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Spears to Cruise: You're Not Crazy at All!

1/20/2008 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ spotted Britney befriending more photogs, as a non-Adnan joined Brit for her nightly escapade! It gets weirder as Brit had a few words for Tom Cruise -- it's crazy talking about crazy!

Brit picked up her new friend outside of Adnan's house, then headed over to Goa -- where she simply sat in the car outside while the frenzy erupted! Talk about parkin' lot pimpin'!

After inviting paps to her house -- Brit Brit presto chango'd into different clothes and her pink personality wig -- grabbed her new pap friend and took off again! Wonder if this guy is the new Adnan?


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Very many thanks for a good work. Nice and useful. Like it!

2410 days ago


Nice one thanks the for the good info!!!!!!!

2449 days ago



2467 days ago


Brit Brit's dating Tom Cruise now?
Poor Katie.

2467 days ago

montana mike    

this is for all you people who say poor britney, if they would just leave her alone she would get better. this is her life, and this is what she does, so don't pity her because she lives for this kind of attention.

2467 days ago

Britney, I like you just because it's you, but you are a desperate attention seeking HO and you go out on a Saturday night in that pink wig...TO BE NOTICED. You could have had any single hot man you wanted in Hollywood, or for that matter in the world at one time. Now, well you hang with dna related to terrorists. Get a friggin grip on your life for your two boys sake.

And if everyone is connected at some point by our dna, my above comment was on spot.

2467 days ago


OK Brittney, every one is making money off of you. I wish you would just leave all these ppl around here alone and stay with your family who will not try to hurt you nor use you for what you have and who you are.


2467 days ago

Oh and you can blame President Carter for allowing all these creeps in our country.

2467 days ago


I think Britney would be hotter if she spent some of that cash on implants, they can never be too big.

2467 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Brittney and Tom would be great Parents... I hope they get together... F anyone that disagrees!

2467 days ago


Why say go to your mom??? Her mom didn't educate her to do anything except how to show us her a$$, she didn't do well by the little sister either, her mom seems to care about one thing, being Britney's manager or nothing.

Her mom is an unfit parent, the only person Britney has now is herself, and if she can't help herself she isn't going to get help.

2467 days ago



We run this country! Most Every Shop, Gas Station, Car wash, resteraunts, and Nightsclubs, are owned by us the "Sandmen" Even Vegas Casinos! Please Do not hate on us the people who have created Milllions of jobs in this country, includeing the highest executives in Hollywood that actually run HOLLYWOOD. Give thanks to the sand man who also "Serves" the woman in this country. Alot of hatred towards the most humble, and giveing people in the world, not to mention that 45% of the Docs in the U.S. are from the middle east. Have love for the "Sandman"


2467 days ago

Julie G.    

Just an another drama Britney makes these days...She needs to be comitted to the Psycharist Hospital! Even 80 licensed psycharists say so.

2467 days ago


Wow, Brit's really losing it. And regarding the restraining order against Adnan, we all know Britney knew she was being photographed. She's been a part of it all along. Something else is going on. That guy that is with her in the car is a paparazzi. I saw him in my video taking pictures and videotaping Britney.

2467 days ago

YOU are the most SUE HAPPY PEOPLE AS WELL. Get real. Give it a break.

2467 days ago
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