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Brit Was a No Show at Her Depo

1/2/2008 9:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' deposition was scheduled today and she didn't show -- again!

If we're counting correctly, this is the fifth time her scheduled deposition in the custody case didn't happen. Last month, Britney claimed she was too ill to sit for her depo, yet TMZ caught her out partying that same night.

Sources say the fact that she didn't show for the depo was a factor in her lawyers' decision to file papers today asking to withdraw as counsel, but it was only one of many reasons. As one connected source put it, "Her whole life has become insane and it's impossible for anyone to get through to her."


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W T F ?    

Twitney will never change! She's white trash with money, without sense, no education, no brains, Keep it up Twit! I can't wait for your ass to be locked up and the world can be a safer place again. Whack job. What a pathetic piece of human garbage. Nice going Lynne Spears. Be sure and raise the next generation in your back woods, hick style, child rearin' way that you do. God help us all from the all the Spears .

2449 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Good Heavens !!! Don't turn over the kids to that lowlife, deadbeat, lazy, gold digging, loser K-Prick. He doesn't want those boys, he just wants all of Britney's money.

2449 days ago


is there no justice??? I'm not talking about the legal system justice...I'm talking about the justice in, that we HAVE TO KEEP HEARING ABOUT THIS WACK JOB>>>>>>>>

2449 days ago


24. Was it another anxiety attack?

Posted at 7:43PM on Jan 2nd 2008 by lp
Nope ,but has pics of her checking out of a hotel with Adnan !!!

2449 days ago


Britney Spears is going to get someone killed get her help soon.

2449 days ago


Your headline made me think she had missed her birth control shot!

2449 days ago


Okay fine! Anyone out there REALLY surprised?

2449 days ago

ms wonderland    

just curious, why doesnt anyone ever question Pamela Andersons parenting skills? People slam her body, her make up, her marriages, her HEP C, her behavior but NEVER bring up her kids? She's out partying all the time and never photographed with her children. Britney obviously has some psychological disorder but, im sure she loves her kids and she doesnt seem to actually party. She just drives around aimlessly. None of us actually know what her interaction is with her children indoors so i cant say this point shes not photo'd with her children often so im assuming all of her vis days are spent indoors now. Osama Lufti will for sure write a tell-all book in the future.

2449 days ago


45. Good Heavens !!! Don't turn over the kids to that lowlife, deadbeat, lazy, gold digging, loser K-Prick. He doesn't want those boys, he just wants all of Britney's money.

Posted at 8:01PM on Jan 2nd 2008 by K-Fed is a Bum
Your kidding right ?Britney cant even help herself ,do you really think the boys would be better off with her ?How old are you anyways -2 ?

2449 days ago


The judge should stop being in denial about Britney. She don't give a rat's ass about a depo or anything else.

This is her 5th time not showing. it has to be obvious to him she has no intention of showing and never will. What does he need a freaking roof to fall on his head before he wakes up.

He should do what he was suppose to do months ago, throw the freaking book at her and let her suffer the loss. This whole thing is getting old, NO IT HAS GOTTEN OLD. DO YOUR JOB JUDGE AND MOVE ON.

2449 days ago


I think it's so sad for her boys that their mother is so self-centered and uncaring. She seems to have absolutely no maternal feelings toward her babies. That will scar them for life.

2449 days ago

Sam's doing all this posting    

ms wonderland youre nuts...I don't give a dman about Pam Anderson, but just by checking out TMZ etc I see pics of her with her kids constantly-most recently a few days ago going out for breakfast. BREAKFAST-a meal Britney knows nothing about, since she gets up at 3pm most days, if that early.

Anyway, the thing is: Courtney Love, Pam Anderson, Judy Garland, yadda yadda yadda--the judge and court in this case is all about Federline vs. Federline, that's all. To bring uo "others' is to argue and think like a 10 year old.
Oh.....Britney! That's you, ain't it, hon? kay then--keep screeching on about how your old hubby wants all your money, darlin'. Jesus, at this point I think all your EX fand would happily give it to him! YOU sure as hell don't know anything positive to do with it. Loser.

2449 days ago


Britney Spears is a lost case. Her parental rights need to be stripped. If she cared one tiny bit for those 2 baby boys she would do everything possible to straighten her sorry butt. But it is obvious she doesn't care. Some people should not have kids and she is surely one. Frankly what is a lawyer supposed to do? They can only do so much and if the client refuses to listen what can they do but drop the client. As for Federline, I am not impressed with him either. He left a child and a pregnant girlfriend for a bigger meal ticket. He does his share of partying...who has the kids when he is out? And does he pay child support for his other 2 kids? I doubt it. There are only 2 victims in this mess, the 2 babies he made with Spears and the 2 babies he made with the other young woman. Hopefully any other woman who sees him will run for the hills. And as for any man getting involved with Spears, God help you and use protection.

2449 days ago


Folks ! leave her alone! MAYBE she does not want those kids. Maybe .just maybe , she's not plaining on being around in the future . I think I am going hang out near her for a couple of weeks ...months if I need be.


2449 days ago


When will her kids get a REAL MOM? As a Mom of 3, it's our motherly instict to protect our offspring, looks to me like Britt's brain is so coked up she's lost that ability! So sad.

2449 days ago
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