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Grandma Called,

She Wants Her Bikini Back

1/9/2008 1:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Cattrall hit the beach in Malibu yesterday with a cute little dog to shoot a scene for the new "Sex and the City" movie.

Look at that bitch go.


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Biker 1957    

Not every woman who dons a swimsuit and walks along the beach does so with the intent of sexually arousing every man in sight. Prancing about in a skimpy bikini is not every woman's mission in life. Kim obviously has an agenda that does not include trying to please others.

2444 days ago


Bad suit...she looks like she's a 36 LONG in this pic...

2444 days ago


I don't know of anyone that wears heels to a beach.......anyone else?

2444 days ago


To all you babies and young children out there, this is the vintage version of the bikini before butt floss and skin.
It is a very tateful suit and has a classic and great style.

No comment on the wearer.

2444 days ago


She looks terrible. She's fat. I am 50 years old and had three children. I look better naked than she does with that bathing suit on. She needs to exercise. She needs surgery badly.

2444 days ago


What happened to her. She looks very old and out-of-shape. All the women in that show look old. I don't know why they're making a movie about old women trying to be sexy. The only thing I can say is that the Parker woman looks like a pretty horse. But, she is too old to be making that show. What guy would want to have sex with an old woman when they can be with a woman in their 20's?

2444 days ago


Thank you for that last comment! It is a very classy swimsuit and those who are only 13 would not know that. As for the title, that was un called for! What, because she's not 25 and 100 lbs she is now an ugly grandma in a swimsuit? Whatever! She is a beautiful and classy woman, much more than I can say for 90% of the women in hollywood today!!

2444 days ago

miss ralph    

She looks Hot! and her suit is FAB...TMZ must have been hard up for a story when they dissed an obviously hot woman in a fantastically chic suit!

2444 days ago


Everyone knows Paris Hilton wears heels to the beach, Victoria!

2444 days ago

Canadian 420 :)    

I totally agree with Biker 1957. Why the hell does TMZ go there? I enjoy the celebrity photos and the latest happenings, etc...My work and daily life is so serious I need a good laugh every now and then, but not "at" people, "with" people. I am not a Sex in a City fan because I just don't buy Sarah Jessica Parker as an actress. Kim Cattrell was the only saving grace that show ever had. She had the best story lines and dialogue. The woman is HOT and TMZ, you are NOT.
P.S. Harvey, go back to your hallway at the People's Court. You seemed to have some morals and ethics back then.

2444 days ago


OMG that dog is so funny! It looks like a bunny hopping so cute!!!! I wanna give him a big hug ;)

2444 days ago


Anybody that thinks she looks good must also be in terrible shape. Remember ladies we all go in denial. Wake up, she looks awful. I am 50 and I look better than that. I have no fat, tight body, no stretch marks, no saggy breasts. And I had three children. It is sad that she looks terrible and doesn't know it. I refuse to wear a bathing suit when I know I'm a little bit overweight; she should do the same. Her legs are terrible. I would be embarrassed to be seen like that. Very sad.

2444 days ago


I totally agree with TMZ. She looks like a grandma. Anybody that says otherwise is a typical American woman that thinks being a size 10 or 12 is normal. Wake up ladies, if you wear a size larger than 6, you are fat. I am 50 and size 4, when I gain weight, I am size 6 which I hate.

2444 days ago


I'm 23 and I find this 50 year old "grandma" way hotter than the toothpick girls my own age. I don't know, maybe it is the womanly hips and boobs. And no, I don't like fat chicks, I just prefer the feminine features (boobs, hips, ass ect). I actually dig the bikini too.

2444 days ago


guess what Vg? She is a famous movie star who gets paid millions because of sex appeal. You are just an anonymous blog poster. No matter how tight your body is I would guess that 99 out of 100 men would choose Kim over you! Perhaps you are so obessessed with your body because you have an unattractive face? Just my guess because you sound so insecure.

2444 days ago
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