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That Scientolocrazy Tom Cruise Video

1/16/2008 6:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Why is Scientology so determined to keep a nine-minute video under wraps? At least that's the question buzzing the blogs. The video, which features a manically laughing Tom Cruise rambling about the wonders of the "religion," was leaked on YouTube this past Monday -- but was quickly removed.

In the bizarre clip (complete with eerie "Mission: Impossible" music), Tom goes on and on about how Scientologists are the "authorities on the mind," and utters inside Scientology lingo -- like "SPs" and "KSW" -- code the Church probably doesn't want non-members to hear.

No comment from the Church.


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The problem is not Tom. The problem is with the cult. Its not a religion (except in a ruling made by the IRS..that most still cant understand). Its a group that uses conditioned behavior to achieve its ends. The "book" Dianetics was bought by the case by "members" then returned to the cult where it was put out on retail again. Ever wonder how it became a best seller for so long? Membership caters to the wealthy, though not inclusively. They used to hold "seminars" (maybe still do) to build their membership...yet nowhere in these "seminars" was Scientology mentioned. My ex wife attended one. Left Friday , an opinionated working mom, came back on Sunday a Stepford wife. It literally took about a month before she returned to normalcy. Internally their structure is similar to the Free Masons (each rise through the degrees of "knowledge" takes large amounts of cash). In scientology, achieving the highest degree means learning the "real" alien secret. Finally, they are not opposed to brutality when it comes to keeping their members in line, or when attacked by non members. Don't take them lightly. They are a very dangerous cult.

2416 days ago


There is a reason non of his classmates in high school liked this guy. I am assuming that was before the Scientology. This appears to be a basic personality/psyche thing. He is happy with the child bride who sounds programmed (morning show interview). She is scary, he is scary. Can't wait to see how the baby turns out.

2416 days ago


only read the first page

1st of all, its too late for Katie, shes already a Sciento-zombie

2nd of all, dont blame TMZ for stating something thats already all over the web, theyre just another resource.

2416 days ago



2416 days ago


I am Zorgon, king of the Supressors! I revolted against the Thetans over 1000 years ago, fighting for the Univerase of Space Cadets! Cease now and embrace your little actor king!

This is what happens when you don't play video games when you['re a kid. Poor Little Tommy!


2416 days ago


Hope ther are no scientologists at TMZ collecting our names and addresses to give to the hit men at the cult.

2416 days ago


Who is crazier Tom [ ] or Britney [ ] ?

2416 days ago


this was one of the scariest things i've ever seen. he should be committed. no wonder katie walks around like a zombie. the question is, why with all these interviews she is doing for her movie, don't they ask her some real questions like what's it like being married to a nut job like tom.

2416 days ago


I still love his laugh, it cracks me up every time. I use to love this man, now I don't know, but I still love his laugh.

2416 days ago

Reality is....    

The BIG MISTAKE with all of the COMMENTS on TMZ is simply this...

you all keep calling it his "religion". The last time I checked, a religion falls under the column of believing in a god or a higher power. While I am not a church goer, I was raised in a Christian church. Scientology is NOT a "religion", it's a cult.

I live in California and my husband makes good money. Because I am curious about all things, I went to a scientology seminar a few years ago. I had to fill out a 25 pages "question" form (APPLICATION more like it), stating our yearly earnings, jobs, etc.

Religions do not do this, everyone is free to attend and you do not need to fill out an application before hand.

Anyways, I received a letter from them stating that I had tested very highly on their question form. No lie that they hounded me for a year, even with phone calls from our local San Francisco office trying to get me to join. Almost every day I felt like I was being stalked by this organization. They even wanted to know more information about our salaries and savings and bank accounts and EVERYTHING.

They are a bunch of crazies, I will tell you from first hand experience. I am no longer "curious" about this cult..(oh wait, I meant religon).

It's NOT a religion, it's a cult. He'll be having Katie drink poisoned kool-aid before too long, so they can go live with the aliens...suri too.

Totally crazy people.

2416 days ago


Heres the site that has the video in its entirety..

heres another link on the subject which talks about how the religion tried to ruin peeps lives..

2416 days ago



2416 days ago


lmao coolgirl2008! Space Cadets Unite!

2416 days ago


Love the coo coo ka chu comment. Couldn't have said it better myself. The dude is seriously ill, I mean seriously ill.

2416 days ago


Suri, you're a cute little girl with a beautiful mother. Unfortunately your father is a ding dong--perhaps he needs medication!!!

2416 days ago
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