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Pandemonium Outside Brit's Madhouse

1/4/2008 9:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Chaotic" doesn't even begin to describe the clusterf**k that went on around Britney Spears' home tonight as the popwreck was taken away to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in an ambulance.

TMZ was there -- and man was it crazazy!!! Our cameras also caught Sean Preston being taken away in a black VW and a throng of paparazzi trying to get the money shot.


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Truth Is    

Sorry excuse for a mother. Plain and simple.
She's never going to get them now, and rightfully so, She is not well, not to mention her drinking and drugging. Just have your accountant start drawing up the paperwork now Brit to make sure Kevin gets all of his money on time from this day forth. Dummy.

2449 days ago


It's mind boggling how when the ambulance is trying to leave the cameras get in front of it and BLOCK them from leaving right away. Idiots. Hopefully they smack a mental hold on her and keep her in the hospital for a few days...and she looses the kids for good now.

2449 days ago


why people are so jealous is beyond my way of thinking. Brit is a human being and she has a life and her children need her. Kfed is a pig and he did this to her. He is a loser and he needs to stop and look at what he is doing to her and the kids . He is upsetting her to this point and he knows it. Please Brit dont buy into a lie anymore. Alot of us still care.

2449 days ago

the lost    

Stars have been known to conjure up all kinds of publicity stunts. But to involve your CHILDREN... especially if the children are just babies... that is a new all time LOW. Anyone liking Britney now is as metally screwed in the head as she is.

2449 days ago

I am poster 58    

All I can say....who is the judge in this case? He should be disbarred. She has NO BUSINESS seeing these kids. KFed either. BOTH are unfit parents and before they are able to see their kids again, BOTH parties need help for a LONG period of time...not a brief rehab stint....EVERYONE find out who this judge is and let him KNOW that this is serious. THE KIDS COME #1 and need to be taken away permanently (like for a year) .

2449 days ago


As sad as this ongoing situation is time for the courts to put an end to her manipulative personality and establish sole custody of the children with their father. It is total lunacy that Britney Spears occupies so much media space and it is time for the media to shut her out. Like others, I share the sense that the writing is on the wall here...Spears' flame is flickering and it is just a matter of time before her life reaches a tragic end.

2449 days ago


I can not believe there are still people defending this sorry whack job.
You must be on the same planet she is.

2449 days ago

keith witt    

ROBERTSON BLVD merchants are said to be meeting Friday AM to address the upcoming 72 hour drop in revenue. "God Help Us All." comments Lisa Kline.

2449 days ago

the lost    

"Look y'all, this attention is for me! ME! ME! MEEEE!!!"

2449 days ago


The Papperazzi is insane. They are literally getting in the way of medical assistance!

2449 days ago

Truth Is    

Kimberlee still out for Christmas break are we? You can't be serious, Look around honey, you're alone in your way of "thinking"
Go night night!

2449 days ago

captain obvious    

How can anyone in their right mind actually support this trainwreck??? "Poor Brittany"? "You're a very special person"??? Give me an break!!! This is one dangerous human being. I hope the psych review brings this out and she gets locked away somewhere. Maybe she'll be able to salvage what's left of her dillusional life. It's too late already to even think about salvaging a career out of this pile of human waste! God help those kids if the powers that be ever let her have them again.

2449 days ago


This is great! I've never been more entertained! If anyone has followed her through the years, they would know that she's always been a drug user, whether it be pot or exstacy. I don't feel sorry for her, I refuse. These are the choices she made.

2449 days ago

I am poster 58    

Kimberlee, no one is jealous of someone who is mentally ill. We are concerned about the lives of others. She is going to end up killing herself or injuring someone else. At this point, no one cares about her singing career, they just want her off the streets, away from her kids and the judge disbarred. No one wants KFED to have them either...he's just as bad. The kids need to be put into a safe place away from both parents PERMANENTLY. ANY JUDGE who does not do this....well, I don't know how you could sleep at night.

2449 days ago


#4 & 5 SHUT UP! with your stupid and dull advertising gimics.

Britney needs help@9 -- We know but STOP BLAMING THE PARENTS. There is only so much one can do after someone reaches the age of 18 and then some.....

I seriously hope she is ok. You never know whether it's a stunt or not, sorry to say.

2449 days ago
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