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Francesca Hilton Slams Prince von Ahole

1/23/2008 6:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Francesca HiltonComedian Francesca Hilton, daughter of Zsa Zsa Gabor, has had it up to here, darling, with her mother's 9th husband, wacky Prince von Anhalt -- and after the Prince attacked Francesca's niece, Paris Hilton, she sent TMZ an open letter to the fake Prince of Bel Air.

"Dear Fred von Anhalt:

I have learned so far to put up with your unsubstantiated attacks against me. Recently, a U.S. Court of Law put a stop to your behavior toward me. I have learned now to be quiet concerning your recent puzzling rants about me because I have considered the source. But now that you have turned on my niece Paris, I cannot remain quiet. The horrible things you have said about her are so crazy, so vicious and so self aggrandizing that it makes me sick.

Paris is one of the most beautiful and fashionable women in the world. She is a true spoiled but talented American Princess. As a Hilton, she has learned to use the cards dealt to her to make an amazing amount of money on her own. The women of the Hilton/Gabor Dynasty have been in the fore front of the American scene for over 60 years. It is time for you to stop using them for your own publicity.

If you really cared about my mother (Zsa Zsa Gabor) you would be more sensitive to her needs and not your own. It is also time for the American media to see this and to stop giving you a platform as does CNN, Fox News, Vanity Fair Magazine and every time you call them with another hair brained scheme. The viewers mail is 99.9% just plain angry about it and have asked for these media outlets to stop it. They will be adding my name to that list.

Constance Francesca Hilton"

A source close to Paris commented on the Prince's recent statements by saying, "I do not understand his motives, but ... he probably thinks that if he talks about well known public figures he will get attention." And that, folks, is a mouthful.

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I'm not related to him, but i do know him. And thats obviously so much to say for all of you who really don't know him. It may look like "francesca is being treated unfairly" but let me tell you something, there are two side to EVERY story. So until you all know what has really happened between zsa zsa and her daughter i suggest you keep your mouths shut, before you choke on your feet even more. frederic isnt an angel, even he will admit to that. but defending zsa zsa against her daughter is something he HAS to do right now. and one day when the truth comes out you all will feel very stupid, mark my words.

2424 days ago


Why don't you tell us the truth?
Go ahead then.....
Would be interesting to know, since in the meantime we do know Frederic's truth and this one is bad enough or better said it can't get any worse. Do you know that there is this rumor going on that he likes to be guest at The Pulse in Frankfurt which is a well-known gay-club? So you better be carefull yourself young lady, that one day you won't regret your loyalty for beeing just the flavor of the month. Yes, the truth hurts sometimes.......maybe you're too blind to see.....

2424 days ago


No, i'm not going to say anything. I will let Frederic do it. And he will, one day. Flavor of the month? We're just friends, and i know hes gay ok? Theres nothing wrong with that. Zsa Zsa knew it when she married him. She wanted a title and he wanted money. Dont think she was so innocent in all of this. i think Zsa Zsa is great, but she wanted to be a princess and for that i dont feel sorry for her, she got herself into this.

2423 days ago



2434 days ago


whatever, they're all trash

2434 days ago


isn't she kathy hilton's mama? great, now paris and za za are related....

2434 days ago


Good for her. He is NUTTY!

2434 days ago



2434 days ago


How could she be Kathy Hiltons mother? Kathy married into the family, remember? Anyway, I think her maiden name was Richards.

2434 days ago


Prince Von ASS is gold digging TRASH! NO CLASS AT ALL!

2434 days ago

April Fouels    

the video of this is very funny, TMZ should post it.

2434 days ago

Jenn Bunny    

Ewwwww! Guess we know what Paris ill look like in her old age.

2434 days ago


That person who keeps writing 1st is a loser! Obviously they haven't a job and is probably fat I bet; sits next to their computer all day long eating and waiting for new updates. Thier compueter is thier only friend and source of enjoyment. Get a life '1st' loser.

2434 days ago


ha ha ha

Old people pathetically trying to be famous. Does she really think this letter makes her any better than he is?

2434 days ago


Conrad Hilton was Paris' great-grandfather. Which makes Francesca a sister to Paris' grandfather, so she's Paris' great-aunt.

According to Zsa Zsa Gabor's book One Lifetime Is Not Enough her pregnancy resulted from her being raped by Conrad Hilton. Hilton and Gabor's only child, born after their divorce, is Francesca Hilton (Gabor) born March 10, 1947. In 2005, Zsa Zsa accused her daughter, Francesca, of larceny and fraud, and filed a lawsuit against her in a California court.

Looks like the whole family is trash though! Money can't buy class.

2434 days ago
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