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Rosie -- Brit's the Next Princess Di!

1/15/2008 4:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell -- who once offered up her home to Britney Spears -- is now comparing Britney's fate to Princess Diana's, calling her pap-tourage a "mob of stalkers" and saying that she's just "inches" from disaster.
Brit, Rosie, Di
Though Ro doesn't use Brit's name, she quite unmistakably likens Spears to Di in her blog entry: "She will be trying to get away, but they will chase her, just as they chased her into that church yesterday ... Even her last-minute, folded-hand prayers can't be kept sacred."

With uncharacteristic punctuation and standard orthography, she continues, "But she asked for it, she's a public figure ... Not a girl, barely even a woman yet, they chased her. A mob of stalkers for whom no stalking laws have been written. Smother. Crush. Flash. Photo Credit."

Ro then takes a swipe at that bald psychologist, saying, "Even Dr. 'Get Real' Phil got in on the action. Unreal."


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Jane Do    

You're gone to far she is not anywhere close to being a Princess Diana's. Princess Di did good works, Brit's just out for the publicly. What is she doing coming out of gas station bathroom and what's the deal about going out everyday for Startbucks get your assistant to go. She wants the press, because without it none of stars would be stars, who would know you ! It's like once you become famous frist you want the pic then it's like get out of my face, you put yourselfs out there then your crying because there always in your face. If the press was not out there who would you all be.

2474 days ago


With all the luck in the world she will have Rosie straped to the fender of what ever she is driving to pad her from getting hurt so big fat ass Rosie will take all the force!

2474 days ago


Shut Up, Ro! Go get that operation so you can be the man you've always wanted to be!!!!!

2474 days ago

Team Brit    

I can't even belive that some of the people commenting on this say that Britney should die that is just crazy. I would not rank her with Di but they did not have the same lives. I dont think that any one should be stalked like that. Who is to say that all the pix of her with the boys crying is because of Briteny .I know my Children would cry if there were so many people yelling my name and running down the street after us flashing cameras. I triped in my backyard with my friends babie but I stoped my self from falling. I thank GOD that all that I do is posted for all to see. I think she is trying to not let the stalkers win she should be able to go to the store with her kids. Go to get a birthday cake from a store it is verry good. I who needs a 3000 $ cake. SHE HAS THE RIGHT TO A LIFE LIKE US .I WISH BRITNEY THE BEST.

2474 days ago


Rosie must need some attention that she had to stuck her 2 cents in here!

2474 days ago


I really hope that psycho Rosi would jump in the lake! Who care what that fat pig saids. Rosi is a crazy fat loser and nobody cares what she thinks ! She is just as bad a phil, or worst. I think Spears is crazy and I think Rosi wish she had her. the loser!

2474 days ago

April Fouels    

would not take her to a dog fight, if she was defending champion...............

2474 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

Rosie is wrong again. Miss Britney has always had the option to ... STAY AT HOME! There is no reason why this girl needs to be aimlessly driving from one Starbucks to the next. And if she must, absolutely MUST go cruising, she has the additional option of hiring a competent DRIVER!. As obnoxious as the paps are, Britney will be responsible for her own calamitous ending. With Rosie it is always someone elses fault. What a fool.

2474 days ago

chillout music girl    

Why are you people saying britney is selfish........ Haven't you ever seen mentally ill people walking the streets talking to themselves in different stages of undress?????? Something is really wrong and people refer to this human being as a train wreck... She is not a train wreck, she is a mentally ill person who happens to be famous...

I even seen a guy who thought he was god.... He was a nice person, but clearly disturbed......

Nothing is funny about this........AT ALL

2474 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

So you think if you don't like some one or their ways they should die. I know some one else who thinks that way. Ever heard of bin laden
I cant stand Rosie but I also agree with her. I think the press and its made up stories are going to kill that poor girl. I wouldn't own one of her records and do not care to listen to her music but I feel sorry for her. Lohan got arrested for chasing some one but the Paps do it all the time with no regard for safety. I blame the gossip rags and the idiots who buy them. I have often thought about hanging out at the local store waiting for some one to buy one of those rags, Then stand in their way taking picture as they try to leave. maybe even follow them home. I bet I would end up in jail.

2474 days ago


This is the first time I have ever agreed with Rosie, you guys please leave Britney be.

2474 days ago


Rosi is not worth my time , the fat sow!

2474 days ago


"70. Osama k. Stern and Adnan Birkhead are in court today to prove who the biological father of the late Brittany Spears baby is. Her mother Lynn has not been allowed to see the child by Osama who is only following Brittanys wishes. In the meantime the bank of Dubai thanks him for his most recent offshore deposits.

Posted at 3:55PM on Jan 15th 2008 by Crazy"

You sure are CRAZY.

What is up with everyone hating on Adnan and making general statements about ALL Arabs? If you have a problem with just him, then address that. If you have a problem with ALL Arabs then maybe you should keep your opinion to yourself while you're on here. This is a celebrity gossip site, not CNN. And quite frankly, you sound like you should be part of some organized clan which would make you just as bad as the extremist scum you probably mean to bash in the first place.

2474 days ago

chillout music girl    

I think she may have several mental disorders working together......... Her always needing love and her routines does sound like obsessive compulsive disorder.........

2474 days ago

chillout music girl    

Whatever mental disorder she has... A therapist would love to help her.. She only needs to ask for help...... or be BAKER ACTED into a mental facility

2474 days ago
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