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Little Person, Big DUI Trial

1/9/2008 4:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Matt RoloffMatt Roloff, star of the reality show "Little People, Big World," was in court today to fight charges of driving under the influence. A thimble of brandy, perhaps?

Roloff was arrested in Oregon back in June when deputies spotted his van swerving on West Union Road. Both the arresting officer and the defense gave opening statements. Roloff's defense -- he was a little tired.


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Don't be so mean TMZ - save the nasty comments for someone who deserves them - Britney!

2476 days ago


Come on TMZ, have some class.

2476 days ago


He is fairly well hated in Hillsboro and the surrounding communities. Guess his first DUI with diversion classes didn't stick.

2476 days ago

just sayin'    

willie wonka's factory? c'mon TMZ. This guy owns his own business, raises a family and deals with life with a disability every day. Picking on people for their actions is one thing, and often warrented, but picking on them for being disabled is crappy.

2476 days ago


Have mercy on the man's small size. You are mean spirited. One should NOT drive and drive, but one should also not pick on someone with a handicap either.

2476 days ago

yadda yadda    

as much as I hate this guy "In his defense, working at Willy Wonka's factory isn't easy. " that is just wrong. And I'm going to burn in he#l for laughing, you bastards!

2476 days ago


Come on you guys....the comments are a little mean....seriously....a new low...even for TMZ.

2476 days ago

Making Fun o'Handicaps    

Making fun of handicap people? Wow. Thats low. Do you point and laugh at retards too? I thought this site had a bit more integrity. One thing to comment on his alleged DUI. But working at Willy Wonkas? Cruel and not even funny.

2476 days ago


I think the Roloff family is great and wish you'd save your snide comments for someone who cares to read them. Sometimes you go overboard with your reporting and this case is one of them. I live in Oregon and have never heard any crap such as "everyone in Hillsboro hates him. " Some people just need to get a life and stop spreading malicious gossip and that goes for you too TMZ....I used to like your website, but lately you have gone overboard with your remarks about some people. You should put a check on them before you lose your viewers.

2476 days ago

tippy katz    

little person big nose

2476 days ago


Geez, how stupid can you get tmz. 3:33 - why is he hated so much?

2476 days ago


I can't figure out why some of you are saying he is 'hated'. He is a very productive member of the community. He has taken a very painful childhood (& I mean physically painful) and come out of it with ambition and a wonderful imagination.
I am sure he feels terrible about the DUI. He may be on some kind of pain killers that potentiate the effect of alcohol. Hopefully he will learn from this mistake. If not, I am sure his wife will be beating him over the head with it for years to come. She is fierce!
God luck Matt. Take taxis when you are celebrating or drowning your sorrows!

2476 days ago


He is diabetic, which could be a reason for the swerving. I love watching his show - he is amazing! He actually puts his dreams into action.

2476 days ago


Stupid TMZ, stupid.

2476 days ago

Lee G    

The Willy Wonka comment was really mean. If you were trying to be funny you just made yourself look really bad.

2476 days ago
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