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K-Fed's Lawyer Headed to Court

1/4/2008 12:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, will scurry to court this morning at 8:30 AM and ask the Commissioner to strip Brit of her visitation rights -- at least for now. We're told there may not be much of an argument and it's almost certain the Commish will see Kaplan's point. Attorney Tara Scott from the law firm of Trope and Trope will represent Brit -- awkward, since the firm has asked to withdraw as counsel.

As we reported, Britney is at Cedars-Sinai on a "5150 hold," meaning there's evidence she's a danger to herself or others -- others as in her kids.

Here's what's interesting. We've been reporting for several months now that Britney doesn't have a drug or alcohol problem -- that her instability is mental, not chemical. Well placed sources tell us what happened last night is not rooted in drugs, and that of late, her mental state has deteriorated to the point that what happened at her home was not unexpected.

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who cares    


2483 days ago


My professional psychiatric evaluation is she's f*cking CRAZY!

2483 days ago


Ever since the head shaving/umbrella wielding incident, I've been saying that the poor girl is obviously bipolar (manic-depressive). She's the perfect age for onset and bipolar patients frequently self-medicate with drugs and alcohol to hide their symptoms. No, she doesn't need to have custody of her children right now but she does desperately need treatment. I pray that somebody with authority will step in and see that she gets the Lithium or whatever medication that she needs. If not, there's no hope for her or her future relationship with her sons. Please--somebody help her!

2483 days ago


K-Fed makes me want to freaking puke. He has totally taken advantage of this troubled girl from the day he said "I do." This girl is in the middle of a breakdown and all that bastard can do is make things worse. I don't believe for a second that he gives a damn about those boys. And now eveyone thinks those babies are better off with him then they were with their mother? Someone shoot me!

2483 days ago


I hope the commish will finally do the right thing and take away ALL custody rights. There were a few laws broken here and the best thing that could happen to Britney now is to be held for evaluation, charged with whatever crimes that were committed, do a little jail time and be forced into a REAL psyciatric/rehab program. Otherwise, she will either harm her kids or be dead before long...

2483 days ago


Sad for those kids when the mother's a danger to them. I was so worried she'd harm those poor little boys. God help them!

2483 days ago



I think they do. I think she is rocking back and forth and drooling too.

2483 days ago


Say a prayer for know that might just help!

2483 days ago


Dr. Keith Ablow is on TV right now talking about what should happen and he is talking about getting her evaluated by the mental health system. She may be using drugs to self medicate but you guys are just being cruel. She has been allowed behave this way and that is why it is getting worse. I mean she has mental issues, why else would she be smiling in the freaking ambulance???? C'MON People

2483 days ago


Again , this is not funny. This is way too sad and you people have no morals
How can you look yourself in the mirror everyday.
I hope you all are proud that you drove someone over the edge

2483 days ago

Hillbilly Harry    

Boo hoo. People still making excuses for her.

Blame the press.

Blame us.

Blame her parents.

Blame kfed.

Blame the psycho space aliens that took her brain...

Blame everyone for everything other than Brit herself.

Fact is, her entire life is the press. She's even shaking up with one lately. I really wouldn't be surprised that she's preggers with the pap's baby already and the kid already has a camera and will be providing live footage from the womb on TMZ.

She'd be up for that! I mean Jamie Lynn doesn't have that! In your face teenage drama stealer!

2483 days ago


Brit - come marry has been lonely since my wife "disappeared". I am a media whore too...the paps have not been around my house for weeks and even Greta from Fox News left me...I bet if you come out here they will all come back for sure! I may even make cash off an OK! photoshoot!

- Love Sgt Drew

2483 days ago


Man, I'm no Britney fan but we all need to pray for her and her sons. I think she is having one hell of a nervous breakdown. In public. If she recovers and then tries a comeback, I think it will rock.

2483 days ago


What is a “5150 Hold”?
The “5150 Hold” is an involuntary, 72-hour
observation period where medical
professionals will evaluate the individual
who has a mental illness. Anytime during
the 72 hours, a psychiatrist may discharge
the individual if there is no need for further
What is a “5250 Hold”?
If an individual needs further hospitalization
beyond the 72-hour hold, a psychiatrist will
place him/her under a “5250 Hold.” This is
a 14-day period in which further evaluations
will be conducted. During this time, an
individual can ask for a hearing to determine
if he/she should be discharged.

2483 days ago



You are so right, everyone has been so mean and judgmental. Look at brit ate paris, calling names. When you are bi-polar, you cannot take meds while pregnant. I have worked with bi-polars after giving birth and it is not pretty. Hormones are raging and most have to go into hospital to get their meds regulated. But this girl became pregnant again almost immediately after giving birth. So her hormones are raging out of control, two back to back pregnancies, not being able to take meds while pregnant, going through this horrible divorce, a husband who is clearly after her money, being everyone's meal ticket, taking care of two babies and constantly being under the pap's eyes. WHO WOULDN'T LOSE IT?

2483 days ago
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