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Britney: God or Dog?

1/15/2008 5:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A TMZ cameraman tried to butter up Britney Spears today at Jerry's Deli, telling her she looked stunning -- her British response: "Oh my God!"*

With her tousled weave, ungainly Daisy Dukes and indelicate strappy shoes, Spears and Adnan ventured back into the Valley to pick up some take-out.

*A few TMZ staffers still swear she says, "I'm a dog." How appropriate.


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Just Wondering    

Adnan is probably planning the next terrorist attack in US soil!!

This relationship shoul be tracked by Homeland Security!!!

This is a matter of National Security!!!

2481 days ago


He is a terrible influence on her. I read on OK's blog last night that Lufti was trying to get her to go into the court yesterday and Adnan was telling her "let's leave"... thenI watched the video from different angles last night on CNN and sure enough you could see Sam trying to get her to get out of the drivers seal and he was pointing back at the court several times and then Adnan said something and she finally crawled into the backseat.... he is playing her like a violin and it is not going to end well IMO..... someone needs to get him away from her.....

2481 days ago


This poor girl is losing her mind before our eyes, and all these paps do is stalk her every move. She is rapidly descending into sheer madness, and yippee! The American public can watch it all on video! Meanwhile the photogs collect fat paychecks for following her around, and her 2 little boys are losing touch because Mommy is not mentally well. She may be self-centered, but there is more to her bizarre behavior than meets the eye. She is either suffering from a substance abuse problem and/or she has some psychological issues. No one in their right mind behaves this way. All behavior is caused by something. And these bottom feeding parasites will follow her every move, right down to the grave.

This country is sinking lower and lower into a pit of immorality.

2481 days ago


That british accent is just one of her many personalities coming out. Yes, it's Britney's world and we just live in it!
Adnan is sickening. People have to be stupid not to see that he is using her. He is Britney's lil "go to boy". He does everything for her but I'm sure he is well rewarded in more then one. Good couple, they are both losers!!

2481 days ago

Dyna ™    

She is getting fat as hell! It's been almost a year since she shaved her head. Shouldn't some hair be growing back by now? Anything would look better than that nasty ass weave. She needs rehab, a makeover and the celebrity fit club in the worse way. And I think she said "I'm a dawg".

2481 days ago

just a thought    


2481 days ago


To #81:
You think she has a nice ass?-I guess if you like cottage cheese and saggy butts.

2481 days ago

liz, fla    


By Chris Tate & Rav Singh

Besotted pop diva flaunts wedding dress..but sly snapper only has eyes for money

BRITNEY Spears' Brummie boyfriend is a gold-digger who ruthlessly snared her with an 18-month charm offensive, the News of the World can reveal.

Paparazzi boss Adnan Ghalib BRAGGED to family and friends two years ago that he planned to steal the heart of a Hollywood star so he could secure an exclusive that would net him a fortune.

And he confided in pals that he had set his sights on Britney after spotting her vulnerability while trying to snatch pictures of her.

Last night HE was plotting to sell TOPLESS pictures of Britney, 26, and BOASTING in detail of their drug-fuelled sex life, saying she loves him to TALK DIRTY to her in his Birmingham accent.

But SHE was telling pals how much she's in LOVE with Ghalib, 35 and that she plans to MARRY him and convert to his faith, ISLAM.

In her crazier moments she's even been threatening to fake her own death to start a new like with him in Pakistan.

And this week she told one of his cousins in an astonishing phone call: "I love him." Giggling, the pop singer added: "Don't worry, I'll look after Addy the Daddy."

Then on Friday, in a gesture seemingly aimed at ex-hubby Kevin Federline, Britney visited an LA car dealer in the dress she wore to their wedding.

Now we can reveal that Ghalib's respectable Sunni Muslim family in Birmingham are so horrified by his antics they have disowned him.

One family member told us: "His parents Ghalib and Saghra are devastated. This week his dad gave him an ultimatum, ‘Give up Britney, or you are dead to me,' which Adnan ignored."

Instead, in a phone call to a relative, the photographer claimed he had deep feelings for the star, insisting they had discussed marriage.


It was during the same call, Britney grabbed the phone to insist: "We're taking care of each other. He's the only one who understands me. It's serious."

She also invited her new lover's family to visit them in the US when her current troubles are over.

Those troubles include tomorrow's custody hearing which will decide whether she will be able to see children Sean Preston, two, and year-old Jayden James, currently in the sole custody of K-Fed.

Last night a source close to Britney said: "Monday's court hearing is D-Day for her and the kids. While she's been swanning around with Adnan, Kevin's been preparing for the court showdown to end them all. He has no confidence in her ability to look after either herself or the children."

Meanwhile, one of Britney's oldest pals revealed the extent of her fragile mental state.

The friend said: "She's been discussing all these wacky plans to reinvent her life and convince the courts she is a good mother. She has discussed in depth a fake death, moving abroad and even plastic surgery. It is scary to hear her romanticise about these insane plans.

"She believes she could spend six months away and make a comeback as Britney the world's best mother."

Ghalib's claims to be in love with Britney appear to be in keeping with his carefully crafted plan to make a fortune out of her.

He first mentioned his get-rich-quick scheme in 2006, when he returned to the UK for a family wedding in Birmingham. Our source said: "The family was very excited because he'd been away for ten years. Adnan was charismatic and looked fantastic, very fit and well dressed.

"No one knew he'd married an American girl which helped him get his Green Card and stay in the States.

"During all the wedding parties he said he'd pictured celebs like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, but he wanted much more. His plan was to get close to a famous girl then get sensational pictures that would make him a mint.

"And he kept mentioning Britney and how she knew his name already."

In calls to friends in the months that followed, Ghalib revealed how his plan was working. He was very cynical about it," our source added. "Adnan is a smart guy who grew up streetwise in Birmingham and has always known how to make things work.

"What he did with Britney was NOT take photographs of her.

"Whenever she was vulnerable and the pack were flashing shots of her in a really bad way, Adnan would make a careful show of putting down his camera to help her with bags or into a car.

"Over time she grew to trust him, and all the while he was giving her his card and even sending flowers. He knew not to rush it, and because he was different with his accent and foreign looks, she began to believe he was different from all the rest. But it was all part of his masterplan."

Ghalib's original scheme span out of control when Britney suddenly jumped in his c

2481 days ago


Looking at life the Adnan way...

I can go home to my boring wife, my crummy apt., and my looser scraping by job as a Papparazzi...

Or, I can hang out with this super freaky, ass to mouth craving, deli store paying, mercedes buying nutjob and do all three of her inputs while padding my bank account as long as it lasts.


2481 days ago


Ajax.... they are there because she tells them where she is going to be,,,, I read just yesterday that X17 deposits six figures into her account each month for exclusives on where she is going to be when she goes out and they are not happy that Adnan is giving his agency FinalPix the heads up over them, since he has exclusive access to her these days....

It was an X-17 Pap that drove her home last week when she had the flat tire.. the car that to the best of my knowledge is still in the impound lot somewhere.. I swear, she is Frances Farmer reincarnated.

2481 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

The worse "fashion statements" ever are: hair extensions on women and earrings on men. Now, I'll add that dumb looking hair on Britney's Pap's chin. What is that ?? The only guy ever who looked good in facial hair was Clark Gable in "Gone With the Wind". For you young ones, check it out. One of the greatest movies ever made.

2481 days ago


It sounded to me like she said "Oh my god, be quiet". I can't believe she's out and about like nothing at all happened yesterday. If I were in her shoes after what happened yesterday I would barricade myself inside my home and have my food delivered and anything else I might need for that matter.

2481 days ago


First off Britney looks like ..... you know what I want to say but will refrain for the children's sake that come onto this site. The clerk at Betsey Johnson said she had acne and cold sores all over. Ewwwwwwww Groooooooooossssssssss!

Secondly....Adnan...what can you say about him? Prior to hooking up with BritBrit he was one of the paps chasing her down for the money photo. You know he thought she was a looney tune before she started giving it up for him. AND....he certainly is not a real MAN because he KNOWS the issues she has and is taking advantage of her. Whoever asked if we noticed he cleaned up? Yes, you can tell he has better clothes now and a new car, etc.

And as someone else said before we know it we will be hearing they are married and with a baby on the way.

This story is going to get scarier and scarier.

2481 days ago

chillout music girl    

This is horrible and TMZ is exploiting her........ Why not put public executions on video???
No wonder so many aggressive children are committing crimes and killing people???

Society is in trouble seriously

2481 days ago

liz, fla    


2481 days ago
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