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LC Swarmed, Team Heidi Strikes!

1/11/2008 4:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lauren Conrad's famous last slice at Heidi Montag was, "I want to forget you" -- easier said than done when everyone else in L.A. wants to keep the feud going! Forget about it!

LC and buddy Audrina were completely engulfed by paps in a crowd of rowdy Goa wannagos last night, and while the walk to the bar was manic, the worst part was one girl who shouted, "I love Heidi!" as Lauren walked by. Awkward!


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no one cares. Who are these bitches??

2441 days ago


Who are these people!?!?! Go away, whoever you are - all of you!

2441 days ago


This video is dull. Why post it?
Now if Heidi and Spencer were featured'd be way more interesting.

2441 days ago


Go Team Lauren!!! LC is soo Beautiful!!!! hotter than Heroes cheerleader!!!!!
Theyre capable to beat N.E!!!!!!!

New England: 17
Team Lauren:20,lol

Patriots all the way to SB XLII!!!!!

2441 days ago


Whoever the skank was that was trying to be ballsee and say "I love Heidi" Oh please. Heidi SUCKS!!!! Team Lauren!!!!!!! All day.

2441 days ago


it does'nt take a genius to know that LC is much more of class act than Heidi.. that braud saying that crap was just rude. Like LC gives a crap.

2441 days ago


This chick lc is a .....words excape me. tell me again why people pay attention to her??? she's full of herself. she deserves to be bitch slapped by someone w/balls....and she makes me gag in my mouth at every pic of her. heidi is way prettier than her.....and if heid would dump that dumb ass spencer, she'd be way more marketable!!! lauren is a waste of space and not creative at all. she is not original and has no style sense. it is a joke she's out there like she si.. she has an incredible pr guy!!!

2441 days ago


Who ever wrote #6 must be DRUNK. The only true part to that entire comment was that she needs to drop spencer. Heidi looks better than Lauren YEAH RIGHT....LMFAO. She's an ok looking girl but in no way is she cuter than Lauren and hell I'm sure anyone would be ok looking after an admitted nose job, breast enhancement, and just recently chin job. I love when people say stuff like Lauren gets on your nerves, or she is a waste of space...if she's such a wasste of space and makes you "GAG in your mouth " so much, why are you "wasting" your mouth gagging time writing a long ass message about LAUREN LOL gotta love it. Love her or hate her she's the one being talked about and the one making the $$$$$. I feel like when people hate to the highest level like you just did #6 you wish you were her. Get over it. mwwaaahhh ~ Lata

2441 days ago


People who hate on this girl must be jealous. She gets a ton of attention without even trying. She's young, beautiful, rich and doesn't really care what you haters think about her. Jealous much?

2441 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Who, who and who? Let them all get real jobs.

2440 days ago


to #6: "she .... has no style sense"

you're kidding right? you like heidi and you think lauren has no style sense? heidi wears ugly nike sandals, velour hoodies, trashy zebra print dresses, she mixes lv with dior and channel... the girl is so ridiculously tacky. like seriously, are u kidding me?

2440 days ago

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