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The Last Photograph of Heath Ledger

1/22/2008 6:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heath Ledger was photographed in London on Saturday on the set of his latest movie, "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus." The movie, directed by Terry Gilliam, was due to be released next year.
Heath Ledger
He was found dead today in a NYC apartment. He was 28.


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What a shame. It is so disrespectful that the media and the public automatically blame this on a drug ovedose. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and Michelle Williams and their two year old child. Rest in Peace, Heath

2434 days ago

love heath forever    

this is so sad. he looks so happy here & now he is gone.
he was just a great actor & person.
everyone loves you heath & will miss you forever

2434 days ago

Tc Marie    

This is very sad. Heath Ledger was one of the pretty boys who didnt play a pretty boy...he made us laugh in ten things i hate about you...ever girl wanted a man like him then in the patriot he made us cry and feel the pain his charector went through and when a knights tale came out...he let us know he has a seriouse funny side....then the large step of broke back moutain...he had the guts and the talent to play in that movie I only wish he could still be here to fill out hearts the way he did with his acting and smile! Im sorry to his family ,Michelle there perfect daughter and the all his fans. RIP IN HEATH>

2433 days ago


Rest in Peace, and may Michelle and your beautiful daughter find comfort in the love of their family and friends. You will be missed Heath as your smiled warmed many and your talent entertained.

2433 days ago


Heath Ledger died of undiagnosed sleep Apnea...Yes, he may have also had anxiety as most would after a failed relationship and a stressful job.

So his maid said she heard him snoring right? That is one of the signs of Apnea (I know, like 85% of men snore but Heath was also not getting sleep, also another sign)

Most people that have Apnea don't know and it's hard for a doctor to diagnose--which is why you have to actually go to a sleep lab and be hooked up to machines and monitored. For the most part your body tells you "hey, I'm not breathing--wake up and take a breath".

Heath was taking medications used to relax and calm...I think he took enough of a dose to keep his body from sensing the need to wake up and take a breath.

2432 days ago

Tash 0912    

I feel so sorry for the pathetic losers making disgusting comments. Does it make you feel better about yourselves to be so degrading, because you're most probably a creep who has a potato for a face and never gets laid! So sick, it makes me furious!

2431 days ago


He'll be missed.

2430 days ago


What a beautiful soul ....Heath will be greatly missed...He was special!!!!!!!!

2429 days ago


Hello, im deaf here, i loved Heath ledger being in Movies, shows, Etc. Its really sad that we are being founded out that Heath ledger has died so early. i know God had a plan for him. I dont blame god for taking him. I suspect that hes so special and He has no tention to end his life. He was happy with what he has in his life which was all fan being so supportive and love him for who he was and being what he wanted in his future. Nobody can ever forget his act and heart in this act career. he did this to make us happy and look in his sweet side for us. NObody Can DARE TO PUT THE MEANEST COMMENT ON HERE PERIOD! HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR HEATH. FOR GOD's SAKE WOULD PEOPLE STOP BEING SO COLD SHOULDER ABOUT HEATH! NOBODY IS PERFECT! GOODNESS.. GOD BLESS HIS HEART AND REST IN PEACE!

2429 days ago

Catherine Francis    

First of all, the time lapse and lack of propriety, in not calling emergency services while Heath Ledger's torso was still warm is atrocious and criminal.
Personally, I believe that his exhaustion and sleeplessness led to the onset of confusing anxiety and panic attacks. Along with his natural depression reagarding missing the holidays with "his girls (Matilda and Michelle)" not being treated separately, it is most unfortunate. His youth and vigor, I suppose, supported this.
His "dedication to avoid alcohol" and "eliminating his use of marijuana" were a source of responsible pride for him. (And) the human resources to whom he was reaching out spiritually and professionally....and the powerfully and potentially helpful souls who were immediately standing by..... perhaps, just a day would have made all the difference.
The good, who so sadly often die young, leave lessons and a lifetime that have potent and meaningful impact.
The loss is gripping and of course along with so many, my condolences to those he loved and who loved him.

2429 days ago


What a waste!!! he had so much going for him.. xanex and valium.. How come the doctors aren't being investagated???

2428 days ago


I've been a fan since 10 things.. He was a extremly talented actor and he will be missed.. Its time for Hollywoods Doctors to be held accountable for the drugs they prescibe.. How come he had so many tranquilizers..
Just how come.... Why take him when there are so many talentless so called actors....

2428 days ago


This comment is for his family...
Im so sorry for your loss. Heath was a beautiful person with so much ahead of him..
to his daughter... At least he can still watch you and you him...
Im so sorry!!!
May god protect you and keep you safe....

2428 days ago


Thanks for the good post very interesting

2386 days ago


To the people leaving mean comments: Whether you liked him or not it is not right to post those comments. If you don't like him don't post simple as that. I hope you guys feel what his family and friends feel one day so you can see why people like me are pissed at you.

2427 days ago
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