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TMZ TV: Heath Ledger Dead at 28

1/22/2008 9:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It was a shock to all when Heath Ledger was found dead in a New York City apartment today. Here is tonight's TMZ TV segment on the death of the talented Australian actor.


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Cecile E. Pierce    

Heath Ledger has gone to be with the Lord, Where he may find peace. My prayers go out to the family. Time eases the pain of loss but the good memories will always remain. God bless and keep you, and your loved ones, Heath. Cep

2398 days ago

Johnny Blaze    

I know this might sound scary, but I myself have been taking almost the same script (oxy,hydro&xanax+valium) for 2yrs. It is not what your normal DR will prescribe, but you need to find the Accident Pain Doctors, who will give you pretty much everything. But the one thing no one has mention is that MOST of THE COOL KIDS in the club (SNORT the oxycodone) to get an instant high way better than blow. The reason is you never come down like you do with blow. I know that taking this combo is lethal but has anyone checked is nostrols fthrough toxicology to determ if he was taking the medication wrong. This crushing method releases all of the oxy at once causing you to feel invincable. This might be the awsner no one is looking for. You dont need illegal drugs when you can party with legal drugs and know one see you got to the bathroom every 5 minutes.

2395 days ago


screw you tmz. show a little respect for heath and his family

2411 days ago


Horrible...out of respect for his family this should have never been on the air..

2411 days ago

You are all morons    

What the hell is wrong with you all?!? Showing his body being rolled out. Have some respect for the man and his family. In life he couldn't escape from your cameras and you cannot let him be in peace now that he is gone. Pathetic. Another new low TMZ!

2411 days ago


Out of respect for his family this should have never aired...this is disgusting....

2411 days ago


Why would you put this on?

2411 days ago

You are all morons    

Coroner, you're a douchbag.

2411 days ago

Mysty Maples    

It should be against the law to film the removal of a dead body. This is the ultimate depraved invasion of privacy. The ME's office should set up some sort of enclosed tunnel from the entrance of the building to the ambulance/hearse. The media are sub-human.

2411 days ago


Yes, this is extremely sad and shocking.

In addition to that, I would just like to comment on all the media coverage on this subject.

I was absolutely DISGUSTED to turn on the television this afternoon and see all major news networks actually airing footage of Heath Ledger's body being removed, in a body bag, from his hotel. Seriously people, IS NOTHING SACRED ANYMORE?! Not only is that greatly disturbing, but also to see hundreds of paparazzi desperately attempting to cover such a morbid scene and other random bystanders digging for their camera phones ;it absolutely pains me and makes me ashamed to live in a country that allows behavior like this and lacks any compassion whatsoever for a human being. Yes, I said a HUMAN BEING. Not a movie star - not a heartthrob. A real person. A son and a father. A person whose loved ones will have to turn on the television and see how that tragic scene turned into a tourist attraction. With pathetic onlookers snapping photos like children at a zoo. When will a line be drawn???

Shame on all of you.

2411 days ago


For the record, the media hasn't released this but the masseause was a male named Bruno.

2411 days ago


Wow, extremely bad taste guys. Even for TMZ.

2411 days ago


there will be more drug related death before the year is over,,,the question is, who will it be....

2411 days ago


You schmucks! How DARE you show Heath Ledger's body being wheeled out of his apartment?! We all know that Heath Ledger is dead; we didn't need to see this! Have some respect for Heath, for his family. Mindless gossip about train wrecks is one thing; filming a dead body is truly the height of insensitivity and bad taste!

2411 days ago


This is really sick. It make me feel sick in my stomach.......

2411 days ago
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