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Little Miss Shaunashine

1/11/2008 4:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oh, for the love of Jon-Benet!
Shauna Sand and her girls
America's favorite Lucite platform heel-wearing mom, Shauna Sand, trotted out her adorable little mini-me daughters to prance for a Kitson fashion show in Hollywood on Thursday. Baby's first lip liner!

Where's Britney's court-ordered monitor when you need her?!


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I wanted to comment on this.

Then I realised...
Everyone beat me to it...

2422 days ago


What a sad picture of little girls NOT being allowed to be little girls.....

2422 days ago


What the hell are 'some' of these "F" list celebrity mothers thinking? Shauna works the hooker/skank look well, but please let the kids be just that...KIDS. tsk tsk tsk

2422 days ago

Never inked up!    

Their Mother is a huge joke! I don't care if it is a fashion show. That look is terrible for young girls to sport.

Girls are a pain the neck to raise. We always think we are 25 when were 10! Encourging this is a big mistake. But it looks like moms IQ is about a 6. I guess they really don't have much of a chance anyway. Can some one say barfly? That is exactly what she looks like. She should be sitting at the end of a bar called No Name!

Too bad you can't pick your parents.

Oh, and I have two daughters 18, and 21, and they were a pain once they hit 14! Good luck lady it looks like your own problem!

2422 days ago


These are three very pretty little girls, and even if their mother is not making wise choices for them, I think it's a little bit mean to start ridiculing them publicly at such an early age.

2422 days ago


How distasteful to use Jon Benet's name. TMZ, do you have any respect for the deceased? Rhetorical question, of course you don't!

2422 days ago


It amazes me how many of these mothers are willing to "pimp" their daughters by innapropriately sexualizing their little girls. Let them be little girls!!! These moms are trying to live ttheir faded dreams through their children, and they are making their daughters very attractive to the pervs who prey on kids. Shame on them.

2422 days ago


The sexualization of children is a rampant in America. Shame on this woman.

2422 days ago


pimpin out the kids................... another mother of the year omg

2422 days ago


Bad enought that mommy looks like a $1.50 hooker, but damn, does she have to dress the kids like they are heading out for a fun night along Sunset as well?

2422 days ago


It saddens me to look at the children---they are kids, not plastic dolls. So sad. And the mom is just plain pathetic!

2422 days ago


Arent these Lorenzo Lamas's daughters? If so he needs to get more involved with exactly what is going on in his girls lives. This is disgusting? I have a 8 years old and theres no way she wearing make up now. I dont even buy the fake crap in the toy section. Those girls should be more worried about soccer, ballet, going outside and playing or going to build a bear, not dressing up like their mom. This woman needs one of those platform shoes shoved up her ass.

2422 days ago


It's sad to see kids made up. Why would a Mother do this?

2422 days ago


I don't see the allure in having your children made up like minature hookers. Yes little girls like playing in makeup that is where they look to the female role model for guidance and boundaries. I don't care if they worked the runway they should not be made up so heavily

2422 days ago


3 little piggies with a whore......

2422 days ago
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