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Mr. Chow

Serves Up Won Ton of Stars!

1/12/2008 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mr. Chow gave us a heaping helping of big name celebs last night! Bring it!

Aussie hothead Russel Crowe, hockey fanatic Tim Robbins, and "Speed" demon Dennis Hopper were mobbed for autographs. "The Doors" alums Oliver Stone, Val Kilmer and Meg Ryan reunited, and Guinness fan Colin Farrell and a beardless Benicio Del Toro crammed inside as well.

Even those pesky Hiltons were there! It's a big ol' bowl o' Chow catcher! Hungry again?


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Lenn K.    

Can you imagine the prices on the menu? The food might be good, but this is all about being seen and why isn't Britney eating here. Oh that right, they don't serve big mac's!

2483 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Fresh fron having sticky fingers from the thousands of dollars of swag they just got!

2483 days ago


Just curious, Susn Sarandon and Tom Robbins always talk about their great relationship. Well for such a great family man I just think it's kind of interesting that you never hear anything about Tims other kid. Remember, when he was filming "Short Cuts" and knocked up his co-star Greta Scacchi? I guess he and Susan were on a break from their "Wonderful Committed relationship" and now Tim just seems to ignore that kid.

2483 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

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2483 days ago

Lenn K.    

#4 Cambel, Wow I didn't know that he had a kid with Greta Scacchi. The things you learn on the web.

2483 days ago


I hear the douchebag Clooney is trying to use his lame 'influence' to get the Oscars to move forward. Way to support the writers A-Hole!. If he wants to get the "I Love Myself Awards' back on then all of the actor media whores should not expect the writers to support them when their contract comes up in June. These actors are a bunch of self serving hypocrites. Hey Clooney, people are not that gullible.


2483 days ago


Ummmm...interesting considering Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan had an affair a few yrs back that caused the break-up of her marriage to Dennis Quaid. If I remember correctly he left her & went back to his on again off again girlfirend who is now his wife.
And now has 2 young sons w/ her.

Wonder if Russell's wife was present or if the tension could be felt in the air...
I find it funny that they are at the same restaurant. LOL

Now Meg has no one & Dennis has moved on w/ his life & has 2 new twin babies.
Meg on the other hand has no one & had to adopt a little Chinese girl to not be alone.
Plus she has had so much plastic surgery she looks like a duck!

So much for her extramarital affair...

2483 days ago


someone might want to check their facts....Tim Robbins may have had an affair with Greta Scacchi..but they did not have a child together. She has 2 by Vincent D'Onfrio and the other with her husband who is also her cousin! And...she wasn't even in the movie Short Cuts!

2483 days ago


Someone else might wanna check facts too: the marriage of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid went down the drain after Dennis cheated on Meg repeatedly in the late nineties. Dennis likes 'em very very young. He still does, even now that he's married. But hey, his new wife loves threesomes and strippers, so I guess it's okay. What a nice example they are for their new lab-twins. No wonder his older kid choses to live with his mom.

2483 days ago

Ms Kris    

Hope "The Man Bit-- did NOT get anywhere near Russell

Then the "Drop Her Top" wife HOPE SHE WAS NOT THERE

2483 days ago

M Hall    

The photograph of the person on the left is Oliver Stone, not Dennis Hopper.

2483 days ago


Why would celebritites want to gather at a chinese resteraunt that makes cheap lousy food and overcharges for it ? I ate
there a couple of times when I was out in Califronia, and their food sucks. In fact their food is among the most putrid ever ate.

2483 days ago


wow,,,lots of allegations goin on here! and its just 13 post!

2483 days ago


#9 how are you so sure Meg Ryan is alone? Just because she is not seen in public with anyone does not mean she is not seeing someone.
Also, like "Timba" said her ex cheated on her and he cheats on the new wife too. He was especially doing a lot of cheating when in Peg city making a movie early in 2007.
I too have heard that Jack choses to live with Meg because he doesn't like Dennis' "trophy wife".
I read on another site that Meg left before Crowe arrived, so they missed seeing one another.

2483 days ago


Russell Crowe's hat with the rabbit on it, where do you get one like that?

2483 days ago
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