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Heath's Body Removed from the Building

1/22/2008 8:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heath Ledger's body has just been removed from the Soho building where he was found dead. The body was carried out in a black body bag and placed in the back of the City of New York Medical Examiner's truck.


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Unfortunately this is the price that people who become popular and famous pay when they are in movies or shows. Probably his success was not high enough to live his live happier who does in the hollywood world and in the movie industry are all nuts.

2404 days ago


This is absolutely DISGUSTING! Have respect for him and his family. Why would you even post this video?

2404 days ago


Inappropriate TMZ

2404 days ago


So shoking!Late night here in Italy,me and my sister coming back from a drink for her's unbelievable what we are reading.R.I.P Heath.World will miss you!

2404 days ago


this is so sad. My heart goes out to his daughter. He was a very talented actor.

2404 days ago


this made me want to cry i cant believe its real.

2404 days ago


Have you no respect?? You can actually hear people laughing in the video..what is wrong with you guys???? Karma will get you for this...and RIP Mr. Ledger.

2404 days ago


I find this video to be in horrible taste! Have you all no sense tact? It appears not. No one needs to see Heath's body being taken away. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and close friends at this time. The will need all the support they can get while this frenzy is happening. I suppose if his funeral were to be open-casket TMZ would be right there snapping again, am I right?

2404 days ago


I usuallyt hinka lll is fair game when it comes to the lives of celebrities, I mean really they live in the spotlight, isn't that part of he job? But I also feel that they deseve some respect in death, if not them at least show some respect for those he left behind. Don't leave this image in the minds of his family, friends, and fans. Let us all remember his life instead of his body being taken out in a bodybag. Show me class!

2404 days ago

George Blakewell    

no worries're at peace now, and while you were here, you did good. I will always remember Enis in Brokeback Mountain. God rest you well young man.

2404 days ago


You guys had the opportunity to show your site in a whole new light by refusing to air this atrocity. You are revolting...

2404 days ago

Innocent ByStander    

Howard K. Stern wasn't there was he?

R.I.P. Heath.

2404 days ago


All I have to say is how awful for Michelle and Matilda. I really have to say that TMZ is truly tasteless for putting all his info under R.I.P. I am saddened to click on a link to read the sad story of an actor I enjoyed watching only to find that people are capitalizing on this person's tragic demise. The last I knew, R.I.P meant Rest in PEACE not Ruthless Ignorant Papparazzi. I promise I will never view this site again.

2404 days ago


This is awful and disgusting behavior of TMZ and all the sleazy papparazi- a human being has died and you are taking pictures of the lifeless body like vultures and getting money for it. when will this obsession with the celebrities end- not even in death can they get peace. shame on you!

2404 days ago


I'm actually kind of disgusted with myself for just watching that. This isn't some animal put on display at a is a human being. It's his body being taken away a moment that no one's family and friends should have to see played out on tv, the internet, look at all the flashbulbs going off, is this world really that sick that people forget there is a real person under there? This isn't a movie it's real life and I just think his family and friends deserve some sort of privacy in this horrible time of tragedy.

2404 days ago
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