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Rosie -- Brit's the Next Princess Di!

1/15/2008 4:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell -- who once offered up her home to Britney Spears -- is now comparing Britney's fate to Princess Diana's, calling her pap-tourage a "mob of stalkers" and saying that she's just "inches" from disaster.
Brit, Rosie, Di
Though Ro doesn't use Brit's name, she quite unmistakably likens Spears to Di in her blog entry: "She will be trying to get away, but they will chase her, just as they chased her into that church yesterday ... Even her last-minute, folded-hand prayers can't be kept sacred."

With uncharacteristic punctuation and standard orthography, she continues, "But she asked for it, she's a public figure ... Not a girl, barely even a woman yet, they chased her. A mob of stalkers for whom no stalking laws have been written. Smother. Crush. Flash. Photo Credit."

Ro then takes a swipe at that bald psychologist, saying, "Even Dr. 'Get Real' Phil got in on the action. Unreal."


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I find it hard to believe or understand how with all the Hollywood starts Brit is the one everyone is after. She is really not that famous or the highest paying 'actress" in Hollywood. Doesn't anyone seem to realize that it is more than likely BRIT herself that has created all of this paparazzi hoopla surounding her. Not anyone else cause there are to many famous people out there this doesn't happen to at all. Princess Diann was a princess and the fairest of them all. Not at all a comparsion. Brit has mental issues, serious ones.

2386 days ago

the real    

that is tru thou can't nobody see what is really going on ..... this girl needs help but instead the cops take pictures , the hospital let dr. phil enter her hospital rm w/ out permission im saying yeaterday they had a helicopter follow her .. doesnt anyone think is sort of ridiculus why are u doing this to her .. y dont u help her like god intended us to do .. but instead u laugh and ridicule this gurl for ur intertainment ... kfed broke her down and we're just killing the little self respect that she has bringing her down her mom is saleing her stories , she doesnt have friends ,noone is there ....not even her kids now but noone sees that .. im not judgeing noone because thats not how i am but instead put urself in the situation.... get off her back for real theres more going on in this world besides u destroying a human being remember what God 's words how can u talk about someone else without u looking at urself and this is coming from someone who does not go to church but i know i believe in him and even thou i may not do as he says at time i'm not cold harder as some ...

2386 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

kfed is the loser two timing 'prince' who used her for publicity not caring about the woman she was. yes an apt comparison for charles

2386 days ago


Rosie O'Donnell has it right, simple as that.

2386 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Rosie, maybe you can intervene with Britney. Nobody else seems to care. I saw Dr. Phil for the first time on TV the other day. What a pompous ass. He IS a media whore and a complete FAKE.

2386 days ago


I don't like Rosie at all, and she's got a lot of nerve since she is trying to make money off Britney, also -- as if she is some great influence or icon of balance and taste. Actually, I do think Britney and PDiana have a lot in common, but it's not the paps fault. Both love publicity, love the cameras, like to party and don't have any real occupation, and both loved to talk to the press when it suited them (and maybe both were a little nutty). P Diana's humanitarians efforts were minimal and highly overrated. She loved to party, pick up men, flit around, go clubbing, and hung out with eurotrash rather than doing something useful with her life. Both lived for the cameras and ran their life in a way to encourage paparazzi. Diana's death due to a car crash was very unfortunate for her children, but she was no saint and I don't admire her at all. She wasn't that bright, either, and it showed. RUnning around Paris at night with her sleazy boyfriend with a private driver and not taking care about his qualifications or sobrietry wasn't too smart, either (or whoever she entrusted this to).

2386 days ago


I was thinking the same thing this morning.

2386 days ago


She didn't compare Britney to Diana... people are so blinded by their ridiculous hatred for Rosie that they can't even read the true meaning.

That was about the PAPARAZZI... she's comparing the paparazzi who chased Diana to her DEATH to the paps who are chasing Britney everyday.

If Britney dies in a similar way, TMZ will be a guilty party.... only THEN (and I hope it never happens) will there be a comparison made between Britney and Diana.

2386 days ago


Ummm let me see. Britney Spears is being compared to Princess Di?
Has the whole world gone NUTS?
Princees Di, who dedicated her LIFE to helping others around the world, being the best mom to HER 2 sons that she could be, who died trying to escape from the paps????
Now to Britney Spears. Made a couple of good music videos, a few albums, parties, LOVES to be seen by the paps, has been anything BUT a mother to her 2 kids since they were born..
SUCH an insult to Princess Di. I HOPE Brit didn't here this...
Next thing you know she's going to be walking around in her old wedding dress, w/ a British accent, AND wearing a crown.
LMOA WTF is going on?!

2386 days ago


No one chased her into a church.
They drove there on purpose.
They could have drove back to court or even to a police station!

What drama! Rosie and the Unfit mother are both losers!

I think Rosie just really wants to do her.
Of course she will have to stand in line.
A long line!

2386 days ago


Britney's wedding Video...............

Now you guys know why she's acting irratically . She's heartbroken!!!

2386 days ago

mickey lou    

This may be the first time I've ever agreed with Rosie! Brit is in big trouble!

2386 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

brit loves the press because it is the only thing that makes her, her anymore. family - losers, true friends - any? what would she be if she wasn't the famous brittany spears? I think that is the root of her problem she doesn't exist outside the camera lens and that is so sad.

2386 days ago


Where are the gorilla bodyguards and specialty force drivers that this woman if Brittney's financial standing can afford? "They" killed Diana because she had none around her then........ Brittney is setting herself up.....

2386 days ago


Excuse me, Princess Diana was always a lady and all she was interested in was using her image nad persona to good use, for something tangible, where she could improve the living conditions of many and belonged to and suported many causes. How dare Roise or anybody else for that matter compare these two is beyond my comprehension.

Diana never stopped being a lady, unlike you Rosie, and Britney, you can be a Lesbian and act like a lady but you insist on humiliating Lesbians all over the world by acting like the stereotypical dyke. You need to take a lesson from Ellen. She puts her money and her clout to work. You and Britney bring shame upon american women, you because of the crap that comes out of your stupid mouth and Britney for just being plain stupid and refusing to take responsability for her actions, there was absolutely no reason for her not to show up at court. She invites the paps into her life and now she has no right whatsoever to complain. Or have you not heard that her bopyfrienbd is one of these paps? Get a life Rosie and make sure the next time you blog you do some research before you stand behind a cause (or a lost coause as in this case). Do you know she has an agreement with X17, yes, the very same company that employs her boyfriend. She deserves what she gets and more. She really has earned it. No pity from me and the majority of Americans who blog on places like TMZ, Perezhilton etc. Do your research. If you think she's so great hire her as a babysitter for your kids!

2386 days ago
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