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Gwyn's Hubby: Coldplay Hothead!

1/17/2008 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After leaving the hospital with his wife Gwyneth Paltrow early Tuesday morning, Chris Martin got into a bizarre altercation with a paparazzo in the middle of the street. Respect!

Chris tackled the photog and screamed at him -- but then the pap got up and went after Chris!


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mickey lou    

If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen!

2415 days ago


What a jerk! This is one case I side with the pap. He did nothing wrong, wasn't in the jerk's way or anything. I hope he has to buy the pap a case of cameras. What an ass!

2415 days ago


My gosh she just got out of the hospital, Chris is right, "Have some respect!” While I don't agree with the overly aggressive behavior, what else are these celebrities supposed to do. There are no laws to protect their privacy, if there were this type of incident wouldn't occur. I have to laugh at the paparazzo that tried to school Chris on his behavior by bringing up the fact that Chris is a father. I wonder if that paparazzo is a father as well, and if he is would he like his daughter hounded this way, especially after getting out of the hospital?

2414 days ago


Haha!!! thats what he gets...

2414 days ago


Didn't they go live in England because the U.S. was too violent a place for them to raise their kids? Well If this isn't the pot calling the kettle black!

2414 days ago


If the paps were not stranger and someone like an ex that followed you everywhere it would be called stalking and a restraining order would be order. New laws need to be passed.

2414 days ago


Did anyone think that maybe, just maybe, this was something more than a trip to the hospital for the flu? Reading between the lines of what her publicist said and the way the couple reacted, it sounds to me like there may have been a miscarriage involved. Are the paps really THAT stupid that they couldn't figure that out and just leave them alone? You have Brit (which, if it is truly a mental illness, is just as wrong that she keeps getting hounded).

It seems pretty obvious to me that it was a tragic event/loss to both Chris and Gwyneth and the paps were well deserved to be attacked for pushing during such a time.

2414 days ago


The first thing a man does is take care of his woman, It should be war on the photograph if they don't listen to a request to back away. Just like any other job their are risks. If they take a couple of bumps and scrapes, then maybe they should be working at SEAR photo dept. where it's safe.

2414 days ago

cha cha    

paps, your supposed to be human. your re_tards. i wish every celebrity would run you all over, put you all in jail. you arent deserving of life.

2414 days ago

idaho potato    

Not bizarre at all. There should be more of that. And then the photog screams "You're suppose to be a father!" WTF!
Hey, you want respect, give respect. Not only do some celebs have idiots following them, now the same idiots are screaming questions at them and chasing them to cars, in cars, down streets, in malls, outside of hosptials, at schools, ...

Back off media retards. Yes, arrested them for harassment and stalking!!! And that goes for the people and media sites that pay money and encourage by their payments this type of ugliness.

2414 days ago


It would have been great if Chris had taken the camera and smashed it over the head of the idiot taking the video. Way to go Chris! "...or this door is gettin' broken!"

2414 days ago

Biker 1957    

If that little sissy Chris Martin did that to me I would have beat him to death. These celebrities love to play tough, but they just haven't bullied the right people yet.

2414 days ago


I think a group of powerful celebrities should get together and form their own pack of stalkarazzi. Organize a group of people who can operate cameras and follow the paps day and night. Do it in shifts if you have to but persist for about two weeks, nonstop. When the paps question you give them those passive aggressive responses like, oh just out taking some pictures, question them about where they ate, how was their meal, how is their family, are they sleeping with anyone interesting? This would take some serious organizing but I think it would be so funny and then turn the tapes over to CNN, ET, talkshows, etc.
Other suggestions welcome.

2414 days ago


Don't call these idiots photographers. I am a photographer and went to college to learn how to shoot people, product and interiors. I work very hard at what I do and I get very upset to think these people think they are photographers. They have no skill except for stocking. I hope the law will send these people to jail.

2414 days ago


"On The Fence" I'd have to say I agree with you on this one.

2414 days ago
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