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Brit Wants Therapeutic Visitation

1/22/2008 2:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' lawyers will go to court tomorrow and ask Commissioner Scott Gordon to allow Brit "monitored visitation in a therapeutic setting."

TMZ has learned Brit's family and professionals in her life have been planning a "creative way" to get Britney mental help. As TMZ first reported, Britney has some sort of bipolar disorder. We know the plan is not involuntary commitment -- under the law she's simply not a candidate. It's not voluntarily commitment either -- Brit has refused to do that. The family and professionals have devised a different way of getting her evaluated and hopefully treated.

But there's a rub, which we'll explain in the next post.

The hearing is scheduled for tomorrow at 8:30 AM. Don't know if Brit and K-Fed will show, but it's certainly not out of the question.


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Dr. Adams    

Damn, here we go...Brit wants therapeutic visitation !!...I say give her a therapeutic swift kick in the a@@ and send her off too the funny farm for a very, very long time, or until she's cured....which ever comes first.
Leo Bud

2466 days ago

Paul J.    

I agree with #5...

You know Britney is going to do as Britney damn well pleases and you know the courts are going to let her slide by like they always have because she's Britney Bitch! What is really is, is a poor excuse of a mother and a provider. She has always done as she pleased and now that I look at her family life, I knid of understand why and how. There was no parental guidance of any sorts in that household. Her parents were only after the money and using their children as bait.

Britney and Jamie grew up in a house that had no boundaries. No moral support. No consideration for the childrens welfare. And well, Britney is doing just like she was raised to do. She is using her children as pawns for her reputation.

The judges on the other hand can only see as far as their paychecks. If this was a non-famous woman acting this way, she would have long gone been locked up, the kids taken away for good and rehab for life. Britney along with alot of those other bimbos out there such as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Nichole Richie, etc.... Are able to get away with what ever crime they decide to commit because they know the law isnt going to do anything to them. Their money talks for them and that is not fair.

I say, give Kevin perminent and full custody of the children and maybe allow Britney bi-weekly supervised visitation along with inhouse arrest, 6 to 8 full weeks of mental theorpy. At the least 100 hours worth of community service. Let her see what it is like to clean trash from sewer drains and such. Let her see what real work can do for a soul.

Those two children are certainly going to need help when they old enough to see what has taken place over the past few years with their mother. Kevin in the long run is going to be the hero and I cant state enough of how proud of him I really am! He has done an awesome job as a father and a provider and trying to keep those children out of harms way.

Britney on the other hand has completely tarnished her reputation with the children and she will find out just how bad after they grow up and confront her with the damages she caused.

This nonsense has been ongoing long enough. It is time for those judges to take action and do their job right and accurate! They need to stop looking at the money symbles and look at the point that their are two young lives at stake. These children are going to be scared for life over what Britney has done to them, let alone what she has done to herself. I know for a fact that Kevin is doing a great job at being a father for those children. I support him 1,000%!!!

Give Britney a taste of the real world. Freeze all her assets. Take away her freedom, take away her children. She will soon realize life isnt revolving around her and she will wake up and straighten up. If she doesnt, then all well. KEEP THE KIDS WITH KEVIN AND......


2466 days ago


This woman needs individual therapy not therapuetic visits with her children. According to the info given she has refused a psychological evaluation. How can she do therapeutic visits until they know exactly what she needs therapy for?? And the children are babies...they do not need to be part of her therapy. I pray the judge does not bring them back into her chaotic sick world. They need stability in their lives not Brittany Spears. She is in denial of her mental health issues. Until she can be properly diagnosed and given appropriate treatment for her illness and showing much progress in ongoing prolonged therapies then even any kind of discussion of seeing her children should not be considered period.

2466 days ago


She needs real freinds, All the people around her only want her money

2466 days ago


I really hope the jugde tosses this idea out and my bet is that he will. Britney has been ordered to get a psych eval and after her episode 2 weeks ago, it really is necessary. All of this "creative" counseling is just a way for Britney to attempt to side step the judge's orders. It will probably fail. And it should. Grow up and get help Britney, real professional help.

2466 days ago


Even if mom is a wacko, these little babies are the ones that need some visitation with her. Therapeutic setting is better than nothing. Concern is not what Britney's missing but what the children are missing.

2466 days ago


she has ADD.... it manefests itself differently in adults.

2466 days ago


Some see this as a sign that Britney wants her kids back, and I don't think so. She has had so many chances (more than the average person would have had) to cooperate with the courts and do what was asked in order to maintain some form of custody of these kids, and she snubbed her nose at the system. If this is such a creative way that her attorneys (with whom have asked to be released from the custody issue-mind you) and her family have come up with, then don't you think that they would have kept this information quiet? They bashed Dr. Phil for speaking about seeing her, claiming that it didn't help Britney, and now-her family and attorney's plan is being exposed to the world. And what is to say that Britney is even on board with this to begin with? Here is a person that has been out in public acting fruitier than a fruit loop lately, and you honestly think that she will agree with this?
If the judge was smart, he would be asking her attorneys as to, why now? Why the sudden interest to try therapy? She has been playing all the little games over the last several months, avoiding the courts and the depo's, not showing up when it was in her best interest and all the antics. Clearly, the judge is able to watch tv and see her in the headlines and get a first hand look at what is reported daily about her. I don't forsee him giving her any visitation for a while (if he even does). Clearly, she needs to be evaluated and placed with a plan that will help her with whatever she has going on with her. The kids safety and best interest needs to be taken in account when making the decision in regards of her seeing the kids. Her speaking in a british accent may be a concern with the judge as well. There are a lot of concerns with her and I hope the judge will make the right decision and force her to be evaluated and treated before even letting her see these kids.
And for those who believe that this kind of visitation is what is best for the kids, ask yourselves the question: if your spouse acted like how Britney has been acting, would you honestly let your spouse have visitaion of your kids like this? I sure in the world wouldn't! Yes, being a mother myself, I would probably be hurt by not seeing my kids, but in the same way- NO ONE put Britney in this position than BRITNEY HERSELF!!!!! Had Britney done what the courts had asked and ordered her to do months ago, then maybe things would have turned out differently--she only has herself to blame for the predictment that she is in. She is not 16 any longer, therefore, it is time to grow up, act like adult and that means putting your children FIRST before yourself. Before she can do that though, she needs to deal with the demons she has going on in her head first and foremost! Britney is not the victim here, the kids are!!!!

2466 days ago


If kfed writes his book then he is only hurting the kids. Hes hurting for money Lawyer wants kfeds share and he isnt getting any probably.

2466 days ago


She wouldn't abide to what the court wanted to why should the court abide to her?? She needs to do exactly what the court wants her to do, they make the rules, not her! If she would have listened and done what they wanted months ago, she might have her kids right now.

2466 days ago


She wants to find a way to get her children back "on her own terms"?? Honey, not everything is about YOU or what YOU want, your "terms" are meaningless. This is about your children's well-being, something you obviously care not one whit about. They are children, not property. They are far better without her and with people who care adequately for them. Ms. Spears is unfit, period.

2466 days ago


Allison & others:

Why do you resort to lies and half-truths to defend Britney? We all know for a fact that Britney had a nanny taking care of the kids until recently. We know because the nanny reported how Brit had no interaction with her kids and couldn't handle it when they cried and how she couldn't even hold them for more than 5 minutes at a time. We also saw Brit's arranged photo ops with the kids and saw no indication that she even liked them. The only "special" relationship between children and their mother is the one based on the mother providing all of their basic needs. Britney obviously can't do that because their needs are not as important as her own needs. Kevin is doing a good job of taking care of them and you don't like that. Too bad, that's the way it is. The kids now have that "special" relationship with Kevin and it would be cruel to take it away for Britney's benefit. Women don't own the kids anymore and are not really raising them like in the old days because most women are working now. The playing field has been leveled and most women get custody now only because the men don't want (or don't know how) to raise the kids. Studies show that men who really want their children get them in overwhelming numbers now and it is becoming fairly common for the father to get custody. You have a problem with Kevin getting child support but I don't see you suggesting that the support be taken away from all the mothers who get it. The judge should not cut any deals with Brit. She has already shown that the kids are not her first priority, her need to not be told what to do is much more important to her. Kevin has shown that his priorities are for his children. Brit has not demonstrated the unconditional love required to be a parent.

2465 days ago



2465 days ago
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