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That Scientolocrazy Tom Cruise Video

1/16/2008 6:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Why is Scientology so determined to keep a nine-minute video under wraps? At least that's the question buzzing the blogs. The video, which features a manically laughing Tom Cruise rambling about the wonders of the "religion," was leaked on YouTube this past Monday -- but was quickly removed.

In the bizarre clip (complete with eerie "Mission: Impossible" music), Tom goes on and on about how Scientologists are the "authorities on the mind," and utters inside Scientology lingo -- like "SPs" and "KSW" -- code the Church probably doesn't want non-members to hear.

No comment from the Church.


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An absolute ARROGANT nut job. Yeah okay Tom- you are the only one who can help anyone at an accident? FREAK FREAK FREAK....what a cult. Please keep the Tom bashing coming...let the world see what a NUT he is. Oh poor Katie- he already got you..........hopefully someone will rescue Suri from this cult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE TOM

2437 days ago


I belong to a religion that just like Scientology always gets made fun of, and people are "suspicous" about "secret" practices.

Lay off and just show some respect to the church please.

2437 days ago


I refuse to watch any movie or entertainment show with anything to do with this idiot,run Katie run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2437 days ago


Tom is a psycho of the highest order....

2437 days ago

KR Love    

I wonder if he knows Mork from Ork?

2437 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Grade A Whackadoo... Try not to look at Svengoolie in the eyes when he talks.

L Ron is laughing from his UFO

2437 days ago


Greta van Susteren is also a Scientologist, who is married to a Scientologist, lawyer John Coale, who handled Scientologist Lisa Marie Presley's divorce....

This whole cult needs to be examined.

2437 days ago


That's right 65. Maverick's CRASHED AND BURNED.

2437 days ago


There are still versions of this video on YouTube

BOY has he drunk the koolaid!!!!!!!!!!!
This is better than jumpin on Oprah's couch
Better hope Valkrie is a smash hit or this just put a bullet in your Hollow-wierd career

Scientologists have the REAL answers and the REAL understanding of the mind...
move over Chrstian fundamentalists
move over Muslim extremists

All religions are valid when they attempt to know the unknowable
All religions are false when they say they are THE answer

2437 days ago

Upwith Pippin    

#73, what? WHAT? L. Ron Hubbard said himself that he was going to start a religion to see how much money he can scam out of people. Unfortunately, he got caught up in the mind freak himself, suffering brainwashing and delusions of grandeur at the same time. This is not a religion, it's a money making scheme based on fanatical ideas written by a science ... FICTION .. writer.

2437 days ago

what ?    

Tom Cruise is Bizarre ~ but yet I am oddly curous about this religion .. look what it did to his wife .. she went from a giggly seetheart to this well groomed robotic android LOL. she looks good but seems a bit tense all the time and tom cruise as well. maybe it is some really efficient focusing exersizes or something !LOL.

2437 days ago


I have a friend who works for UNICEF who was in Indonesia after the Tsunami and said about day 3 the Scientologist showed up--empty handed--no food, no clothes, no tools, nothing. The only supplies they brought were Scientology literature. She said they were a joke. I see them in my neighborhood, standing outside the COS center chain smoking and looking dreary and miserable. These are NOT the people I want to pull over and help in the event of an accident. They have nothing to offer, except a quick way to empty your wallet and emotional/psychological blackmail. Stupid AND dangerous!!

2437 days ago

getting irritated    

UpWithPippin #51--

I didn't say anything in support of Scientology, so try to relax. I simply stated that not everyone is as fanatical as he is. Grown people in this country have the right to believe whatever they want to believe. I don't have to agree with it, and I don't, but I do recognize that they have that right.

Don't read extra meaning into what I said, or you will come across as just as crazy as Tom Cruise.

2437 days ago


I agree with #15 leave them alone. So what if he tried to get someone to join. Its no different than the guys that go door to door, or Christians trying to witness to others, or evolutions telling others their theories. Who cares. He hasn't done anything wrong. It's not our choice to judge him. Apparently Katie doesn't have a problem with it, or else she wouldn't have had a family with him. Leave them alone, and why does everyone care??

2437 days ago
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