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Kylie's Bodyguard Roughs-Up Female Photog

1/15/2008 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Arriving at LAX today on a long flight from Australia, Kylie Minogue was in good spirits -- signing autographs for fans and posing for several pics. Her bodyguard, on the other hand, was a total grouch.

As Kylie made her way to a car, the bodyguard got into it twice with a female photog who he thought got a little too close. Back off, sister!

Looks like someone didn't sleep on the plane!


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oh ~ GOD~ he looks familiar, seems I ever found him at a excitement &celeb dating club called , a place where hot mordles and handsome find each other

2470 days ago


I agree with all comments about the stupid photographer. Kylie's bodyguard was there to do a job and he did it. Tired or not the stupid photographer was invading Kylie's space just a bit too much. Also I agree with comment 13 who ever wrote comment 12 you are a looser.

2470 days ago


What a fuss over some pop babe who is almost unknown in USA. Paps are a pain and reports says there were noyl 20 of them so what was the big deal.

2469 days ago

No. 12 is crazy as at photog    

Nice story. Do you have a publisher?

Crazy you are my friend!

Oh - and btw, that pap seemed mentally deranged, she shurely deserved everything she got!

2469 days ago

Britney's Lawyer    

Besides Madonna, Kylie is the only female recording artist to have number one hits in the 1980s, 90s and 2000s. She is totally AWESOME. Her 10th album X is great and hits America Feb 5th.

Kylie is very sweet and always well dressed. She should really tour the USA. Kylie is 100% better than the crap "stars" we have here like Beyonce, Brit, Ashlee Simpson, etc.

Oh, yeah, I don't have a problem with her bodyguard beating down some pap.

GO KM! woooohooooo....

2469 days ago


If I were a bodyguard I would wear a spotlight on my head, one of those million watt suckers and just stare back at the photogs. See how many useable pics they get and hopefully permanent retinal damage from the viewfinder to go with it. Just a thought...

2469 days ago


Hmmm...typical reactionary crap. That photographer was from the Getty Museum and was hired to be there for Kylie's publicity. Guess you people don't know that about celebs...they actually NEED the photographers and they aren't ALL papparazzi. That bodyguard was an A-hole and obviously lacks a few brain cells, especially since she was simply standing and taking those photos, not crashing into cars like other actual papparazzi morons. Wake up people...

2469 days ago

Ashley S.    

Kylies bodyguard did the right thing!!!! I have seen Kylie's Bodyguard before with other famous celebrities. He must be a great bodyguard if is with very famous celebrities.
The U.S. first amendment does not give the paparazzi the right to invade people personal space or it does not give the paparazzi the right to push people so they can take there picture. that is called assault.
kylie's bodyguard could of detain the paparazzi bitch for assault. By the way Kylies bodyguard is very hansome!!! v

2468 days ago

kylie fan    

post 12, with an atitude like yours im supprised they bothered treating you, obviosly more than enough poison in your pen.whats the difference beetween Kylie ans Beyonce...kylie sing live on stage beyonce cant.
bl**dy paps should get there own lifes not chassing other peoples.

2468 days ago


haha thats my brother-in-law.
hes not that mean usually i swear

2468 days ago


That's my buddy! show em how its one Bro!!!

2467 days ago

Rick Hong Kong    

I trust this man with my life. Total professional. In a cloud of n-disciplined press, it is hard to get from A to B without getting a bit frustrated. When the Pap are involved, it is difficult not to go nuts! Oh if we could JUST for one time react...! Job done, my friend. See you soon...

2466 days ago


I love KYLIE !!! She has class for actually posing for the photogs!!! LOVE YOU KYLIE and so does the US

2462 days ago


bodyguard did a great job. To many paparazzi for one bodyguard. This paparazzi idiots need to understad that many of these bodyguards are cops working off duty or former military special forces. This guys dont mess around and no time for crap from paparazzi. DO NOT GET IN THERE FACE BECAUSE THEY WILL KICK YOUR PAPARAZZI ASS!!!

2455 days ago

brittney S    

Kylie is HOT!!! Her bodyguard did the right thing! I have seen him with other famous Celebrities. Good looking bodyguard. i!want to hire him!!!

2455 days ago
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