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Alli Sims Has a Fan?!?

1/11/2008 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With pink wig Britney flying around with her new pap friend, Hollywood was BizarroLand last night -- the popwreck's cousin Alli was treated like a celeb! It's a crazy town, y'all!

TMZ spotted Alli at Hyde, where she talked about Brit, the Spears clan and (eesh!) -- her upcoming record. She was also greeted by her number one only fan.

We've confirmed that the check is in the mail to her.


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Wow! #1 & #2 Brucef Kl must belong to a lot of online dating sites! What a coincidence that every single celebrity that TMZ writes about just happens to have a profile at one of these dating sites, and someone is kind enough to let us know. Give me a break! Please promote your websites elsewhere! Thank you!

I can't believe Alli Sims is still somewhat famous! She'll probably wind up on some vh1 reality show!

2455 days ago


She's such an annoying beotch -- I want to slap her!!

2455 days ago


I think I heard that Bruce is on a site

2455 days ago


this bitch is sooo annoying, shes like the female version of jason wahler, but worse!!!! go away alli your beat and youll never achieve fame that britney has, train wreck or not!!!

2455 days ago


why are you wasting my time showing this girl??? I'm outta here.

2455 days ago


So, first question... how are these girls related (Britney & Ali)? Second of all- Does anyone know if Ali has tried talking to her cousin or has advised her on getting some sort of counciling.. ?? either way, what does this girl that makes her talented?

2455 days ago

Fly is a HUGE FAN of ALI

Have a great day.

2455 days ago



2455 days ago


I think she's cute and handles the media very well - with diplomacy and a smile. There's nothing wrong with wanting to pursue her own career, and if exposure to people through Britney opens a few doors, good for her! She hasn't sold Britney or her family out to the tabloids, so she doesn't deserve the snarky comments.

2455 days ago


NOBODY CARES ABOUT THIS PARASITE, TMZ!!!!!! Obviously there are enuf people in Hollyweird who want to try and cash in on her novelty-act celebrity - it will be brief - but they probably can make a little cash off this nobody cow just from the curious - then she will disappear back into obscurity for awhile until her sex-tape is released - another short-lived stab at quasi-fame and then hopefully she will again disappear forever back to a waitressing or nursing home caregiver job like a normal person (No offense to waitresses or nursing home caregivers - You rock! - hope you don't have to eventually work with this brainless skank.) Meanwhile, TMZ - please teach your staff to seek out real stars to harrass - your photogs are getting lazy (and richer) picking off the non-celebs - more and more of your coverage seems to be nobodies, hangers-on, and peripheral people - not actually the stars themselves. WHAT ARE YOU PAYING THESE PEOPLE FOR? Hell, I'll point my cheap digital camera at my neighbor and interview him while he's mowing his lawn - about as interesting as the CRAP footage your photogs are pulling in! LAME LAME LAME! Maybe handy, pocket-size flashcards with the celebs faces on them would help them tell them apart. Damn, do I have to do EVERYTHING?!?

2455 days ago

i am her number one FAN !!! Somebody should have hit that guy .

2455 days ago

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