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Sheriffs to Brit -- Good Luck Getting Into Court!

1/13/2008 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ if Britney arrives at the courthouse tomorrow -- she's on her own. The Sheriff's Dept. has had it with her.

Sources tell us Britney has been "totally uncooperative" with the Sheriff's Department -- she had never worked with deputies by giving them information as to when she'll show, etc. We're told the Sheriff's Department has thrown up its hands and has no plans to assist her in getting in the building tomorrow. She'll have to find her own parking and navigate her way through the media crush.

Our sources say, however, if Britney works with her lawyer and the attorney drives her to court, they would be open to dealing with the lawyer to arrange her passage into the courthouse -- but that will be last-minute.

Stay tuned.


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TMZ--YOU ARE GREAT!!! Thanks for being first, non fabricated, factual and up to date on the week-ends when the other celebrity web sites are so old in time already. If Britney does not show tomorrow she will have validated everything that she is being accused of and show she does not give a ____ about her two precious toddler boys. She is a great actress so she thinks, but she does not have me fooled. Her behavior is all faked and designed around her own egoist world that she lives in.

2452 days ago


Oh please...everyone knows

2452 days ago

chillout music girl    

brittney is human TMZ.... For tmz and everyone bashing her it is fun to exploit her now that she is in crisis...
The facts are this is her life and her children's life... Her kids will be able to read all the hateful things you idiots are saying about her soon... which is sad...

2452 days ago

slightly disheartened jm fan    

#91...Amen to that. People think because she has money she isn't allowed to have a damn breakdown. What they don't know is that far too often that kind of money only makes thing much worse....something I had to learn on my own the hard way. Never had her kind of cash, but came into enough to alter my life. MONEY CAN'T BUY HAPPINESS, STABILITY, or PEACE OF MIND.
Those who hate on her come off as either miserable, ignorant, or without any compassion...or all three. Only PATHETIC people would take pleasure in kicking someone who needs help when they are down. do you know what is FACT, NOT FABRICATED..and what is not? Seriously, I'd like to know how you became omnipitent,

2452 days ago


I think it is sad that people are entertained by watching someone fall apart and lose herself and her children. If she is having problems Mental or otherwise it is absolutly none of our Business. I think she is probably in need of some kind of professional help and I pray that she gets it. But I feel sorry for her and for her children who by the way we all should remember are innocent in this.

2452 days ago


14. Cut out the special treatment! It's totally inappropriate for the court, LAPD, Sheriffs, BHPD, SPCA, etc. to be giving her or any celeb this sort of treatment. Maybe one of the reasons that she isn't "normal" is that she's always getting special treatment.

Our government spits in the face of its citizens & taxpayers when it shows favoritism -- particularly towards those who need it least (the rich & famous).

Posted at 3:18PM on Jan 13th 2008 by billy

Thank-you and I so agree with you.
My brother and my husband both work in law enforcement.

My brother works in South Florida.
IF it was something like this then the deputies COULD work it as a special detail BUT (BIG BUT) it would ALL have to be paid by the person(s) requiring it.
It should NEVER be paid for by the tax payers or be a requirement.

Just like the night that Britney had her custody issue.
Way to many police sent to her house.

How would someone feel if you could not get an officer sent out for a traffic accident, domestic violence issue, fight, robbery, prowler, etc in a TIMELY manner since so many were responding to ONE person's tantrum?

I think that tops should have been 2 cop cars.
Otherwise the REST of the public pays for this.

I do hope that Britney has to pay for all of those officers that were sent to her place but at the same time I think that the Sheriff caters to people like her and puts the rest of the public secondary.

I don't think her prescence warrants a tax paid security detail.
If they want security then hire their own security team.

Law Enforcement should not be providing security detail for stars in this fashion.

2452 days ago

Hidden bedroom cam 4FREE    

Britney should be left alone.

2452 days ago


Please, please, please Paul Burrell - say something really scandalous at the Diana inquest today to take a bit of the pressure off poor Brit.

2452 days ago


Britney Spears will be ordered to cover her face with a veil and wear a full-length Islamic dress when she weds her British boyfriend, it was revealed last night.

She is planning marriage No3 to Muslim Adnan Ghalib, 35, who she hopes will help keep her on the straight and narrow so she can win back custody of her two sons.

But the only way Brummie cameraman Adnan’s strictly religious family will accept her is if she converts to the Islamic faith.

Astonishingly, party girl Brit, 26, is keen to do it – even though it will mean ditching the booze. The singer, famed for stepping out without her knickers, has even told friends she plans to wear a burka, or even a naqib, which leaves only the eyes visible.

One of her pals said: “She is really keen to do it.

“It would be a mark of respect to Adnan and his family, and it would give her the anonymity she’s craving.

“Adnan’s Muslim beliefs could be Britney’s saviour.”

Friends believe the couple had planned to tie the knot on a trip to Mexico last week, but put it on hold.

Her relationship with Adnan has stunned his parents, too. His mum Saghar teaches the Koran at home, while his dad Hussain attends the mosque daily.

2452 days ago

Jeremy P    

lol welcome to the real world, type to exit LA La land
Jeremy lesser is known about what we suspect

2452 days ago


If Brit shows up, it would be a mircle.. Second, the courts better wake up and Not give Brit any rights to see her kids with monitoring.. It didnt work!!! Hello!!! It's been done and she failed.. Child Services has not done a good job, they also failed. Brit's always getting special treatment whenever, whatever she does, and she doesnt deserve anything. K- Fed has been the better parent since the begining and WE ALL HAVE TO FACE THAT!!!! Brit deserves to be shamed, she is heartless to all officals who have helped her. Courts should put her away in a hospital until she comes back to earth and go by the rules.. I think Brit's right should be taking away, for her children and herself..

2452 days ago

Oh Angelina    

All her craziness is finally catching up to her.

2452 days ago


Thank you Billy #14. My thots EXACTLY! Why are taxpayers paying for this madness?

2452 days ago


Hey if they were to do a public survey at least more than 50 percent would have made the same mistakes she has!There is no reason why she just can not live her life with not even an hour of peace i would be going crazy to .Leave her alone

2451 days ago
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