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K-Fed's Says Ex Was a "Lying Bitch"

1/16/2008 5:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed took another stab at "acting" last night -- remember his horrendous "CSI" appearance?! This time he played a wannabe rocker on "One Tree Hill." What's that smell? Emmy!

He's no Chad Michael Murray, but at least he's better than Britney was in "Crossroads." But not much.


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Brian Austin Green, is that you?

2440 days ago


He's an even worse rapper. And he's making ANOTHER album I hear.

2440 days ago


Federline wants the boys for two reasons: MONEY & FAME. No different than Britney's own mother. SICKENING.

2440 days ago


Leave it to Britney fans to say something stupid! Do we even care what her fans think of Kevin? They are just a bunch of pathetic trash like their loony idol!

They don't want to see Kevin acting like a sane person who is a good father while Britney is making a huge fool of herself on a daily basis talking in a fake British accent and blowing off custody hearings and being strapped to a gurney half naked because she had her son held hostage in a bathroom. You just can't argue with people like would be like arguing with a deaf mute.

2440 days ago


Give K-Daddy a break. Slam him when he doesn't have a job, slam him when he does. Admit it, he rocked it lastnight!

2440 days ago


He needs to crawl back under which ever rock he came out from under!! He has known from the second he met Britney EXACTLY what he was doing and he is playing her to the max and he wont be happy till she is dead and he can finally cash in the mega bucks! If he was the loving caring father he says he is he wouldnt have let this get as out of control as it has! He could have made sure settled this in private but because he is a gold digga, every time Britney has another mental colapse he just sees $$$$$$ he actually makes me feel sick. Instead of standing by watching her completely lose it he should do everything in his power to calm the situation because in years to come those poor boys are going to see all this and that will mentally damage them for life. He is the lowest of the low...2nd only to that muppet leaching off her now! And by the way...where have Britneys family been these past few days when she clearly needs them the most!!! This whole thing is way out of hand. It like watching a car crash in slow motion and i just hope everyone gets out of this seriously unscathed.

2440 days ago


I liked it. I don't know much about him except that he seems to be a good Dad and it seems like he's trying to make some of his own money. Who cares how he does it as long as it's honest?! I think people are wrong to blame Kevin for Britneys troubles.

2440 days ago


kevin wouldn't even want the kids he had with nasty britney if she wasn't loaded. you never hear anything about the first two or even see pictures of him with them.

2440 days ago


Was that all he did in the episode? He wasn't half bad at all. Say what you want, but he's not out every night, day, morning with cameras following him. Yeah I hated him when he first was with Brit and yet he ended up the more stable, who knew? Just feel for Britney and wish he could get her some help, some how.

2440 days ago


He wasn't great but he wasn't bad either. With all the child support he's getting from Britney it's not like he needs to work.

2440 days ago


# 67 Just me

Of course you don't hear about Kevin's other kids! Their mother isn't a lunatic like Britney is!

2440 days ago


K-Fed is starting to look a little hot to me. Is he working out? So buffed and I'm not even really into buffed guys.

2440 days ago


Shar thinks he is a good father so STFU! You don't know what he does in his spare time. He isn't plastered all over the place like the media whore S'hitney Smears.

2440 days ago


I just threw up in my mouth!!!!!!!!!! Why is ANYONE giving this loser mooch a job. He should get back together with Shar and crawl back to his Fresno hole!

2440 days ago


He may want the boys for other reasons, but at least he isn't a moron and pathetic loser like Unfitney. At least he has both oars in the water unlike her.

2440 days ago
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