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Why Brit Locked Herself in the Bathroom

1/8/2008 5:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned what triggered the drama last Thursday night that ended with Britney being strapped to a stretcher and carted off in an ambulance.Britney Spears

Unimpeachable sources tell TMZ Brit pitched a fit that she had to attend a deposition in the custody case earlier in the day and she wanted "make-up" time with the kids that evening. Britney had visitation rights with the kids that day. She was supposed to surrender them to K-Daddy at 7:00 PM, but wanted two extra hours. K-Fed and his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, wouldn't allow it, so she locked herself in the house -- thus the stand-off.

Here are the probs with Brit's theory. First, the reason her depo was set for last Thursday was because she failed to show the day before. Second, Thursday's depo was supposed to begin at 9:45 AM and go until 11:45 AM. She didn't show until 11:32, so the depo lasted less than 15 minutes. We've learned she only had visitation rights that day between noon and 7 PM. The depo ended at 11:45 and her house was only 15 minutes away. So she really didn't lose any time with the kids.

Bottom line -- Brit was legally off base.


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Brit is sure lookin' old!

2478 days ago


2478 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

Seems like some details are missing. Are sure there isn't more to it?

2478 days ago

She needs to be locked way in an asylum

and kept away from those poor kids

2478 days ago


BIG anxiety from stopped druguseing and everybody that used her.
Keep on fighting and stay sober! You'r still a big creative singer and dancer.

2478 days ago


Botom line , this girl is clearly retarded. She just was never taught any better.

2478 days ago


I think she should get a break. First of all the media is being to rough on her. Everyone wants her to get better, but first for her to do that she needs SPACE. Simple as that, damn.

2478 days ago

Lillian Gorham    

And the reason is??

2478 days ago


2478 days ago


Ho ho ho.. I knew that immediately. She just wants to be a surrogate mom, with visitation rights folks. Either that or you let her raise them bare-bones, recklessly spur of the moment.. the way she travels through life. The only difference between her and the rest of the shallow sluts in Hollywood, Lindsay, Paris, etc... is she has kids and plenty of money and a concerned ex husband. Take her to private negotiations, decide the payoff K-fed and raise them yourself.. occasionally letting her visit. She will not admit to any error, or be dogged by regrets and remorse for her style of living in the deposition. It will just make her more hateful and cruel.

2478 days ago

Britney u suck!    

too bad she had to come out. she should have flushed her head while there.

2478 days ago



2478 days ago

Paul J.    

Britney just needs to grow up and realize that the world doesnt revolve around her. She was and still is way to immature to be a parent. I am so glad that Kevin got custody of those kids and I am proud of him for being a man and a great father and doing what is the best interest for his children. People need to stop talking down about Kevin. At least he is being a grown up about it all. I feel that as long as those two boys are in his custody, there isn't going to be any concern for their welfare. Who out there can say that Britney could do the same? NO ONE! We really have to give Kevin alot of credit here. He might had come into this relationship as a child but he left it as a true man and a father. Those boys didnt ask to be brought into this world. And they damn sure didnt ask to have a mother like Britney. I feel sorry for those children that they have to grow and hear all about how their mother shamed not only herself but them as well. It's Britney who will have to live with that guilt of doing this to her children.

2478 days ago

oh brother    

WOW KFed wouldn't allow her two extra measily hours with her own kids? What a loser he is! He now acts like he's the father of the year when inthe begining he use to smoke around the kids and go out partying and leave Britney to care for the kids on her own. Now that the media is all over him and Britney he paints a new face of a responsible dad. I smell you KFed you phony leach.

2478 days ago


A mother's bond with her children is sacred. The courts should be doing everything possible in their power to allow the kids to spend as much time as possible with their mother as possible. For all of you that have followed her career as closely as I have, you'll know that Britney has a heart of gold and I know her sons will benefit by being with her. Peace to you Britney ... we love you!

2478 days ago
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