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Brit Not Ready for Prime Court Time

1/14/2008 7:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears was a wreck after trying to get out of her SUV at the L.A. County Courthouse. She bailed and is headed home.

As she got out of the car, she screamed at photogs, "Move back. I'm scared. Stop it. Stop it. I want to get back in the car. Just stop it. Let me get in the car, please."

But the plot thickens. A law enforcement source tells TMZ she may be coming back to the courthouse at 3:30 PM PT. We have not confirmed this, but if it's true, we will go live with streaming video. Promise!

UPDATE: Britney needs some God in her life! After leaving the courthouse, she stopped at the Little Brown Church and then headed to the Gaucho Grill on Ventura Blvd where she's eating lunch. A girl gets hungry!


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NO WONDER SHE DOESN'T COOPERATE!!!!! THE LAPD tipped you off that she may be coming back at 3:30 and you're going to be there with the usual swarm of crazy media. Gawd you should all be fined and thrown in the slammer for harrassing this poor woman. She's actually trying!!!!!!!!!!

And to the rest of you judgemental freaks, you sound more like trailer trash with your stupid comments then the entire Britney-life has ever played out!!!!

2472 days ago

Leave Her Alone!    

This young woman has a serious issue with bi-polar and anxiety. She USED to like paps! As one that suffers from anxiety issues, I can tell you that the constant hounding of her is NOT helping her. It is going to kill her. Let her be. Stay away from Britney. Will you feel the slightest bit guilty when you push her over the edge and she kills herself?

2472 days ago


why TMZ used Video from MSNBC and CNN for the first part of this video? That's stealing. Can't get your own video huh?

2472 days ago


I hate to say this out loud - but I really feel sorry for her - she has been the spotlight since she was a little girl - having people pick apart your every move would takes it toll on anyone. I think we really need to stop buying the magazines that are buying the photos from people that are putting her/her kids life in danager. We need to leave her alone, let her breath a little, let her get some help without everyone waiting at the front door for her to make a mistake - we are ALL human and we are NOT perfect not even Ms. Britney Spears -

2472 days ago


SickOBrit: Go bac and read the TMZ post re: Britney and the Sheriff's Dept. She was uncooperative with them in making arrangements for security so they told her she was on her own. That is why she had no police escort

2472 days ago


... but she wasn't scared when flashing her crotch to crowds of photogs on five occasions.

2472 days ago


Photogs are Aholes. If they weren't tryi8ng to get so close to sniff her azz. she may have not bailed

2472 days ago


This is all just sick. I can't believe that some of you are actually wishing for her death. This is a human being, people. Please remember that. Since when have we become so callous as to not value human life anymore? ...... and we wonder why our youth are killing each other ...... get a grip, America.

2472 days ago


Britney needs to hire Katie Holmes's Body Guards!!

2472 days ago

Allred Tree    

She is LYING when claiming to be scared. If she was really scared, she would have left town months ago. A campaign needs to be organized to get her out of town somehow! Would a petition do any good? I wish all businessess of any type she goes to refuse to give her service and tell her she is not welcome and not to come back to their store EVER! She has given Starbucks and Mercedes a very bad name. Who would want to associated themselves with anything this slut likes?

2472 days ago


Everyone is harassing this poor girl to death. She can't even try to get her kids because of the paps. Her mother pretty much pimped her out and sold her at a young age. She doesn't know if she's coming or going. Her parents need some help too. I am sure if people would leave her alone that she would be a good mother and human being.

2472 days ago


If she was so scared of the paps, then why does she tell them where she will be all the time? Some think that the paps are stalking her, well, if that is the case then nothing is stopping Britney from seeking restraining orders! She would be nothing without the paps following her every move. She is definately a NUTCASE! Any reasonable person would have been held in jail for all the antics she manages to get away with. Does she not realize that court is in session and that the judge is being updated with her antics. I so feel bad for the two kids. I am so grateful that she is not my parent!! This is not a good thing for her-hopefully the judge orders her to sit for a full psych evaluation once and for all. Go Kevin, you are looking more normal everyday compared to Britney.

2472 days ago

Wow my goodnesss    

Isn't it interesting that people defended her before but now, film and reality doesn't lie. If we stood the Judge up for over 4 hours they would issue a warrant. Hey, just a thought, let's have the leaders of other countries that do not put up with this
kind of behavior have their way with her

2472 days ago


to # 55 shut the f*** up.. mkayy.... obviously u are not in her position so u woudn't know!
they said she was supposedly gonna come back at 3;30 p.m. today... but who knows... i hope she gets her kids back &k-fed doesnt have anything to do with this !
ily brit& god bless!

2472 days ago


I'm not sure what's more funny/pathetic
- Britney
- the paps and media (including CNN helicopter)
- the LAPD

What a bunch of Keystone Cops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2472 days ago
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