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News Vixen Alycia Lane Axed by Philly Station

1/7/2008 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alycia LaneAlycia Lane -- yeah, Miss Crazazy Philly News Anchor -- has broken one too many news stories -- with her in 'em!

The news mess, who was arrested in New York in December after allegedly slapping a female cop and calling her a "f***ing d*ke" in a traffic spat, got the chop from CBS 3 this afternoon, reports the station. In a statement, CBS 3 President and GM Michael Colleran said, "We have concluded that it would be impossible for Alycia to continue to report the news as she, herself, has become the focus of so many news stories."

Lane gained notoriety last year for sending snaps of herself to NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen -- except his wife found them in e-mail and wrote her a scathing response.

UPDATE: Attorney Paul Rosen issued the following statement on behalf of Lane: "We have learned today that KYW-TV (Channel 3) has unilaterally terminated Alycia Lane's employment. The conduct of KYW-TV is contrary to the terms of her Employment Contract which has many additional years remaining. The termination comes at a time when there has been absolutely no determination that Alycia is guilty of any wrongful conduct, and after KYW-TV has aired her categorical denial of the alleged charge that is pending against her.

The termination is unfair because Alycia has never had an opportunity to defend against this charge, and tell her side of the story publicly, before KYW-TV has taken this unusual and unwarranted step to terminate her employment. Obviously, on the advice of counsel, Alycia cannot talk about these matters because of the matter that is pending in New York."

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Fly on the Wall    

OK, only one thing really bothers me here. How can a Philadelphia TV station have call-letters that begin with "K," as in "KYW-TV?" The FCC has mandated that all commercial radio and TV stations east of the Mississippi River must have call letters that begin with "W," and only stations WEST of the Missippi can have call-letters that begin with "K." Clearly, KYW-TV is in violation of FCC rules and must be punished. Oh--wait a minute--they were--they hired Alycia Lane. I guess that's enough punishment.

2443 days ago


To all the people proclaiming they're happy to see her get fired: 'don't actually understand why you all care so much, but... DIDN'T YOU LOOK AT THAT CHICK? She's going to get a new job in no time, probably in a even bigget market, and of course a higher salary to boot. Why you ask? Well she got three things going for her that any fame-seeking journalists like herself hope to have: she's hot, controversial, and she is now nationally known. Hell, if Imus can get back on the air, how hard can it be for a dumb, yet attractive TV anchor?
So, if you leave in the New York or LA area, expect to see Ms Lane in your TV very soon...

2443 days ago


LIke she's the first b-tch to go after someone's husband. Why is everyone acting as if that is something that never happens? Get serious people. It goes on everyday.

2443 days ago


To PhilaAreaViewer, she's dating BOOKER -- he does the morning show on Q102. Look it up.

2443 days ago

Jeremy P    

She totally deserved this, i mean i just hpe she doesnt have a breakdown and wind up on Dr phil
Jeremy lesser of me and you~

2443 days ago


Ms Lane is a textbook example of how you can be nice looking on the outside and ugly as a rabid hyena on the inside. This sad person has a lot of growing up to to. Will it happen? Not a chance.

2443 days ago


I think she is probably an alcoholic. Sounds like she has done a lot behind drinking and this time it really bit her in the A$$.

2443 days ago


CBS - 3 made the right choice. Ethics is making a comeback!

2443 days ago


Seriously what kind of person hits a cop?

2443 days ago


The local news anchors here are very conservative, "pillar of the community" types. some have been at this station and other local Philadelphia stations for more years than this woman has lived. There is really no place for a "wild woman" here.Now, if only the local sports teams could be fired (Eagles). - that would improve things considerably.

2443 days ago

Johnny No Pants    

She's freakin hot. She can send me her pics anytime, besides I'm better looking than Rich Eisen. If youre reading this, Alycia...send me a note...Ill be happy to hang with you!!

2443 days ago


Pathetic liability! She deserved to be fired! Has she apologized? NOPE! She needs to bury her head in shame!

2443 days ago


She lost credibility in our household when she was crying on Dr. Phil about her personal life a couple of years ago. She's an exploitive media whore who craves attention and gets it for all the wrong reasons, and now that she's assaulted a cop, she doesn't get to be in my living room. Thanks CBS 3!

2443 days ago

Luiggi Ann    

Ms. Lane should have stayed away from Chris Booker - a deranged disc jockey from Philly...

2443 days ago


I sent Alycia an e-mail after the bikini photo flap. I wish that I kept her replies. She is definitely hot headed and lacks good judgment. Who in her position would send a nasty reply back to someone they didn't know? She thought that I was mocking her when I was trying to be sympathetic. Apparently, she never learned to deal with her minor celebrity status. When I apologized, she thanked me and basically told me how lonely she is since the 2nd divorce. She might as well asked me to set her up on a date. She said she only dated twice in 1 1/2 years since the 2nd separation. She said guys google her and it messes up potential relationships. I hope she gets her head on straight. She hit rock bottom. If she sues, the station will win in court. She's not supposed to be in the news. She can't report about politicians and actors behaving badly when she is guilty of bad public behavior too.

2443 days ago
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