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K-Daddy Went to Court

1/4/2008 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin FederlineTMZ has learned that Kevin Federline snuck into court today underneath the radar but has left the area....but K-Daddy may return!

We're told he may testify in this afternoon's court proceedings.

Stay tuned ...


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There is such a thing as mental illness. Is she schizophrenic or bi-polar? Are those the same thing?

2447 days ago


media my ass
brit is not ok
n that douche bag is not ok either
it takes 2
n those kids need parents
n not those 2 cheetios eating frecks

2447 days ago



2447 days ago


Someone wrote, "I feel bad for the mother, Lynn." She wrote a friggin book about her! She sold out the other daughter to the rags about her pregnancy. Puhleeze!

2447 days ago


teatimetrouble---I hope she does kill herself. And mental illness will be to blame, stupid.

2447 days ago


HA funny title of this article! More like K-LOSER. He doesn't care about being a daddy. He only care about the money. If he cared about being a daddy so much then he would take care of his other two kids from his first ex-wife. HE IS A LOSER. I wish Britney had the people in her life to tell her to reshape her image so she could win back her kids. She is too dumb too realize that being depressed and doing drugs won't get your kids back. She is so used to everything being handed to her. She doesn't understand and should not be penalized for being dumb. TMZ and other paparazzis have made her this way. I mean look at these videos. She has never had an ounce of privacy.

2447 days ago


Give the boy's to Lynn. Kevin is no good, either.

2447 days ago


K-Fed can not catch a break can he. If he wasn't at court people would say nasty things, He does the right thing and shows up at Court and people are still being nasty. Calling him a gold digging whore. I will admit in the very beginning of there "love fest" I thought he was after the money and maybe he was. But, I really think that he realized it is time to step up to the plate and be a daddy. People can change and I think he has. Damn right he should get tons of money, look at the crap he has to deal with with this trainwreck. Those boys should get all her money, they deserve it. No one knows, not even myself, where the money is going. As long as those boys are fed, loved, have a roof over there heads, good schooling, trust funds, college money, who the hell cares what he does with the rest of the money?? The boys are set.

2447 days ago


to i know the truth

hallaluya you hit the nail on the head. hopefully he won't have to hit the nail in her coffin along with the papps.

2447 days ago

L.A. Native    

Believe me, if KF was in this strictly for the money he'd be getting a lot more then 15k month ~ Britney's raking in over 700k a month. She is paying a little over 2% of her income to her boys' support.

Anne Heche pays her ex-husband almost 15k a month for "1" child plus a mortgage of $9800+ a month.

Now who do you believe is financially better off, Heche or Spears?

I personally believe Kevin is doing what he feels is in the best interest of his children.

Always, always remember ~ it was Britney who chose Kevin and she is the one who chose to have children with him.

People need to quit making KF the scapegoat for all of Britney's problems. She's no longer 16 people ~ let her grow up and accept responsibility.

2447 days ago


What everyone needs to remember is that BRITNEY has done this to herself...she's an ADULT and makes her OWN decisions..very selfish ones as of late. As for Lynn getting any sympathy give me a break...she was in this for the money her daughter would make and that's about it...what happen to her parenting book..left on the shelf not yet released why..cuz she is by no means one to be putting out a "how to" book on parenting..and as for her other daughter c'mon people look who she has had to look up to her whole that someone you really want your kids looking up to??? I know I don't and thank goodness I never did. Yes I like a few of Britney's songs but as for being a good role model..NOT!!!! As for Kevin exposing his kids to pot..maybe I missed it but never heard it...and being against drugs period I would still rather have my kids exposed to pot than the heavy crap Brit's been doing. The GIRL needs some SERIOUS HELP..and someone needs to get her more than just a 24 hour hold for observation!!!

2447 days ago

A Screwed Over Dad    

Kev, this is your Brit-Brit... I love you so much and I think you are a great father. So great in fact that I have driven myself "Crazy" so that you can have 100% physical custody of our children... ;) When Sean and Jayden are old enough to find me on their own, please let them know that I wanted to let them live in a world free of the Paps that torment me on a daily basis, like TMZ and Perez Hilton. Tell them it was for the best. Love, your future wife... MUAH!!!

2447 days ago


Of course mental illness will be to blame compounded by the media blitz! Nice comment moron...wishing another human being commits suicide...You are really a compassionate person...

2447 days ago

W T F ?    

Kev - don't forget to take Twitney's brown boots and white purse to her! Thanks!

2447 days ago

praying mother    

I think that instead of criticism against Brittany, we should be praying for her. I guarantee you that there isn't anyone out there, that doesn't know someone who has issues. So why do we attack her in such a horrible way. You should be careful how you critcize, whether you are right or wrong, because it could be your family next week. If you were meant to be the judge, you would be sitting in the judge's seat.

2447 days ago
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