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Grandma Called,

She Wants Her Bikini Back

1/9/2008 1:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Cattrall hit the beach in Malibu yesterday with a cute little dog to shoot a scene for the new "Sex and the City" movie.

Look at that bitch go.


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W T F ?    

Kim looks fine for her age, it's a bad choice of bathingsuit. I wonder if Pat Fields (the costumer for SITC) made her wear it! Her taste goes from being dead on to way off. A one piece would have been better and there are some flirty ones out there.
You would think they would have some say in what they wear!

2480 days ago


She is 50. No one stays young forever! I have the same dog! But, her swim suit is for her body shape. She is not fat!

Let's see what Britney looks like in 5 years then compare the photos.

2480 days ago

Red Ginger    

She looks quite good. We can't all be breast implants etc. She is beautiful!

2480 days ago


Why do you have to be so mean? What is wrong w/ her? NOTHING She looks great!

2480 days ago


To the TMZ goober who thinks this photo is anything less than a hot picture of a sexy woman... Your guardian called, it's time to take your medication.

2480 days ago


She looks fabulous for her age! Grow up TMZ and quit acting like the ignorant bully we all hated in middle school!!!! These are real people with real lives & real bodies. How do you people sleep at night/ Oh yeah with your fat paychecks under your pillow.

2480 days ago


Would assume the swimsuit was selected in conjunction with the context of the script/plotline/etc. Doubt Kim had anything much to do with wardrobe selection for this(or any other scene).

She looks great for her age(or any age), don't really think this is even debateable. Is it?

2480 days ago


Come on, she's about 50 years old, give her a break! She looks really good, and I think this is much preferable to a woman her age wearing a butt-floss bikini. At least she's showing some class instead of all her skin!

2480 days ago


I agree that everyone ages, but Kim is such a HUGE bitch in real life, and so obsessed with her body that I find this kind of satifsying. I had two friends who worked on the SATC tv show for its run, and said that she's one of the rudest, most arrogant "divas" out there. Karma is a bitch. She never had a career before SATC (come on, it was a joke!) but then she had SATC and her body. Now she doesn't have her body. I doubt she'll be able to continue to act. Her haughty, oversexed personna won't continue to translate well on the screen. She's no Meryl Streep or even Julia Roberts or Meg Ryan, for that matter.

One of my favorite "Family Guy" moments is when Brian says (while watching SATC): "So this show is about three hookers and their mother?"

2480 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

TMZ, your writers are snarky. And young. KC looks fine. She is a fit and fabulous 50. Leave her alone. A woman is not a "bitch" for asserting herself, which is all Kim has done. Her fights with the producers have not only benefitted herself, but her co-stars Nixon and Davis too.

2480 days ago


You guys are just WRONG for showing this photo with that comment!!!!
This is why I NEVER miss on tv!!!

2480 days ago


OMG...she used to be SO hot, now she's packed on 50lbs and looks disgusting. I guess that's what happens with you can't get along with your castmates, and you lose your husband also; self loathing. That's so wrong on so many levels, I don't know where to start...

2480 days ago

Jemima Puddleduck    

I think she looks great!

2480 days ago


My cousin works on movie sets in Vancouver and says Kristin Davis of SATC is also a huge bitch diva. Crew members were not even allowed to look her in the face or she would scream at them.

2480 days ago


They should rename it and call the movie "Pig in the City" instead

2480 days ago
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