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Michelle Rodriguez -- Celebrating for Lost Time

1/14/2008 12:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just days after her powerhouse attorney Shawn Chapman Holley orchestrated her early release from jail, "Lost" star Michelle Rodriguez was back to her old tricks -- driving and partying!

M.Ro was snapped driving her convertible in L.A. with two gal pals this weekend, and revealed, "I got some New Year's celebrating to do." Not too much -- and with a designated driver -- we hope!


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Nice one thanks the for the good info!!!!!!!

2429 days ago


Shes hot

2453 days ago


How come she got out early but Kiefer Sutherland has been made to serve his whole sentence????

2453 days ago


It should be M-Rod, not M.Ro. M.Ro sounds retarded...

2453 days ago


Good question. And she's back to partying and driving. They need to throw her ass back in jail.

2453 days ago


All I do all day is lay in bed and look at pictures of women that would never have me, like Michelle Rodriquez, and fantasize and pleasure myself. I don't have a job and have never kissed a girl before. I am 37 and live with my mother and grandmother. Does anyone have any advice for someone like me?

2453 days ago


I hope the judge sees this and puts her back in jail , what a rocket scientist , this is your typical hollywood actor , looks and no inteligence , just photogenic ,and nothing more , Idiot !

2453 days ago


Kiefer is required to do his entire sentence because he choose to go to a private jail. She has a drivers license and is over 21 so why is she not allowed to go out and party.

Everyone involved with her case: the judge, the prosecutor, the sheriff, and the press knew about the 10% situation that got her released before her trial started so why is anyone suprised.

The real suprise is that the rules apply to everyone but Paris Hilton and no one cares that the Sheriff and courts discriminated against her. Real justice would be seeing a Federal court determine what the 19 days she did that she should not have had to do are worth.

2453 days ago

Grace S.    

What a waste of flesh. I'd love to introduce this piece of [censoring myself] to my best friend's family, who are still devastated by the death of their daughter at the hands of a drunk driver just before her graduation. Or perhaps introduce her to my aunt, who is now bankrupt and grieving due to the death of my uncle, also at the hands of a drunk driver, and exactly three weeks before he was to retire from the Louisiana police department. I just don't understand these idiots who think driving drunk--or even tipsy--is funny and okay and no big deal (which is clearly how Ms. Rodriguez feels, to the point of painting "Orwell" on her alcohol monitor, implying that it was all so ridiculous and how overbearing the dumb ole government is to force her to pay for her crimes). It baffles and angers me. I miss my friend. I miss my uncle. And each time I see a story like this, my heart breaks for my lost loved ones, as well as for everyone who has lost someone to drunk drivers.

2453 days ago


Hey TMZ, check this video out in detail it looks like she trying to hide something in the console just after the photog took the shots and she brushed him off. I mean if she has a alcohol monitor on it only checks for that right???

2453 days ago


She's a man! I was so glad when they kicked her ass off LOST!

2453 days ago


I guess some peoplenever learn their lesson. Why should some innocent person be killed by this drunk. Yeah, shes so hot, shes dirty looking. Anyone that hires her is nuts. That's because she doesn't care about anyone but herself, and those sceeves she hangs with smelly, what does she care if she kills someones family member. And you usually don't go to jail for killing someone under the infulence, since it was done with a car, not a gun, so it seems.

2453 days ago


not m rod. stupid drunk driving whore is more appropriate.

2453 days ago


What's wrong with driving SOBER and hanging out with friends? Last time I checked it's not against the law to do that. STFU and let her have her fun. After 18 days in jail she deserves it. So long as she doesn't drink and drive ever again then she can do whatever she wants.

2453 days ago


#5 call britney spears...she needs a new man!

2453 days ago
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