wasting time being breezy is soooo much better than wasting time hating! LOL
I should know!!

Thanks for the list of his upcoming shows. I haven't seen him since Idol and can't wait to see him in Boston! He's dreamy!!

2456 days ago


Where IS his skin flute? His ego certainly has got to be bigger than it is. Bet it's nasty like he is -

2456 days ago


Apparently you think he's a big enough celebrity to have ripped the video from YouTube. If he's such a looser why would you think anyone would care to view it? Let me answer that. Because you know the mention of Constantine's name brings the fans, the non-fans and just plain haters. Whether they love him or they hate him, they just can't help commenting and giving the site the hits they desire and that's what it's all about, isn't it TMZ? I hardly think that makes him a looser

2456 days ago
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