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Brit Pitches Fit

1/5/2008 2:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsWe are hearing from multiple sources that Britney Spears is throwing a fit on the 7th floor of Cedars-Sinai. She is demanding to leave, screaming at the staff, will not lie or sit still, we're told.

From all indications, she is being held on a 5150, which means she is a danger to herself and others. Typically, people in that situation can be held for 72 hours against their will.

We have also been told she has pulled her IV out and is generally out of control. Another source at the hospital tells TMZ she could be heard yelling at various staffers and she was described by nurses as being "difficult."


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*presence, rather. See, southern bells are smart. LOL

So don't let Brit-Brit wreck our awesome Rep!

2452 days ago

Meko Mama    

Bratty... I mean Brittnay had been given Many chances by the courts to get her crap together. Honestly women like her make me SICK!!! I hope they revoke her parental rights.

Truthfully k-fed is a leech but those boys are better off with him

2452 days ago


Michelle, you don't want people to diagnose her and then you diagnose her?

Seriously, though. Tertiary Syphilis.

General paresis, otherwise known as general paresis of the insane, is a severe manifestation of neurosyphilis. It is a chronic dementia which ultimately results in death in as little as 2-3 years. Patients generally have progressive personality changes, memory loss, and poor judgment. More rarely, they can have psychosis, depression, or mania.

2452 days ago


I feel so sorry for her. I know she is spoiled and has had some bad parenting but I still think that
having 2 babies that close together could have led to some major post partum depression. I am
sure that she probably has been checked for that but I still wonder. She needs loved ones
around saying they don't care what she does but they still love her. Her mom needs to wake up.
Just my 2 cents.

2452 days ago


I hope the hospital gets sued. How can this very tragic mental suffering reach the public. This information, if it is true, is comeing from inside the hospital walls. How can TMZ be so heartless to deliver this information to the whole world.

What more do you need to be happy. Do you all hope for the big story about Britt killing herself, Then the covering of her funeral showered by celebrity morners who give there sweet comments on her tragedy?

The western world has a system of justice that tollerates that the media today acts without any respect for any kind of basic human rights. All that in the "name of the free press".

What we see today is harassment, stalking, psycological teror. Nothing to be proud of just deeply ashamed

2452 days ago


STOP reporting on friggin' Britney Spears & watch her bahavior return to "normal". She's just a media whore, anyways. Ya hear that, Harvey Levin?!

2452 days ago


So pity on her! Now I know the reason why so many people are talking about her and her story on Good luck 4 her.

2452 days ago


I am no Britney fan but it makes me kind of sick that she cannot have the same privacy rights as everyone else is entitled to at such a deeply painful time in her life. It isnt hard to understand why she cant trust anyone, not even in a hospital such as Cedars.

2452 days ago


Is she still making stupid choices?! Having a big ol' temper tantrum, is she? Can't have her way? Can't manipulate 'em? Will not listen and appropriately respond? Guess we'll find out how effective Cedars Sinai is in actually helping Ms. Spears. She better be grateful this isn't the 1940's or they'd be scheduling her for a lobotomy.

I think if I were she, I'd pull up my big girl panties (if she is wearing any panties) stop acting like a moron and get my sh_t together.

As for Jamie Lynn, she's just stupid and her blood-sucking $parents$ and TV $producers$ are worse. Last couple of weeks Jamie Lynn was a headliner, center stage, talboids honey. Can Britney handle that?

2452 days ago


I wish they would just ACCIDENTLY give to to much meds so she will OD. Save us all this nonsense. I cant wait until i see the 2st pic of her droooling all over herself with piss stains on her mental outfit

2452 days ago


annette--thank you very much! i can't wait to see her dead! yay!

2452 days ago


I pray to God that she never sees those kids again! When she ends up killing her children then maybe all of the Britney supporters will realize that they were WRONG in feeling pity for her! Being mentally ill doesn't give her the right to harm her children just because she has no control over her actions. Try feeling sympathy for the real victims in this mess.....her kids!

2452 days ago


Hopefully they can somehow medicate her, for her own safety and let her get the much needed rest she is fighting against.
I am more than familiar with Bi-Polar my Aunt bless her sole sufferred so needlessly all her life...
I as well as 2 sisters have also been diagnosed with BP, deprression,anxiety and numerous med. problems.
BACK to the topic... I'm sure there is a med order for 'freaking out' but it is doubtful she would take it willingly, so get an order for injections, a pill seems easy to take after a 'forced rest'..She will come around after a lot of drugs and sleep..
But will she 'come back'?? only time will tell..Never been a Brit fan but I see someone who has mental problems and that in its self is pure hell..I've seen the aftereffects a 'cycle' can cause, in a way it is worse than drugs..
I have vivid memories at age 2 so these children will remember as well..
I know I got off topic but it helped me remember the craziness following an admittance..

2452 days ago


She is a hero! What strength! what determination to be free! When her story is retold she will be seen in hind sight as a real woman trying to be independent but the world won't let her be! If she behaved the way the rest of us would she would have faded away! This is what makes you a superstar!

2452 days ago

Dennis, OKC    

Here comes REALITY!

2452 days ago
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