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Clooney Gets Touchy with Married Woman

1/16/2008 4:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ditching work to stalk meet George Clooney, one happily married woman flipped-out after coming face-to-face with her dream boy toy -- leaving in tears after he touched her!

The woman also expressed her love for TMZ's own "Barry" Levin.


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Well, it is me, the crazy George Clooney fan and I have news for all of you - I am crazy - crazy for George. I guess none of you ever met the start that you have been a fan of for 15 years, because if you did you would understand, like the people who know me best did - they all got a kick out of me!!! So for all you nay sayers and negative people - kiss it!!! vicky

2469 days ago

Chris M.    

Way to go have the nerve and confidence that the rest of us only dream about. Loved it!!!!

2469 days ago


Aw, I thought that was actually pretty cute! A bit over the top, but it was nice to see how happy she was. I was lucky & got to bump into a lot of my fave entertainers when I was in my teens and "too cool" to act super-excited. *LOL* But still, I think that was sorta sweet, how little it took the really make her day - week - month - life! Go, FanGirl! ;-)

2469 days ago


it's amazing how negative you all are. you're definitely all fat and ugly people who are bored with your lives and comment on TMZ videos all day. you're clearly jealous of people like this very, very funny and entertaining woman. the only reason i am commenting is because i personally know this woman and am more than certain that she isnt in need of any medications. she's just not a dud like all of you. she was star struck - DEAL WITH IT. i agree with bitsy, you're all afraid of rejection and would never have the courage to go up to a man you've been a fan of for half of your life. so screw you haters!! way to go vicky, i'm happy for you!

2468 days ago

Julie G.    

2# Kelli- I love your comment.. So

2468 days ago

Julie G.    

#32 Jd- I am not fat and or ugly or bored with my life. I am happy with everything I have.. My life has been pretty busy around the boys...I have not been on TMZ. com all day. ..Today, the winter storm hits our state today..I am enjoying my break day myself from driving lots of time with my boys to school,etcc.... I get to enjoy to stay home once in awhile.. I am sorry if you find this offending as you already knew this woman. I did not really say anything... Bashing or making of fun of someone is not my style..I just know the poster Kelli who was.. it's just her way of joking.. She is not the kind of mean person.. She doesn't really meant it.. You have the rights to say something as much as the others..You still only ingore the comments and don't get let this to you personally.. Add to say,.. I used to work with the director Rhonda Haines.. I have met many actors and actresses.. I know what you is the different world when you meet some celebrities you like from an average person's view.

2468 days ago


So, where has Sarah been lately?? Is is already over?

2468 days ago


Glad you had a good time Vicki, don't pay the folks here any attention they all drank haterade this morning.

2468 days ago

TRH, SCR.    

I Think She's Great, hilarious, entertaining....and hell, She gave me her Desk!!! lol

2431 days ago


Vicki , You loser! Get a life! Husband what husband?Doesn't he live in another state?Maybe that's the problem. Sexually frustrated?/Get back to work and stop wasting the tax payers money!

2465 days ago


Thanks for the good post very interesting

2412 days ago
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