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Brit Ditches Court for Empanadas

1/15/2008 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears couldn't be bothered attending her all-important custody hearing yesterday -- but mama had all the time in the world for more food from South of the border! Tengo hambre!

After showing up -- and then immediately bagging her court date yesterday, Brit hightailed it to the San Fernando Valley with dos hombres, Adnan and Sam, causing a mad pap crush at Gaucho Grill, an Argentinian restaurant chain.

Instead of quietly taking the elevator down to the private underground parking lot, Brit and the gang took a "look at us" escalator ride down into the waiting sea of paparazzi. After that madness -- and the requisite outfit change -- a British Brit then stopped off at a Hollywood Rite Aid, tightly grasping her man's hand as they traversed the photog-filled parking lot.


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Makes you wonder with him being a pap how soon the pics and video will be released.

2440 days ago


#88 I thought the same thing you did about the wedding dress. I wondered if she was using it to either take a dig at KFed or make it bring up emotions from their wedding day and in her mind she would think that would make him want her back.

I honestly believe Britney truly loved Kevin and she wanted the fairy tale family and life with him. When that didn't work out she went down hill. BUT.....she was wrong to begin with because you can't make a family with someone who already has one. And now she is doing the same thing with Adnan.

2440 days ago


I wish the court would stop giving her STAR treatment! She does not care about her kids all she seems to care about is Britney. We all are told to respect the courts and that we should act civilized...why doesn't she have to play by the same rules!!! She seems to be extremely selfish and she does not give a damn about her kids!! Please treat her like she deserves.

2440 days ago


If she really was afraid of the paps, she sure didnt mind going out for the rest of the afternoon/evening after not going into court. She is clearly deranged. I hardly think the paps would have hurt her going into court (what did she think would happen???) -- but she can't be bothered to put much of an effort to get her boys back, or to mother them properly even when she has had them.

How many mothers out there would have endured the paps to get their kids back? I think nearly everyone would, but not lazy selfish immature Britney who has a strange sense of prioriities.

Even when she went to church, she wrote "God bless me". She should have written "God forgive me.". But no -- she is so centered, she has to make the comment all about her. It would have been much more appropriate for her to write "God bless Sean and Jayden", but of course, she is only thinking about her selfish stupid self.

2440 days ago


Adnan is opening his bank account in an overseas bank because he expects to make so much money off Britney - he and his wife will live happily ever after on Brit's money.

2440 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

How many headlines will Britney make today, before she takes off those shades. I am not a fan of big goggles on babes, but some styles do present a certain allure. But goggles on that dude, well, little mirror mirror do I look a little weird, I wanna look like Britney with a skinny beard.

2440 days ago


If she would stop eating and drinking constantly and get some exercise, she might get her nice figure back, and that would go a long way towards perking up her self esteem. Right now, with people liking her new album, she could be doing so great, but she's just eating and drinking and screwing that sleazeball who seems like he's using her (you know he's getting money out of this deal some way or other). But, all you ever see is her eating, carrying some kind of drink in her hand, going or or comeing out of some kind of eating place.

2440 days ago


So, which did she have, the empanadas, or a chicken caesar salad that cost $13? Someone needs to get their stories straight!!!

2440 days ago

Carrie Kathleen    


2440 days ago


No. 5 - If you believe Britney in her present state would be a good enough mother to have those children, then you must be the ultimate in trailer trash yourself. Do you feel so bitter and vindictive because you lost custody of your own children?

2440 days ago


Notice how in the video at 1st he stands in front of her like he's going to protect her , then sliiides outta the way to give all his pap friends a better view...and smiles.
Such a sleeze. I'm sure he advised her to take that route.
I'm sure he's getting $ to Macy's, and the mall, and to lunch.
"Here everyone look, I'm w/ her now! Hurry quick take some pics".
She is such an idiot.

2440 days ago

Goldie Hand    

Throw throw your life away
my brain is like a bean.
foolishly foolishly foolishly me
life is but a dream.
Adnan's not a taliban,
quit sayin he is.
He & I dont live in sin,
and I like the striped chin.
Throw throw your life away,
I am so filthy rich.
People used to worship me
now I'm just a filthy bitch.
I'm not doped up like they all say
I'm just a little confused.
I got boxes of cash money,
I'll prolly never use.
Throw throw your life away,
how you'd like to be meeeee?
You would screw married men too,
and then pay them their fee.

2440 days ago


"Gaucho Grill" is not an Argentinian restaurant. Is a Brasilian restaurant.
I live in Brasil.

2440 days ago


K-Fed has EARNED my respect. He seems to really care about his kids! Thank God they have ONE parent.

2440 days ago


Not much to say here except "self indulgent, crazed, morally deficient, and OVER." Wait until her money runs out...WOW just wow. Those two precious boys barely have a chance given their stellar parents. Britney doesn't seem to get that she is cavorting with a married man either. But then Hollyweird morals = not so much.

2440 days ago
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