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Dr. Phil Snubbed after Brit Snafu

1/16/2008 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. PhilDr. Phil is feeling the payback for trying to exploit Britney Spears for a ratings boost.

According to Gatecrasher, the bald bloviator is trying to get "high-profile guests" to appear on his 1,000th episode, supposedly a "celebrity tribute." Only problem is, according to a source, "Nobody good wants to go near it," largely because of McGraw's handling of Britney Spears' hospitalization.

Even with the sway of Oprah behind him, no A-listers have signed up.

Mayer Has Jessica Simpson's Back

He gave Jessica Simpson the chop a while ago, but John Mayer is telling Texas to cut his ex some slack -- and not blame her for the Dallas Cowboys' loss on Sunday.

The gallant rocker took on sports fans of the Lone Star state in his blog, and said of Jess, "That girl loves Texas more than you know ... So please don't try and take that away from her. ... I can spare a Wednesday's worth of bad press if it means sticking up for a good soul."

Gwyneth -- Cleansing Herself Sick?

Gwyneth Paltrow is doing just fine after her brief stay at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC -- so says her mother, whom we caught up with yesterday at Barneys. But's Daily Intel did a little snooping, and reports that Gwynnie was doing a five-day live-food fast from NYC health-emporium Organic Avenue -- so is that why she was laid up?

Of course, it's not like she wasn't actually eating. "She's eating salads, there's juices. There's actually quite a bit of food there, it's just all raw and organic," says a store employee. Yep, that's all we needed to know. Maybe she wanted to cheat a little at the hospital cafeteria.

Party Favors: Winehouse Has Visa Issues ... Snipes Has Vick's Lawyers ... "Rent" Moves Out After 12 Years

Amy Winehouse wants to come stateside to perform at the Grammys, but according to Gatecrasher, she can't get a visa, and it may have something to do with her very public propensity to melt down. ... Wesley Snipes is trying to get one of his lawyers reinstated for his tax evasion trial, even though he deemed them "inadequate" and fired them last year. It just so happens that they were working for Michael Vick at the same time -- in his dog-fighting case. ... After nine hundred thirty thousand, one hundred eighty minutes, Broadway's "Rent" will be shutting down, reports the New York Times. Those East Village bohemians will be ending their run -- as the seventh-longest on Broadway -- on June 1.


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who dat    

People are finally getting wise to the fact Dr Phil is a blowhard , self serving jack-off. This incident clearly points out phil isn't about helping individuals that need it. He is about self promotion. I hope the guy goes down in flames. He is nothing more then a bag of gas in a three piece suit.

2470 days ago


hahah look at that huge cranium! who in their right mind would go to his show!!

2470 days ago


Dr. Phil is not an M.D. and his license is not even current in Texas. He worked as a "courtroom sciences" person prior to being on Oprah and was subject to disciplinary action in 1989, the last year he was a "therapist." From 1990 until the time he met Oprah he worked in litigation helping lawyers pick juries. He is NOT up on the latest intervention techniques and his show is slowly sliding into Springer-esque territory. He has not been a therapist in YEARS and his current grandstanding shows how desperate he is getting to hold onto his position in daytime.

So why would any self-respecting celebrity WANT to be on Dr. Joke's show? More and more comes out about him and his shows are getting more and more desperate. He's a huge grandstander with ZERO credibility.

His 15 minutes should have been up long ago. Buh bye Dr. Fake!

2470 days ago

Awww, Not This Crap Again!    

I think we have all witnessed Dr. Phil's "Jump The Shark" moment. It's all down hill from her Dr. Phil, all down hill....I guess you could say, for a quack of a psychiatrist, he had a pretty good run!

2470 days ago


Hey now Common, He can't be all that bad.I think his heart is in the right place but maybe he has a pesky publisist who is wispering in his ear. I have watched him on and off for years now and I think some times he can go alittle off the top with his wife always on the set and now her books and the kid introductions all the time but he just needs to remember how he got where he is and how he got there. We all loose track of the yellow brick road every now and then. Get back on the horse Dr. Phill and get right with God if you need to?

2470 days ago


"Dr. Phil" needs to pack his little black bag of tricks and get out of our lives. It's time for a new charlatan.

2470 days ago


Oh Mayer, just play music, thats all anyone wants to hear from you.

2470 days ago


Obviously Dr. Phil has money for a heart and mind. He had no business interfering with Britney when she was in the hospital where she should be--then the coward gives a statement that he stands by what he did and she needs help. Of course she does--but he jumped on the bandwagon of using her for "HIS ENTERTAINTMENT SHOW". He has no license to be there and should be sued or arrested. Everyone is talking about Brit being crazy well so is a lot of other people. And that is my opinion. Dr. Phil should be cancelled.

2470 days ago


Remind me never to go to a "doctor" that has been on Oprah's show. She boosts Dr. Phil and the fake plastic surgeon (the one who was responsible for Kanye Wests mother's death). Than the scandal at the school (I think that was karma, there are thousands of children who need help here in the states, black, white, male, female). Wow, Oprah has lost all credibility to me. Not that I ever liked her to begin with. Hopefully, she'll go away soon to.

2470 days ago


Dr. Phil was the only person who was willing to risk his career to help Britney. If it had turned out the opposite way and she had seeked helped he would have been considered a hero. He should learn a lesson from this and not offer to help anyone ever again.

2470 days ago


I think DrPhil does have the tendency to go overboard and I have watched many of his shows,he gives good advise,as far as Britney Spears,all the BS about Dr Phil overstepping his boundaries is a crock,Britney as always has to have the attention on her. They both need a wake up call. And the wife on every show and the kids on the show is grating on my nerves.

2470 days ago


As a smart of woman Oprah is, I'm sure she realizes now how this man really is.

2470 days ago


I have to agree with chas, poster #1. This guy is a self-serving jerk and he messed up. Maybe now the public will see what a goober this guy is.

And thank you for not saying FIRST! in your post, even though you are first.

2470 days ago


It's time for Dr. Phil's show to be cancelled!!!

2470 days ago


Hey doc, no guests??? What's next

NO AUDIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!

2470 days ago
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