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Cops to Dog's Bro: Keep Your Pants On!

1/5/2008 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tim ChapmanPolice in Hawaii arrested Tim Chapman -- spiritual brother of Duane "Dog" Chapman -- after he was spotted naked in his pickup truck. Those bounty hunters are always packing!

A mall security guard found Chapman, sans clothes, and asked him to get out of the truck. Police say that after he got dressed, Chapman started his truck and drove over a sidewalk, nearly hitting the security. He turned himself in five hours later.

The guard told police he recognized Chapman from his show, "Dog the Bounty Hunter," and said Chapman was performing an unspecified lewd act.

But Tim's attorney, Brook Hart, has an explanation for the whole thing: "It was simply a man who wet his pants with orange juice inadvertently and was changing them, doing nothing wrong at all and believing he had sufficient privacy to do it."


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correction---it is Saturday night, not Friday night---guess to us older seniors it does not matter---and, if he was performing the "lewd" act that so many have posted their opinions about, how do these people know exactly what that is? firsthand knowledge or second? No, I disagree, their show should be aired with all its imperfections and less than perfect cast. We all have things in our private lives, or have gotten away with something out in the public, that we do not want anyone to know. He got caught, if that is what he was doing, because he was recognized. All kinds of role models are needed these days, if you don't want to watch the dog show, watch something else. The only thing I have ever gotten out of dog's show was enjoyment.

2484 days ago


Where is Duane Lee? He seemed like the only normal one. Leland didn't seem bad either. Duane Lee probably got out while the getting was good.

2484 days ago


The info that Tim and Dog are not real brothers and how they met I believe is on some websites that discuss their past and how they came to be where they are today. Duane Lee worked between Colorado and his wife and kids lived there and came to visit him. He was or is an accountant or something. And, Donna, of course everyone is related to someone and should try every way possible to bring back family values. But I believe that Dog the Bounty Hunter show had an excellent following and rating for A&E. If someone does not want to watch a show or have their children watch it, block it, simple. Family values begin at home, not on tv.

2484 days ago


You can have clothes in your car and spill and change. Most use rest stops or bathrooms some are just wild and change in the car. Lots of girls have changed their tops in cars in California!

2484 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Strange behavior

2484 days ago


oh i fell bad for you not you lieing peace of crap

2484 days ago


This is so sad, I don't know the situation only what is reported, all I can say is God Bless Tim and his family during this very humiliating experience!! I read that Tim and his wife Davina are seperated and he is living in his truck, couldn't Dog or Leland give him a place to stay? I mean isn't that the "brotherly" thing to do. Good luck Chapmans

2484 days ago


Who gives a rats ass!! If he wants to spank the monkey in his vechicle good for him!

2484 days ago


Wally, you are so very, very opinionated! Bet if you met Dog in person you would ask for an autograph though! And maybe a pic with him as well! and #78--strange behavior---shall I mention the name Bill Clinton, who now has a chance to live in the White House yet again---he is a well known, well paid speaker, etc., yet, he is so much more well known for strange behavior, so let's start at the TOP and begin naming names with "strange behavior". Bring back the Dog, he is just as normal and everyday a person, as well as his crew, as most others.

2484 days ago

What took so long    

Well I guess it didn't take too long for all these weirdos to be outed. I have a feeling the dirt on this bunch is just going to keep coming!

2484 days ago

What took so long    

Hey gr8mom... um, maybe they don't care to provide a place to live for a perv that jacks it in public, God only knows what else this weirdo does for fun!

2484 days ago



2483 days ago



2483 days ago


I found him on a celebrity and millionaire dating site called
"" or something. I forget the screename. I will check
it out for you guys and come out with the truth soon.
Who cares? Big deal? We only care how to find these celerbities.

2483 days ago


To #9 Let me start of by saying that I do not know what really happened but as a fellow bounty I can understand him having a second pair of pants in his car. We constantly get dirty searching for people also mace on your clothes is not a good feeling. What to see the full story

2483 days ago
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