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Brit Goes Crazy ... and British!

1/14/2008 11:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Showing off one of her British personalities yesterday, Britney Spears went off on the paparazzi -- screaming "I'm f**king over it!" over and over at the top of her lungs.

TMZ caught Spears pulling a Madonna with paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib at Macy's yesterday afternoon. And it seems Brit is becoming fond of the fake accent. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Britney spoke almost entirely in a British accent the night she was committed.

Spears went home from the mall -- to get some rest for her custody hearing? Will she show up? TMZ will be live streaming from the court, so stay tuned.


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First of all, someone please have Britney committed. I'm afraid that she'll kill herself if she isn't helped ASAP. And what time is the court hearing? Anyone wanna bet she doesn't show - or shows late - or DOES show but has another breakdown?

2383 days ago


Christ..........won't someone do something for her.........she is bipolar on her way to suicide, overdose, fatal car crash. Everyone is feedinf off of her including TMZ..............with all of their headlines..........try this headling......."Hollywood --- SAVE Brittney.:

2383 days ago

Funny Answers    

Well TMZ, are you happy, between K-Fed and his blood sucking ways and blood sucking attorney have helped the mentally ill person worse, and don't give crap saying kill the messenger. If you had someone following your every move, event to the bathroom, you would go out of your mind. And if you don't believe it,don't worry Karma will come get you butt soon. This a a sick women, and K-fed contributed to her not getting help, and all the hounding did not help either. She needs help. She needs to go away and heal. Give the blood sucker K-Fed all your money that is really all he wants. And what is that Shakespear said about attonerys, look it up. He could care less about the women and the kids, just his cut of the money but hell has a spot for all attoneys.

2383 days ago


LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2383 days ago


TMZ---I hope you read comments #1 and #2---please stop exploiting this massive tragedy---this mentally ill, disturbed young woman. She won't see age 30 if someone just doesn't get this girl help.

2383 days ago


I mean, at the end of the day, Britney has to save herself. She's an independent person who has had all the help in the WORLD - rehab (which she fleed), Cedars Sinai (which she fleed). If she cared about her kids like she says she does, she would show up for court. If she cared she would NOT miss her drug tests!

She is showing behavior of someone who is so self absorbed that they won't even take the necessary steps to save their children. I wonder how her poor sons will feel when they grow older and read the news about how their mommy couldn't have been bothered to show up in court for them and had them taken away.

2383 days ago


What the hell is up with the accent? I wouldn't want MY own kid around her! If the court cant see that this redneck is so messed up & anything happens to those kids under HER care, then CA has no one to blame but themselves. Imagine how screwy those kids are gonna be when they talk to their mother & shes using an accent. You cant take the hillbilly out of her, this is her attempt disassociate herself FROM herself. Get her mental help & quick CA.

2383 days ago


Five Dollars says she wont show up.

2383 days ago


She won't kill herself, she loves herself too much.
Unfortunately, she is the only one she loves!
I predict no show today!
Will blames the paps, and be happy as a lark tonight.
She's a little grouchy now, 'cus she has not gotten high in a few days.
Wait till tonight!

2383 days ago


She is a very mixed up woman. She needs help and the paps need to leave her alone to get the help she needs to get her sons back. So very, very sad. PS. As a British girl, I must say that was a pretty good British accent lol, sounds like me!

2383 days ago


This is not TMZ's fault. This is not Perez Hilton's fault. This is not the paparazzi's fault. Now sure, they are all excessive and seeing Britney mobbed by photographers is crazy - but you have to remember that Britney IS CURRENTLY DATING A PAPARAZZO!!!! And Brit tips off the paps to her whereabouts all the time.

If she was truly sick of them, she would not do it.

She is basically asking for it. I don't have sympathy for her, only for her kids. And I never thought I would be rooting for K-Fed because he's basically a leech, but he's clearly the better parent here. You don't see the kids being taken away from him, do you?

2383 days ago

Lenn K.    

Let's be totally honest, you the paps want to see her die right in front of you, kill someone or both. There is really no reason to be following this woman day in and day out. She not performing anymore, her life is in ruins, so what's the appeal? We know the truth and it's the Anna Nicole thing isn't it?

2383 days ago


I didn't hear her talking in a British accent. And so what if she was? Maybe she's ashamed to be an American since all this country has done for her is spread lies about her and make her life miserable.

What's up with law enforcement sources? Since when did police officials partake in gossip and how is it that you have law enforcement officials giving you information on cases like the ones you've brought to light in the last week? I smell corruption. That's what we all need... cops for hire. Rent-A-Cop.

Also, the title of this is ridiculous. I hope you get slapped with a lawsuit for using the word crazy to define her actions only because it was recently disclosed that she's bipolar. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

2383 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    


2383 days ago


the adnan beef injection make you speak in a foreighn accent, he was raise in england as someone point that out to me!

2383 days ago
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