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Brit Blows $10,000 at Kitson

1/17/2008 6:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears had the owner of Kitson and Kitson Men open the store last night, just for her, at 1:30 AM -- and it looks like it was worth it. TMZ has learned that Miss Girl spent more than 10,000 bucks!

Spears walked away from Kitson with a slew of items, including a blue $265 Great China Wall sweatshirt, a $90 bottle of Agent Provocateur perfume, a $475 L.A.M.B. handbag and a $95 Blue Anchor hoodie. TMZ is told she didn't buy anything for her kids or anyone else -- everything was for her, even the shirts at Kitson Men.
What Britney Bought
She's a giver.


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She must be nuts to spend even ten dollars on trashy crap like this.

2468 days ago


Kitson GAVE her the stuff and did it late at night on purpose for ADVERTISEMENT.

2468 days ago


This is BS Sam said himself that she bought them shirts and jeans and it was more around midnight why twist everything about this woman Harvey ?!?!?!

2468 days ago


I think she is mentally ill but I don't think she has multiple persoality disorder. I think the British accent and certain other things she does is a bid for attention, which she is getting far too much of. But like the rest of you, I find it interesting reading about her antics.

2468 days ago


It's creepy that she has nothing worthwhile ever going on in her life, just driving to gas stations and fast food places and restaurants and making a store open at or after midnight for her to buy some butt-ugly stuff. But ... I don't see why people complain that she didn't buy anybody else anything. She's bought far too much for everybody else -- her greedy family, Kevin, god only knows what she bought Jason Alexander or how much money he got off her and now Adnan (where is he, by the way?) and Sam and Cousin Allie and the list goes on and on. I just wish she would buy some nice looking things for herself that fit properly and look good. And I wish so much she would actually buy a few good books and read them. That alone would go a long way toward her getting well.

2468 days ago

Jusst saying    

Dang, ya'll!!! I forgot to buy drawers again!!

2467 days ago

from Canada    

The Kitson website says store hours are 10:00 am to 7:30 pm. So why doesn't Britney just make an appointment to shop at 8:00 pm after the store closes if she wants to avoid the paps?
Better yet, why doesn't she just shop on-line with Kitson at home in peace and quiet?
Or, since she earns over $700,000 a month, why doesn't she hire a stylist to purchase clothes for her at Kitson, thereby avoiding paps and looking a 100% better fashion wise?
Kitson probably also has a personal shopping service for rich celebs who don't want to get swarmed by paps if they went to the store.
$10,000 shopping spree is not a big deal at Kitson where Tshirts alone can cost over $100.

If I was the owner of the store or the manager, I would tell that selfish, media crazy whore / Britney Spears that she is not God's gift to human kind and to not ever call me again so late at night again and wake up my family - I not on drugs and therefore need my sleep!

2466 days ago

from Canada    

Good point by #134 Dani, Kitson did it for ADVERTISEMENT.

But as #126 blablabla pointed out, Kitson will have to BURN the stuff Brit touched.

Any hats she tried on would be covered in grease from her hair. Any shirts or jackets she tried on would stink because she never bathes. Any shoes she tried on would be full of dirt and fungus because she walks around barefoot in public washrooms or sockless in those same old smelly boots.

If she tried on jeans with no panties and her period dripping allover the place as # 36 Disgusted said check out the latest on, they would definitely have to throw them out for hygeine reasons - GROSS!!

2466 days ago


Hey Brit! Come spend 10 grand with me!

2465 days ago
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