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Ex-Idol Constantine Toots His Skin Flute

12/31/2007 6:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Constantine Maroulis was supposed to be the next big rock star thanks to "American Idol." Instead he's hosting a Bingo Night in Wisconsin. Take that, Carrie Underwood!

The long-haired lothario was the star attraction at Oneida Bingo in Oneida, Wisc., where he tried to answer questions about musical instruments -- only people kept walking in front of him with trays of food. Pass the tater tots!

If you lose on "Idol" ... you can still win at bingo.


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Constantine, Pedro offers you his protection. Call me. Gosh!!

2455 days ago


"Anyone who can hold someone's attention for that long has got to be a genius."

A quite attractive genius, who can sing too.
& I heard it's huge.

2455 days ago


He is icky, creepy and useless. Not to mention too ugly to live.

2455 days ago


me said: "Apparently you think he's a big enough celebrity to have ripped the video from YouTube. If he's such a looser why would you think anyone would care to view it? Let me answer that. Because you know the mention of Constantine's name brings the fans, the non-fans and just plain haters. Whether they love him or they hate him, they just can't help commenting and giving the site the hits they desire and that's what it's all about, isn't it TMZ? I hardly think that makes him a looser(sic)"

People enjoy watching a trainwreck. He's still a few rungs lower than Tara Reid as far as talentless famewhores go but he'll get there someday.

2455 days ago


Who is Tara Reid?

2455 days ago


I'd hazard to guess he is about ten thousand times more talented, beautiful and nicer than any of the commenters here and any of the tmz staff. Just a wild guess.

2455 days ago


Bingo in WISCONSIN? Wow, Bo and Carrie must be green with envy!

Honestly, I wouldn't degrade myself calling bingo for ten CENTS, much less ten grand. First of all, some of us have a bit more self-respect than that, and we weren't some sixth place looooooooooooooooser from THREE YEARS AGO on a glorified karaoke reality show. The guy can't sing in tune, his CD totally bombed, the two shows on Off-Broadway/Broadway CLOSED after he joined, his soap stint took a major nose dive in the ratings and was named "Reason To Hit The Mute Button" moment or something like that in the soap mags, he was reduced to performing in the bra and panty department of STEIN MART in bum freak nowhere in OHIO and being Bingo Calling Smoking Man. Yeah, I sure wish I was him. NOT.

And the slightly below 100 fans he has left are mostly grossly obese, OLD housewives who are so empty headed and stupid, they not only had to look up what a 'skin flute' was, they also think TMZ is thinking he's 'witty!' Wake up, old, airhead fat asses, the media is MOCKING him. Get a clue, idiots.

2455 days ago


I'd hate to be an actor looking for work during this writers' strike, I guess I'd go where I was invited in the meantime.
I hope he gets plenty of chances to sing in 2008, like he did for the 49ers game. That was golden.

2455 days ago


Whose skin flute does he play? I always knew he swung both ways. He should stay in theater.

2454 days ago


UM.........Oneida Casino is in GREEN BAY...not oneida!

2454 days ago


Gee, I'm surprised he isn't on here throwing a hizzy and saying I'm NOT a loser! I'm NOT I'm NOT I'm NOT! and throwing himself to the floor and stomping his feet. That's all he does these days. Well, that and "O 34"! Charity? Well, if you mean that he's a charity case and he'll do anything for money, then I agree it was for charity.

2454 days ago

GB Resident    

Oneida Bingo often brings in recognizable personalities to sign autographs and call Bingo. I don't think anyone does it for "charity". I saw someone win $250,000 playing Bingo, so I think they can afford to pay for the celebrities. Some of the stars have more fans than others, but it is always interesting...

2454 days ago


Pedophile gaze + Stringy Hair = Future Apperance on Dateline NBC To Catch A Predator

2454 days ago


With high profile gigs like this, maybe he should ask someone about his talent instead of being such a narcissist.

2454 days ago

Old Housewife    

It seems you know more about this guy than some of his fans. You say you're not a fan- but you're defiantly a fanatic.

& BTW even old houswives enjoy good music.

2454 days ago
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