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Jamie Lynn: GED Not IUD

1/7/2008 11:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Lynn Spears was out and about this weekend in Louisiana with her mom -- the first time we've seen the child star since she announced to the world she unfortunately failed to grasp the idea of contraception. Wrap it up, kids!

Brit's lil' sis (with papa Casey close by) was spotted on Friday as she left an adult education center with a GED book in hand. She could have used some adult education four months ago!


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April Fouels    

tmz, nice move cya

2417 days ago

Britney u suck!    

who do you have to sleep with around here to get a comment posted?

2417 days ago

Suzan Diaz    

Not to be rude but.You guys need to leave Spears
sisters alone!!!!!!!!!!
Because britney need a break and yoy guy are not helping the siuation!

Thank You for your time

Suzan Diaz

2417 days ago


ok she made a mistake, her family is having a tough time right now, some of you people are just cruel and wonder this world is like this, no compassion at all just morons being careful because one day you or your children may be in the same shoes and well she how you feel then.

2417 days ago

April Fouels    

dr.phil and dr. drew need to interview the real father of jamie's baby, lets see that happen, not, too much money

2417 days ago

For everyone who seems to be bashing Dr. Phil, you all need a reality check. Dr. Phil didn't come out asking to go see Britney, HER father asked him to go see her. If the hospital is having a big issue with all of this, then maybe THEY should have prevented Dr. Phil from seeing Britney in the first place! Everyone is saying this is a private matter, and maybe it should be. However, you all forget that this is a celebrity that you are talking about. When Britney stepped into the spotlight and wanted to be famous, her private life went away. Celebrities' lives have always been exploited, from who they date, where they live, when they have a Dr.'s appt and so on. Britney is no exception. And in regards to her family, well, maybe they aren't perfect-tell me who has the perfect family to begin with?. Maybe her parents made a lot of mistakes, a lot of parents do. How many of you are parents yourselves? Have you not made some mistakes with your kids, because I know I have. We are all human. Parents can only do so much before they are forced to walk away. Maybe her parents have tried being there for her, and maybe she has chosen to push them away, what else are they suppose to do, after all she is 26? Maybe this is just tearing them up inside, watching Britney self destruct- you have no idea what is going through her parents' minds. If they don't show up, then they don't care, and if they do show up, then they are only out to get money from her, either way, they will be criticized. It is great that so many people can come and criticize Dr. Phil for his actions in this matter. Do any of you have a better idea to help this woman? Maybe her father thought that Dr. Phil would be able to help his family. at least her father was trying something. Do I think he should do a show about this? absolutely, because maybe it will bring awareness to the country and the world that mental disorders can ruin someone's life if it is not dealt with. Dr. Phil doing a show about Britney is no different then what all the news media shows have done. Every channel you turned on Friday, was covering this issue-so tell me where the issue is? A lot of you are complaining how Dr. Phil is this and that and should stay out of this, well then shouldn't all of us do the same? Everyone is coming on a giving their 2 cents into the situation, so what makes that different-why, because it is an online site? There is no difference. We all have our opinions and thoughts about the subject and Dr. Phil is no different. I believe that instead of complaining about Dr. Phil's visit to Britney, maybe everyone should be complaining how Cedars allowed this all to take place to begin with. They have security, obviously there are flaws in their security. And some believe that Kevin is a leech and such, well, unfortunately here in America- it is ok when a wife does not work, divorces her husband, takes the kids, the car, the house and requires not only child support but also spousal support--and that seems to be ok. Well, I am sorry, but I do believe what is good for the women to do, is also good for the guys to do. So Kevin didn't work and Britney paid his way, his spousal support and child support-- there is nothing wrong with that! No difference then if the roles were reversed. As a mother of three, I believe that a lot of hard working guys across this country get screwed daily by their ex-wives. The bottom line is that Britney seems to have some serious issues and unless she gets help from SOMEONE, it may just kill her in the end. So if it is Dr. Phil, or Dr. Drew whomever can help her, shouldn't that be the overall concern to begin with? Does it matter who it is as long as they can help her? Hope none of you ever have mental disorders in your families, because you never know when you could be reaching out for help from Dr. Phil. The old saying goes, "never, say never". And to the kids, I am glad that they are with their dad, because she is obviously in no right frame of mind to take care of the kids, since she can't take care of herself. I'm not a fan, but I do hope she gets the help she needs before she turns into another Anna Nicole story.

2417 days ago


I don't think anyone has the right to knock Jamie Lyn. She made a huge mistake, a mistake that thousands of girls her age have made. I don't think the problem is the fact that she had sex, the problem is that no one taught her about safer sex. In this country of ours where you see violence and drug use and people dying daily on the TV, sex is such a bogus thing to speak about. The fact is that all these conservative right winged "Christian" people are so against teaching our kids how to protect themselves, that this is what happens. I for one am very happy that this "problem" has come to light cause now it will open doors for parents to speak to their children about sex. Remember also it takes two I love how everyone gives her s**t. But he is an adult and he should have known better.
Good luck to Jamie, maybe she can learn from her sisters' mistakes!!

2417 days ago


Well at least she is going finish her school education. Better a GED than no degree at all. After all she could depend on other ways to get money you know. I mean some kids never even go back to finish school after leaving!

2417 days ago


how sad.can take the family out of the trailer park but cant take the ---you know the rest.

2417 days ago


i will laugh hysterically when this comes out. the psychic was right about birkhead and no one thought it was true - she was right about the sex of britneys both kids when all thought it was a girl. I may be dumb but i am believeing it. Go ahead call 247-9570 and u will see i am not kidding. That guy Casey is being paid i would shut my mouth too getting rich. No wonder Jamie-lynns head is in shame held down like that! tHE TRUTH WILLCOME OUT IT ALWAYS DOES!mAYBE IF SOME tmz PERSON CALLS THEY WILL RELEASE THE NAME! all because of me!!!!!!! I love telling the truth

2417 days ago

April Fouels    

let us not forget, mr. spears is an identical twin to mr. lohan, an alcoholic and who knows what else, no good example of a father, in biology, yes, in real life, you decide

2417 days ago


My Son was taught sex-ed starting in the 4th Grade!!!! I think it is stupid for any TEEN out there not to know about BIRTH CONTROL.... There is ENOUGH Commercials, PLus all that is TAUGHT in Elementary School to HIGHSCHOOL.
So, for Teens to Say "I didn't Know, They are FULL OF CRAP".

2417 days ago

Susan B    

Okay............and Jamie Lynn's pregnancy affects us how??? Not at all. Quit judging others.

2417 days ago


This is another Spears girl who can't keep her panties on. And she was so shocked to be pregnant! Don't tell me she never heard of birth control. My 12 year old already knows about it.

2417 days ago


What many of you don't seem to recognize or accept, is that this particular family is not normal. People are scrutinizing their every move because they've chosen to put themselves out there. When you're on a teen show on a network such as Nickelodeon, whether you want to be or not, YOU ARE SETTING AN EXAMPLE, for other people in your age group. The parents in this case chose to ignore the warning signs, and allowed these girls to run around and do as they pleased. Why? Because they were too concerned with their bank accounts.
Yes, people certainly make mistakes. I'm sure we have all done things we've regretted, however, we haven't sold our children to the highest bidder. The Spears have continually put it out there and attempted to portray themselves as people with Christian values, yet every indication has proven this to be completely incorrect.
As for the woman who said that we shouldn't criticize them for sending Dr. Phil, well c'mon, let's be serious, they knew what they were getting into by doing so. It's just another example of them pushing their parental responsibilities onto someone else.

2417 days ago
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