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Brit Gets Hauled Away -- 5

1/4/2008 12:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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Stacey S.    

This sux.. get well britney and ppl stop putting the poor girl down.. u guys always seem to be putting her down.Shut the f**k up already a**holes.
i agree with commenter 3

2481 days ago


Charm you are a jerk. A totally mean uncaring person. Get a life and quit ranting on a poor woman who has lost her way. Pray for Britney.

2481 days ago

sick and tired of b    

I am so tired of hearing about poor poor BritneySpears, somebody needs to give this girl a wake up call. First she is not that talented, so for all the attention she gets amazes me, I mean if this was anybody else they would be considered a few things,like a drug addict, alcoholic, slutting acting, and a bad mother.. ENOUGH already, I can walk the strip if I feel like "britney"......Britney grow up!

2481 days ago


This isn't funny anymore, I'm not laughing anymore. It use to be funny and stupid. Now it just makes me sad. She looks so lost to me, how can she get better if she is always being chased around by crazed camera people and media, I hope she survives all of this, it doesn't look good.

2480 days ago


poor britney, you just want to take her home, and get her better
i do hope someone can help her

2480 days ago


This is truly sad . Certainly she has to take personal responsiblity ,but so do we . Our papparazzi /famewhore culture has completely become blinded to it's own insanity. Britney, you be will become well. Do not give up on yourself .

2480 days ago


she needs shock therapy

2480 days ago


Money is the root of all evil. Just look at Brittney spears life. It is so sad! You would think somone with all that money wouldn't act the way she does.

2480 days ago


This has no business being photographed. Isn't it pathetic enough that it's a "top" news story. This is an embarassing piece of photojournalism. Shame on you!

2480 days ago


has anyone seen TMZ's telelvision program? how could anyone survive constant scrutiny, stalked day and night by hundreds of flashbulbs, and the it being publicized daily. this negativity is to blame currently, and if something even more dreadful occurs, it's on their heads. what a disgraceful way to earn a buck, get your own lives, and become decent human beings... rather than hounding this girl night and day. you mock, humiliate, televise her, but it is you that are step by step right next to her. it's disgusting.

2480 days ago


People weren't surprised when Judy Garland took a nosedive into the orchestra pit and they shouldn't be now,It's one of the oldest stories in Hollywood. You can take the Hillbilly out of the trailer park but you can't take the trailer park etc.....

2480 days ago


Britney is not willing to listen to anyone....she got rich and famous too fast. Loves the media attention, and I'm sick of her. The P should leave her alone so we can focus on the real issues of the world. Not this crap.

2480 days ago


You have to hit a bottom to really examine your life and get help. She needs Jesus as Lord of her life. Obviously she can't do it her way. She needs to accept him and go into a program in a city where they paparazzi can't make her life miserable. She needs out of that city fast! Nothing happens by coincidence, maybe after this she will see the light and allow God to take control of her life.

2480 days ago


they only people you should feel sorry for are those 2 beutiful little boys that she should be taking care of. that girl need to get a good support system around her, forget about her career for awhile and focus on getting healthy for herself and those boys, lets just hope its not too late..

2480 days ago


When all of this recent drama started happening, I was disgusted-- especially after all those crotch shots went public. Who in their right mind exposes themselves like that ??

Now I think I have answered my own question--'who in their right mind'

I am praying for her that she gets the help she needs. This isnt funny to me anymore. This is just heartbreaking to me because I think its obvious that this poor girl has something wrong with her besides substance use. I think she needs mental help. I dont think she will be alive much longer if she doesnt get help.

2480 days ago
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