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Alleged Victim to Lindsay

You Drive Me Crazy!

1/8/2008 9:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who was allegedly chased by Lindsay Lohan during the infamous DUI arrest last July claims she's racked up a big shrink bill to get over a bad case of the mean girl.
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Tracie Rice has sued Lohan, claiming the actress terrorized her in a wild chase in Santa Monica. Tracie, who called 911 during the pursuit, has filed legal papers alleging she's already spent $3,500 in therapist bills at $175 a crack.

Rice also says she's spent $400 on a medical doctor, $145 on a chiropractor, $150 on medicine and two grand in miscellaneous expenses.

Rice also says she's lost her job as a result of the incident, and that she was taking in between $60 - $75,000 a year.


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and I hope this lady gets every penny she is asking for and MORE,,,,,,,and I hope the guy whose foot she ran over that same night sues her too......OH, and I hope those two guys that she kidnapped after she stole the one dude's car, and drove like a bat out of hell attempting to catch this woman - and made said two think they may not live to see the light of day, I hope THOSE two guys sue her as well......and I hope she ends up going broke and becomes such a high-risk liability that NOBODY will work with her anymore......I mean did anyone see her last two or three movies?!?! They were completely FORGETABLE. I also hope her next album does less than half as good a Twitney the Super Wonder's did, and she hurts her ankle, can't tour and ends up owing the record company tens of thousands of dollars......and, and, and..........

2457 days ago


ahhh yes AMERICA, couldn't expect anything less. Get a job you lazy fat biotch.

2457 days ago


oh lindssay ilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

2457 days ago


oh god these people are so desperate for money they will sue anyone. It all started with the mc donalds hot coffee on the wind suit crap. God people get a life and get a good job.

2457 days ago


What a baseless, pathetic lawsuit! What is wrong with people to think it is OK to sue over such insignificant thing? Yeah, ok, I bet Lindsay Lohan chasing you stressed you out so much that you had to quit your job. What reason do you have for not finding another job, are you screwed up for life b/c of it? People are so effed up! That's what's wrong with America, people are so quick to sue! The girl is a recovering addict and I believe that this woman is a mother. Really nice, setting a good example for your kids, ehh? She is trying to cash in on an unfortunate incident. Nice.....

2457 days ago


Sure she's going to sue. She is trying to get a cut of the money...opportunistic loser!!!! If she needs counseling for that night, what a wimp. PUUULEEEASE. I hope Lohan fights it. Not a fan of hers but this is a bogus suit!

2457 days ago


LMAO @ #11

2457 days ago


Once you are known as a psycho psychiatrist patient - it is all over - no one will hire a radical lazy psycho!

2457 days ago


Tracy, if you wanted to quit your job and go on disability because of your road rage problems you shouldn't use Ms.Lohan to scapegoat your way down and out. Shame on you, toots.

2457 days ago

Vintage '51    

(Most) everybody is so "sue" happy in this country. It's no wonder the courts are slow in processing cases and overloaded.I think people who file frivolous lawsuits should be fined heavily for wasting the courts time and taxpayers money.

2457 days ago


You have got to be kidding me!!

Reep what you sew

2457 days ago


Please. Get over it already. I think she's only out for money. Who gets this damn stressed out over something that to me,
would be annoying at best. I want this bitches problems!

2457 days ago

ally lee    

Am I the only one, that ca see that women is just another money hungrey leech? Come on! Mental trama? Give me a break, lady

2457 days ago

who dat    

TMZ you post this like , oh no linsay has been sued. This is EXACTLY what Linds wants, more inexpensive publicity. It keeps people talking about her.

2457 days ago

April Fouels    

tracie rice is done, move out of cali..

2457 days ago
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