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Brit Probably Bipolar

1/5/2008 1:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

BritneyTMZ has even more evidence now that this is NOT a case of substance abuse. As we already reported, we're told Brit has all the symptoms of what appears to be some sort of bipolar disorder. This is becoming the universal operating theory from people in both Brit and K-Fed's camps. They are privately hoping the docs properly diagnose her at Cedars.

Also, there are reports swirling about all the people in Brit's home who came to her rescue; who broke the door down, who just lingered. You would think she was having a pre-pre-pre Super Bowl party.

In fact, we know that aside from the monitor, there were a grand total of two others in the house -- aside from Brit and the kids. The two were both hired help.


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I have been diagnosed with Bi-Polar since 2002. It is not a big deal if you are on your medications and see the doctor every month. I have the same issues that she has. It is all due to a lot of stress. People need to understand the issues in her life. It is not her fault. Look at all the negative in her life. When it all turns it into positive, she will be fine. Leave her alone, she is a strong girl!! That means Kevin too, wouldn't you be a mess if you had to deal with a person like him!!.............

2484 days ago


Those kids don't deserve a mother like that. My 14 year old acts more mature than that. She's not happy unless she's in the news, WHAT A LOSER.......... She is a total moron. Grow up and take some responsiblity for your actions Britney. Nice example your setting for your kids. Remember what goes around comes around and you will get your payback when your kids get older. Just think, they are going to act just like you......................Money and NO BRAINS.

2484 days ago


elizabeth - with all due respect, maybe you are not "severely" bi polar. i have known people (parents, best friends, etc) that have a significantly better standard of living due to therapy and medication. to say that therapy and medication do not make a difference is ridiculous. if you are mentally and emotionally hearty enough to control your bipolar cycles with pure behavioral psychology, that is wonderful and a blessing for you and i applaude you - but it is NOT so easy for everyone else.

unfortunately there are people with more severe forms that are a threat to themselves or others unless they are brought into intensive therapy to talk out their issues and possibly put on meds. People who are severely bipolar have the capability to kill themselves or another person. if this is the case, then the patient must be closely examined and treated.

this does not mean they are a "bad" person as they need to be nurtured and there must be compassion for their condition. the paparazzi needs to exercise restraint at this time in the concern and RESPECT for her mental health.

although im pretty damn sure that the paparazzi is the devil's spawn so... yeah... probably won't be much restraint or respect exercised with her case.

2483 days ago


oh wait sorry elizabeth, i read your post wrong. sorry about that! you said that with meds and therapy its not a big deal. i agree with that. :) in my humble opinion

2483 days ago


Brittany Spear appears to have suffered from Postpartum "Psychosis" - quite different than postpartum depression and very rare and dangerous. It is likely she has had a predisposition for bipolar disorder and has clearly now suffered a psychotic breakddown that will likely lead to a deep, clinical depression. Suicide is very likely and she needs much love, understanding and protection if she is to ever find herself again. It is tragic, I have experienced this first hand with my daughter.

2477 days ago
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