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Dog Chapman -- Less Bark, No Bite

1/21/2008 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman surfaced in NYC for the Roy Jones-Felix Trinidad fight, but he wasn't in the mood to mix it up with the fans outside.

Everyone wanted a little piece of the Dog as he entered Madison Square Garden, but he only had one reply. One fan even tried to provoke him with a little N-word jab, but Chapman wouldn't swing back. Ruff night!


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Dog The Bounty Hunter Sucks    

These two media whores just don't get it. People want them to GO AWAY.....or jailed in Mexico would be even better.

2444 days ago


I watched his show for several years and actually enjoyed it. However, once his true personality came through in the "n" expose, I feel that A&E did the right thing!! I wouldn't watch his show if you paid me now. RIP

2444 days ago


Racisim and the words associated make my skin crawl........ So why then am I but of the very few that find it unacceptable for anyone to use the N word in any situation?

Why do two black people carry on a conversation with one another uttering the N word in every second sentance feel this is okay and not insulting? The word is crude and unacceptable to be used by anyone. It is used repeatedly in music and everyday life.

2444 days ago


Why hasn,t anything been written up in the tabloids about his brother Tim being caught by a security guard in a shopping mall parking lot getting aquainted with himself,or should I say he was taking matters in his own hands.Boy if I was found nude in the front seat of my vehicle,id be in the news

2444 days ago


With all this mans money, why has he not gotten a face lift or some kinda wrinkle cream, he looks horrible.

2444 days ago


These are two of the least news worthiest, trash or not, people on the planet! This bitch dog should start digging his grave where he claims he wants to be buried, next to the slaves that he so viciously insluted. He might as well considering that's where his career's at-the graveyard! Go back to chasing DWI court skippers with your filthy mouth and spray gun you tiny wanna be stud!

2444 days ago

Madame X    

Get off of the racist crap! People make mistakes, They apologized that should be sufficient, I know it would be if the racist shoe were on the other foot. Gez they even want to re-write the constitution. Get over it and move on!

2444 days ago


Was the OLD MAN walking in Front of Chapman, His Body Guard ?
If So , Then He is not as RUFF & TOUGH as he Protrayed on TV .

2444 days ago


How easy we all forget the good that this family has done..Do you all realize how many Crack heads, Meth head and their drug dealers were taken off the streets because of them oh yea and not to mention the rapist he risked his own future to detain. You people also seem to forget that there is another def for that n word you all can't let go of and it is IGNORANT like all you foolish morons that keep bashing what was supposed to be a private conversation. You all need a huge reality check and leave DOG alone he is an incredible man and I will always have his back. YOU ALL SUCK LEAVE THE CHAPMAN FAMILY ALONE..They are good people do your research morons...

2444 days ago

who cares    

His wife is still a pig not matter what. And get a freaking hair cut. Dog is nothing but a want to be bittch. I am sure he is used to being one, cause i am sure he was someones bittch when he was in prison

2444 days ago

Dog The Bounty Hunter Sucks    

I see two dogs there.How did dog and chesty celebrate Martian Looter King Day?

2444 days ago


Two SUM BAGS do not make a right.

2444 days ago



2444 days ago

Jannie Baby    

If it looks like a Dog, walks like a Dog, and talks like a Dog... it's a DOUCHE!

2444 days ago


Here we have Bitch dog and Busted dog. I hope A&E is done with you forever. I never liked your show because your fat wife runs while her breast bounce off her chin like a basket ball. They both are Nasty looking.

2444 days ago
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