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Brit's Lawyers Will Quit -- She's Impossible!

1/2/2008 8:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney's latest set of lawyers has bitten the dust.
Read the motion
The high-powered firm of Trope and Trope filed legal papers today asking to withdraw as Brit's hired guns in her custody dispute with K-Daddy.

In the legal papers, attorney Tara Scott from Trope and Trope wrote, "There has been a breakdown in communications between [Britney] and Trope and Trope making further representation of her interests impossible." Ding dang wha?!

No word on whether Brit has a new lawyer.

You may recall, disso-queen Laura Wasser quit Brit last year as well. Representing a popwreck can be a bitch!

UPDATE: Sources tell TMZ the reason Trope and Trope withdrew is because Britney just didn't listen to her lawyers' advice, and her behavior was generally sinking her case.


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2492 days ago


36. Cynic - you total STD ridden low class tramp skank radical neoliberal loser - you & Brit one & the same.
Posted at 7:14PM on Jan 2nd 2008 by Q

What's up with Q? Don't you remember that Brit is a Bush fan? Back 2003 she was asked about her support for the war in Iraq. She said she trusted President Bush She's no radical neoliberal. Her answer:

"Honestly, I think we should just trust our president in every decision that he makes and we should just support that," she said.

B's a sad girl who has lost her way. Truth is she trusts anyone who will make a decision for her and right now she hasn't got anyone to make her decisions.

2492 days ago


Britney clearly needs help and it would be sooo much better if she gives the boys to k-fed to keep them out of danger while she gets herself together oh, and everyone knows jamie lynn only got pregnant to get attention! c'mon now! you work for nickolodeon. have some common sense!!

2492 days ago


and people with mental illnesses should NOT BE USING Brit's EX-lawyer's..this is a case of pure, Legal Malpractice...
Your number one interest is Brit's interest and if she's mentally have an obligation to say so, not FIRE yourself...You could have done a lot to help the many people in this country who suffer with this disease each and

291. Hello people...someone needs to come to the aid of this alarming disease being hidden in the closet for years, BIPOLAR DISORDER!! DISEASE the people who have it, and their families suffer tremendously...She is a very sick, sick, woman and needs lithium or better , a regimen of blood tests, sponsors, etc., No wonder her family is so unwilling to stop her a pre super bowl party? they can't be this ignorant are they??! It appears however broken they are over this, their too ignorant to realize this is a very serious mental health problem nevertheless..

It's sad when TMZ has to tell Britney's parents she needs so much love and treatment..I hope the hospital in CA... has been successful...however it sounds it's unlikely...because when a bipolar has a manic attack...they act just like Britney, then after med's a few days they feel great! and don't need their med's anymore..what a nightmare..sounds to me Britney has no clue....what she has is so destructive.

she can and will survive this if it's caught early...This disease never address and her life will be one mess after another until she finally decides to take her own life...This is serious people!
People of America unite! Come help this "girl" ...not this poor young starlet..she needs a decent fight.

The media should be ashamed yet proud of themselves they have made this story possible.
Harvey Levin is a decent guy, he needs to figure out how to help her...Nobody is going to help her unless she is treated.... this illness...It's a real challenge for doctors to tolerate these patients....

2491 days ago

richard pierce    

Apparently, there are some things that even make lawyers puke!

2490 days ago


2489 days ago


Well, she wastes people's time.

When you have a deposition you usually have to be subpoena. Then you have to pay for the Certified Stenographic Reporter to be present.
JUST because Britney does not show up, those people STILL have to be paid.

A lawyer usually has more than one client.

Yet, one client like Britney makes them look bad (they get bad publicity from being her lawyer) and ALL of her antics take them away from other paying clients.

Those clients are probably fed up and taking their business elsewhere.

It is just like people going on about her having a little extra time with her children and how she should have been given that time.
No one considered MAYBE the court appointed monitor has a family of their own who they want to get home to.
Then because of Britney and her fit this monitor has to stay on for hours because god forbid Britney thinks of someone other than herself.
If she had wanted the extra time (that the courts appointed her) then she should bring it up when the visit starts not when there is someone there to pick up the kids.

Yet, hey Britney think of anyone else?

What about throwing a fit and scaring her kid she locked in with her?

She is unstable, but she has always been spoiled and selfish.

She lied about being a virgin because of the attention she got.
Then she insisted on being a mother because that was her dream.
Yet, she doesn't even attempt to fight to get her kids back.

She would much rather pick some stranger off the street and take him to a hotel for some special time.

Yeah, those kids will know that their mother was fighting for them.

2488 days ago
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