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"Top Model" Goes Off on the Spears Sisters

1/12/2008 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

From one train wreck to another -- Adrianne Curry couldn't stop talking smack about the Spears clan!

The braless wonder's best advice to Brit: Move to Montana and "fix her s**t." Move ovah, Dr. Phil!


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This lady is nasty, and nuts too!

2439 days ago

All American Girl    

She said what most people are thinkng about the Spears Clan!!!

2439 days ago

Shawn Jon    

at least Britney isn't a washed up has been reality tv star...
get a life adrienne

2439 days ago


Britney's not crazy.. we are just trying to change her into dull living compliance with the social norm. Nope! She's a wild child, Porn pop princess! Ain't gonna happen.

2439 days ago


How dare this wannabe throw stones at anyone? Other people that have been interviewed showed some class and made supportive comments, I am talking about A-listers. This person was a drug addict, prostitute and has not contributed anything to society. Where do this old reality stars get off?? Maybe I should make some comments about Adrianne's family and how well they did with her upraising. NOT She can just crawl back into the hole she came from. Nice mouth she has too!

2439 days ago


"Little kids shouldn't be working." hahahaha...This is coming from a bird-brain that is with a Brady. Ah, dreamer, I she's about as "refreshing" as a douche bag.

2439 days ago


another dumb yank able to make her living off reality tv. proving that you dont have to be smart in america to make good, just have the smarts to do it.

2439 days ago


TMZ....Top Model? lol

2439 days ago


What do you kow? She actualy came across as sensible and adult.

I don't think we should rag on her for giving her opinion, since she was responding to questiions asked by TMZ!!

2439 days ago


At least Britney had a career and more money than jealous Curry can ever hope for. It must have been a slow night for the Paps. This parasite has never done anything worthwhile (she writes a stupid blog). She shows her vag in Playboy with her lesbian girlfriend. Her husband looks like a fool to have married her. TMZ, please don't cover this nobody. Thank you

2439 days ago


i myself dont understand why this z lister even has a whole thread to herself..who the heck is she anyway, what has she done? who knows her anywhere apart from reality tv land.? britney spears needs professional help, if she is going to be a mother to those little boys.. its important for their development that their mother is around them even k fed ex knows that. who is supposed to bring them up, his ex girlfriend?.Right now, she is running around L.A like a loose cannon, maybe when she actually kills someone on the road something will be done about her.i cant believe that she is still loose .. what is it about celebrity that makes people stop thinking about what they are doing to hurt others? as for the family , they are all just milking it . she was their cash cow and when the milk dries up then they will show their true colours...

2439 days ago


I agree with her. Jamie lynn yeah went and did what alot of young girls do these days...get pregnant. But it's not the right thing and everyone here knows it. These kids are starved for love! That's why they go and get knocked up in the first place! They have it in their heads...This will be the one little person who will need me...Love me no matter what. But they don't think about when that kids grows older and get's mad and say's...I HATE YOU! because you wouldn't let them do something or have this or that. Or the fact that they could have a child with birth defects and all the other trama there is when it comes to being a devoted parent. Being a mom and dad is hard. I think kids need to see shows that promote this. The toughest job on this planet is being a responsible parent. Even then you don't have all the answers...and teens with their young minds have this dream. They think they can make things change and their kid will make a difference and be different. Maybe some do...but 99% don't and it's high time us adults speak out strongly against teen pregnancy. As for britney...Leave her alone everyone! Don't you see that she needs help? I think it's sick how everyone feeds of that fact.

2439 days ago


2439 days ago

dallas fans are morons    

Adrianne's a idiot. I know that hurt her lips to say that stuff considering shes far from being perfect. I love Brit and everyone should leave her alone. May Adrianne's pissed b/c Brit is a superstar and we only know Adrianne from smoozing with Peter Brady. Loser.

2439 days ago


Shes right. Quit knocking her. TMZ and Perez say the same things about Brit and its a ok. But the minute Adrianne says it its scandalous, right? And to the people saying Adrianne Curry used to be a prostitute? Yeah, ok. Get your facts straight. Yes, she admits to being an ex drug user. EX is the word here. Calm down people. She straightened out her life, shes just giving advice to someone else spiraling out of control.

2439 days ago
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