Sheriffs to Brit -- Good Luck Getting Into Court!

1/13/2008 5:30 PM PST

Sheriffs to Brit -- Good Luck Getting Into Court!

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ if Britney arrives at the courthouse tomorrow -- she's on her own. The Sheriff's Dept. has had it with her.

Sources tell us Britney has been "totally uncooperative" with the Sheriff's Department -- she had never worked with deputies by giving them information as to when she'll show, etc. We're told the Sheriff's Department has thrown up its hands and has no plans to assist her in getting in the building tomorrow. She'll have to find her own parking and navigate her way through the media crush.

Our sources say, however, if Britney works with her lawyer and the attorney drives her to court, they would be open to dealing with the lawyer to arrange her passage into the courthouse -- but that will be last-minute.

Stay tuned.