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Brit's Pap Pal -- I Want to Marry Her!

1/23/2008 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Crazy, meet crazazy: Britney Spears' paparazzi bagman -- whose wife just filed for divorce -- proclaims that he wants to marry Britney, and more shockingly, that Britney wants to have his baby.

Despite everything that has transpired between the two runaway trains, Adnan Ghalib tells "Entertainment Tonight" (via People) that their relationship is "far from over." He says that he didn't get involved with Spears to sell more pics. And here's a howler: Adnan claims that when Britney was looking at pregnancy tests at a Rite Aid, she was "hoping" that she was pregnant with his child.

Brady Boot No Big Deal

Looks like Castgate was much ado about nothing, because it now appears it was just a high ankle sprain. So much for the hopes of the Giants.

Football fans were swept into a tizzy when TMZ posted video on Monday of Brady limping with a cast. But sources say the sprain is minor and won't affect Brady's playing in the Super Bowl. The Boston Globe says that medical experts tell them the boot is just a "preventative measure."

Party Favors: Scotland Yard Looking into Winehouse Snaps ... Slash Taunts Axl Rose About "Democracy"

TMZ has learned that Scotland Yard is investigating those pictures and video that surfaced yesterday, showing Amy Winehouse smoking from a pipe. No charges have yet been filed. ... Slash (that Slash) burned ex-bandmate Axl Rose in an interview, report Rush & Molloy, when he said that the next Velvet Revolver album would be done after a "quick turnaround" -- because Axl, of course, has been working on his magnum opus, "Chinese Democracy," for over a decade. The two haven't spoken for even longer than that.


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Dont' be so naive ppl he DID NOT say these things I watched it he is actually a very nice guy I expected him to say horrible things but not so,,There's another part of the interview tonight on ET...

2442 days ago


Who Cares, your beating a dead horse

2442 days ago


she should date eli manning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2442 days ago


Does this sound like a Lauryn Hill scenario? Brit having a bunch of babies by a Middle Eastern guy who chases other women. But honestly, they do look cute together. And trust me, she's going to sabotage her career and give it all up to be a stay at home mom.

2442 days ago

Josh Fan in Franklin, TN    

I don't think she's long for this world. And this dude (or one just like him... just in it for the money/notoriety/himself) will be there when it happens.

She'd outta control crazazeee.

I feel sorry for her. Everyone wants a piece of her moneypie and no one really gives a crap about her except for her kids.

I keep thinking how much the Scientologists would just LOVE to get their mitts on the trainwreck that is Britney Spears. If they could whip her into shape, wouldn't that be something?

2442 days ago



2442 days ago


oh Britney! Please get yourself well before having another child. You need to be able to look after yourself before you can think about looking after a child (this is true for every parent). You also need to do whatever it takes to get your 2 boys back, and should really think very hard about having a baby, moving in with or marrying anyone as all it will do is put them (i.e ADNAN) in a position of power and be able to use you for your money. I really hope Britney can get her personal life back on track and getting pregnant again is really not going to help.

2442 days ago


I think he went on ET and said basically nice things so he can 'win her confidence by saying positive things' as a ploy to make her change her mind about him and trust him so he can hook her completely. Be careful Brit and DO NOT MARRY< LIVE WITH OR HAVE HIS CHILDREN. BE LIKE A NORMAL PERSON AND WAIT A YEAR OR TWO BEFORE JUMPING IN AT THE DEEP END!!! You dont have to marry someone or have their baby within a few months of getting together, and you need to sort yourself out so you can get joint custody of your children again, Your album was great, but people wont have any respect for you until you respect yourself and sort yourself out and look after your kids you already have. Hope you do everything the courts ask, feel better and have fun with the kids you already have Britney!!

2442 days ago

Lori B    

Good luck getting your kids back now Britney.

2442 days ago


You gotta be kidding.

Neuter the both of them. Stat.

Note to Britney. Look at how much press you'd be getting if you offed yourself. C'mon do it.

2442 days ago


o my god i think ye r all nutcases if this was about a regular girl social services would have those kids in care quicker than u could say BAD MOTHER why anyone would think she has the right to care for those kids just because she gave birth to them has a very weak argument any idiot can have a kid but you have to want to be a mother.i think she should be thankful that they r with there father and not in a home for kids.and a word for all those who feel sorry for her welcome to the real world we all have problems but we deal with them and move on and ask yourself this would u have the same compasson if it was yur neighbour and not a celeb

2442 days ago


Oh wow. She really is crazy. She can barely take care of the kids she has, and she wants more? Poor children.

2442 days ago


I pray that she doesn't have another child. She didn't know how to be a mother to the other kids - what in the hell makes her think she could with another child. She is such a horrible mother. Abandons the children she has for partying and thinks having another will solve the problem. This guy is just using her when she's vulnerable. They deserve each other. They're both idiots.

2442 days ago


Great and now Adnan hits a motorcyclists while driving Brit's car. He stops and yells at the guy then drives off? What the heck? Don't know the laws in CA but in my state leaving the scene of an accident is a major NO NO

2442 days ago


HE said she wanted more,i think he went on there just to give a message to brit because she's not talking to him.

2442 days ago
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