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Paps Busted After Crazy Britney Chase

1/17/2008 10:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that four paparazzi were arrested for reckless driving last night after chasing Britney Spears' car around Mission Hills, Calif. -- and four more were pulled over for driving crazazy-like.

Around 11:20 PM last night, according to law enforcement sources, police pulled over a total of eight vehicles driven by photogs, after they were observed driving evasively at a high rate of speed and making dangerous lane changes in and around Mission Hills. Four of the drivers were arrested.

We're also told that Britney herself told cops that one of the cars may have tried to "run her off the road," but she couldn't ID which car it was, so no action was taken. Also, we spotted her going to Kitson -- the clothing store -- at 1:30 in the morning. Yes, she made them open up the store.

TMZ has also learned that cops were pleasantly surprised when Britney forked over a valid California driver's license.


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Hair Diva    

Has anyone thought that just maybe, she loved Kfed. That maybe she still does and is just handling it badly. Imagine you love a man and you find out he just used you for fame and fortune. When they were toghether all he did was party and spend her money. She however, stayed home and raised their children, you never saw her as much.It's sad also her mother!! She should have taken him to court for visitation, NOT became his best friend! THAT IS A HARD STABB IN THE BACK. All I'm saying is this has got to suck for her. It's sad when you are betrayed by everyone in your life, even if you are rich.

2468 days ago


Having just come from LA where I stayed near Studio City AND accidentially got caught in the firestorm of paparazzi around Britney, I can say that I'm surprised the starts don't carry large weapons. They wer like hungry wolves - screaming out inflammatory things just to get a reaction amidst "we love you Britney" "you look gorgeous Britney" It certainly changed my opinion. I came here out of habit but I'm going to stop because it's just perpetuating the insanity these sick people thrust on celebrities. Get a life and a different job.

2468 days ago

concerned fan    

The woman can not leave her home EVER for anything. I do not blame her for having them open their store in the wee hours of the night. What is wrong with her wanting to shop, and who says she has to buy things for anyone except herself. She can't ever leave and when she does leave, people say she is asking for it, why else would she go to public places. What is she suppoed to do? Hold fortress in her place all the time, then the press would be all over that saying she was secluded in her home. she can't win. they need to leave her alone before some dies over all this.

2468 days ago


Britney is on a one way downward spiral from which she can never return!

2468 days ago


I think Brit is weeding out by recruiting this companion as her own private photog. Sorry TMZ. I hope she has every one of you arrested.

2468 days ago


Check out the recorded body language. No romance1 No touching except hands, Nothing physical. This is business to control the image. Brit is a smart woman. It is time to gain control of the spin. She is doing it. Atta girl Brit! Kick some booty and make it good. How about getting the courts to test Kfed for substance abuse. The only positive thing Kfed has ever done is plant a seed to make beautiful babies. He just does not have a clue on how to support himself, let alone his kids. I bet he uses your childsupport to pay his other mother off. . Move on and move up. Get your boys back and put your life together. You can do it girl. Believe in yourself.

2468 days ago

Sad For Her    

I don't know what is going on with this girl but I'm a mother. I have 3 kids all under the age of 6 and yes it's exhausting and nerve racking at times but she has nannnies or mannies whatever to help her, I don't i do it all on my own. i mean seriously what is this girl thinking she has 2 beautiful boys that need her an ex- husband Who is giving her chance after chance and she keeps blowing him off. What she needs is to be commited for a while. She's acting like a child. I honestly think that if the paps stop paying attention to her she'll go away.

2468 days ago


Hello everyone! Don`t you see what is happening. KFed married this girl who was madly in love with him. He didn`t love her, not even from the beginning, or else he wouldn`t have treated her this way. She did everything for him and we looked at them and thought she must open her eyes. He abused her mentaly. Went to Vegas with his friends, Brit all torned up, he didn`t care one bit. Nothing is changes. Hes gonna get what he wants. Their to sons and her money too.........

Why doesn`t someone do anything for this pore girl. What about her parents. They must understand what`s going on????
He`s driving her in insane..
And she is the crazy one??!!!

2468 days ago


why doesn't TMZ show the mugshots of these papparazzi that were arrested????

2468 days ago


Even in an article that talks about her being hounded, you all try to find some way to call Britney crazy. She could have been killed. I think it's your insecurities that make you hate her and talk about her, even if her life is in danger. Pathetic.

2468 days ago

Judy Johnson    

You know what, why doesn't everyone that spends their time bad mouthing Brittany get a life!!!!!! As far as I'm concerned, she has all the right in the world to act as she does, has, if all these people would stop making her look like some kind of circus, maybe her life would be a bit easier for her! I think all this negative publicity about her is wrong, this is I'm sure very tormenting, not to mention the humiliation, or the complete mad rage she probably gets inside when she hears of all the stupid ugly allegations made on her behalf. You know when pictures are snapped by suprise how the hell does anyone know what the heck she is really factually doing? Between the custody battle, which is something that is very sensitive to anyone with a heart, concious, ect. I can't believe how people can be so rude as to exploit any of this type of situation what so ever, I can't believe how they showed her being wheeled out on the gurney to the ambulance, the allegations of possible overdose, and what have you, doesn't anyone realize that perhaps she loves her children immensly, and that this whole battle with her obvious worse half is killing her inside? Does anyone not realize there's alot of very sensitive matters being exploited, which is I'm sure much more hurtful to her than anything? I honestly feel very sorry for her, I feel she could really use a friend at this time, a good friend I mind you, not some other rich bi--- that could care less really about her, other than probably just using her for all the good contacts I'm sure she has, as far as I'm concerned many are probably just very jealous of her looks, her fame, her pocket book, and so on. Envy is one thing, but jealousy is just plain hate as far as I'm concerned!!!! So why don't people just back off her so she can get her life back to herself, I really feel for her, I think people are just so evil at times, devious, and simply don't have a life of their own, so they have to make someone else miserable just so they aren't alone with misery, so can't everyone just back off her? The shaved head ordeal, so big deal, I'm sure she was sick of the hair extensions, wanted to completly get rid of them, I'm sure she didn't plan on having her trip to the beauty shop exploited as it was, my God, that's her business, I'm sure she probably had no intention of even letting anyone know about the insident, my God, leave her alone, Thanks for listening to what I have to say, but this is just the way I feel, sometimes, more than not, I think some need to have a mind their own business in check. Don't you?? Can't they capture anything good about her, if this is who they are wanting to pick on at this time, but for God sakes, you don't have to try to ruin her world ya think?

2456 days ago

Judy Johnson    

I saw Brittney on the cover of a magazine today at the grocery store, I can't believe the ugly things they are all doing to her, or at least trying to do to her!!! Says she had spoken with a homeless man, and she had expressed to him that he was better off than her, doesn't this tell anyone how she is feeling inside, and then it says at the bottom, and she says she's not crazy? Who in this world has the right to exploit these ugly negative things like this? Anyone in their right mind would probably feel the same in her perdicament. At least the man is not being exploited all over the world with ugliness about himself. I many times have repeated myself saying I'd rather live in a tent than the beautiful estate I live on, due to my personal life situation. Not to mention the comment I read about when the Paps were arrested for driving so fast following Brittney, one lady commented, well if they were arrested, then why was she not arrested if they were following her, she was obviously going fast, is why they were. Well duh, what's she supposed to do, go slow and let these people snap more pictures of her, so they can make stupid money off giving her a nervous breakdown? Don't people understand the reason she's going so fast in the first place is to get away from the evil creeps!!!!!!! Well, this is all I have to comment on at this point, I wish people would understand that just because somebody may have more money than others, is no reason to treat them like an animal, they also have feelings too!!!!!!!!!! What does this type of publicity do for her children anyway? Can't be anything good I'm sure.

2455 days ago
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