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Adnan's Wife Files for Separation

1/22/2008 9:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Adnan Ghalib's wife has filed for legal separation, citing irreconcilable differences.
Read the docs
AzLynn Berry filed papers in L.A. County Superior Court today, asking for legal separation effective January 18. The couple married in December 2003.

Adnan tells TMZ it's not a big deal and calls it "purely procedural." "She's had the papers for a while," he tells us. "This is old." Coincidence that Brit came into his life recently? We think not.


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huh, missing some documents    

she will be too tired to go to court after an evening of licking on her tallipap

2474 days ago


72. You do know kfed is probably writing a book....I wonder if she can keep him from doing it without shelling out a bunch of money such as if he tries it extortion.

Posted at 11:16PM on Jan 22nd 2008 by crymeariver

No you Britard. Britney made him sign a non-disclosure agreement. Extortion is something that Britney would do.

2474 days ago

Something smells fishy...    

That's so effin' bogus. A "legal" separation? Why not a divorce if she is serious.

2474 days ago


Many think he will despite the NDA

2474 days ago

Lori B    

I can't believe Britney went back to his nasty, dirty, sleazy ass. Oh wait, yes I guess I can. Silly me.

2474 days ago


Muslin funerals are within 24 hours of death of family member. Britney would be a site at a Muslin funeral. If he did go to a funeral, he probably took his wife.

2474 days ago


i agree with everyone on here, WHO CARES! he's a nobody! i hate him, he's obviously using brit, i wish he could just go away! who the hell does he think he is? a musician, actor? he's being paid to do tv interviews now, WTF? a creep who has been stalking britney for the last FIVE YEARS, that's scary! hopefully brit will stop hanging around this opportunist, because he's obviously manipulating her, she's not in a estable stage. i hope someone beats him up! he looks like a gremlin, so freaky looking, nasty piece of trash! releasing statements to the media like we actually even care! LOL! ugh.. just go the hell away!

2474 days ago

charlotte quibodeaux    

just because someone passes away does not mean we still cannot wite our comments he is gone let him rip and we read other stories

2474 days ago


ugh i wish he would just go away! britney doesn't need to be involved with a manipulative, lying man. his photo agency where he works is obviously making money out of all of this, i bet he even gets money from the deals they make! its very upsetting. that sleazy creep thinks he's a celebrity, giving statements to tmz, tv shows, and magazines... yeah righttt! he's nothing! he looks so shady and with bad intentions, you can see it on his face. ahh. she's making it hard to support her while she keeps hanging with that thing. i miss the old britney! :(

2474 days ago


Well we know where the worm was this weekend. Trying to get his wife to agree to a quickie dirvorce enticing her with money he expects to get from Britney. Funeral my butt!!

2474 days ago


Christina, "60. He was on Entertainment Tonight and Entertainment Tonight is stretching the interview out the whole week; he said the sweetest things about Britney--even after she dumped him. He said on air that he was not paid to do the interview."

DO NOT BE FOOLED. There was NO reason for him to go on Entertainment Tonight! None. He's up to something. You can smell it all the way in Texas!!

2474 days ago


He really needs to wipe the poop that Britney left on his chin!

2474 days ago


He really needs to wipe off the poop that Britney left on his chin!

2474 days ago


I'm watching this freak right now on the show the Insider he's giving an interview and he confirmed he is having sex with Ms. Out To Lunch who would have ever believed that? Britney Spears needs to stop being an attention hog grow up parent her children and take a good hot bath (she looks like she stinks) comb her nasty rats nest weave throw some bloomers on get her tubes tide before she gets in her twisted brain that babiies are in style again this spring and pops out another pop tot who's baby daddy is the kid at Starbucks cuz "he's cute ya'll" this dude said that she is TRYING to get preggers again!!!!!!! she is a selfish twit I think she hooked up with K-Fed because she thought for sure she'd get some fad babies because he has what a six pack of kids she thought she could throw him some change for his stud services but come to find out from Shar Jackson(other baby mama) he's not a great boyfriend or great husband( maybe) but who knew she said he's a great pappy and the funny thing is it seems to be true you don't see him out there acting like a nut and it seems to be he's doing what's best for all his Federlings not just the two he has with Britney Adnan said Britney is maternal(HUH?) and she felt she maybe was pregnant because she's been feeling the same way she did when pregnant that's the whole set up with the purchase of the pregnancy test I beg of you ALL POWERFUL MEDIA stop giving this sicko looney all this attention WHY? if you have not noticed she'll do whatever it takes to remain in the spotlight buy all those little pocket rat fad dogs(where's Bit-Bit )cheat on J.T. marry her smalltown friend marry a back-up dancer pop out some babies drive with the baby on her lap show her coochie shave her head beat up a car hang out with other media whores hook up with someone who she knows will sell his story it is so very crystal clear she will continue to do what ever it takes to to get attention anything I think she want's to loose her kids it seems to be that she's not doing anything to get her kids back because she doesn't want them she got her attention fix from all the attention building up to their birth and the attention right after with getting the first pictures of them that's why she hid the second one out so long so she could get a fix of being chased around to get a picture of him Britney Spears is addicted to attention she needs rehab so just stop paying attention to her and maybe she'll act normal if that doesn't work African babies better watch out their next

2474 days ago


brit is back with her pap man

2473 days ago
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